I grew up as a nudist along with my sister ask me anything

I grew up as a nudist along with my sister ask me anything.

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is this her?

Nope, sorry user.

Does your sister have nice tits?

Not particularly, and she is somewhat self conscious about it I can tell.

How bad was the snail-trail situation?

If your sister is a nudist she shouldnt care if we all see her tits. Post em.

What about your mum?

Not bad, we almost always sat on towels. During puberty though there was a shit ton of weird stuff going on downstairs so she often wore panties. Women are fucking gross.

I don't have any pics of my sister's tits user we don't do that stuff.

My mum is a fatty so everything is grossish. She is really nice though.

Are traps gay?

Do/did you ever fantasise about her, sexually?

Yes and that is ok.

No more than any other sibling I don't think, when I was at peak hormone-heaven I would think some stuff but I wouldn't say I liked thinking about her in a sexual way, it just happened and I squashed it.

Did you grow up in a nudist colony, or was this just within your house?
Also, what country?

How did you hide awkward boners without clothes?

We went to nude beaches occasionally, mostly when me and my sister were young, but it was typically just around the house or at some friend's places if they were also nudists. Australia, we live down south and the weather is typically ok all year round, although sometimes it gets a bit chilly.

They very rarely happened and were basically confined to me when I was 12-16ish and I just covered up with a towel if I noticed.

What nudist beaches? VIC or SA?

How was it getting boners when everyone was arround?

I'd rather not specify exactly in case I fuck up and dox myself somehow. I have been to beaches in both VIC and SA though.

It's sucks and was embarrassing for me, although nobody ever said anything that I can remember. It really didn't happen often though thank god.

You live in tassie don’t ya, makes sense now

Then you make an thread using words as nudist and my sister" and have the balls for post another girl juicy tits but You have none image about your sister naked? What it's wrong with you bro, I'm disappointing


I swear I don't please don't dig any further! :(

Just imagine slightly saggy tits user and that's them.

Have you moved out yet? If so, are you still a nudist?

How awkward were naked hugs with your mother and sister?

No sister tits pics boys. Sage in all fields.

So as a nudist child.. Would you say sexual games are more or less likely to happen?
I mean games like ‘playing dokter’ and such.
Did you?

Lets be honest, (I dont mind, just really wondering) this is one of te big questions non-nudist have.

If I , or my fam, ever experience a nudist life.. What is the impact on my children - then and in the future. what would u say

What did you think about your sister's pussy? Did you spend a lot of time looking at it? Did you want to fuck her?

Can you show us a girl who has tits like your sisters?

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