Who has the kobe goods?

Who has the kobe goods?

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Nobody on here apparently

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I wanna see the daughter

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Apparently the kids were unrecognizable as human corpses. Kobe was mangeled in the metel they couldn't separate him

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For real? More?

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nah, the faggots are the ones who believe everything posted on /b. I was simply proving a point.

A point you're a incel faggot

Damn I wonder what she looked like

Why shit post when we lookin for real leaks tho. Stained taint sucker

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Because the real pics won't leak, once they got word that the officer was showing people in person, they put an end to it real quick. Shit never got sent to other people, he just showed them off of his phone.

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I believe this is the legit one, same crash scene judging by the debris. Wish there was the uncensored of this though


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What you have to understand is two things. Firstly, we are so desensitized by gore threads that what the general public deems disgusting or morally wrong (more so with these possible pics) and what we are accustomed to are vastly different. Secondly, given the rate of speed the chopper was going at the time of the crash and knowing the result of most helicopter crashes, there would be little to no recognizable body parts, let alone a whole intact body. The pics you are hoping for do not exist. The best you will get is a mangled and charred foot at best. It may seem wrong that such pics would be leaked to the public but to us...its as tame as it could get for what we have all seen.

Nobody. They weren't passed to me.

Lost thread anons, no leaks today

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Dicks out for Kobe

Okay Poindexter

I did not know there could be so many faggots in one thread


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$250k. Email me at [email protected]

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