Took .5 of m an hour ago girl just went to bed what do

Took .5 of m an hour ago girl just went to bed what do

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>reverse image search
>no results

have have fun with sepsis OP

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Go to the doctor fucking retard

Call an ambulance idiot?

Wait what happened, what am I looking at?

Had the same incident about a year ago.
Went straight to the hospital and got it stitched back on.
Its probably too late for you though

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>just a tip she said
>It'll be fine she said
put finger and the cut off bit on ice go to ER

You should fucking cook it

If dubs cauterize it on sizzling hot frying pan

Change fingerprints on your smartphone

Wake her the fuck up and go get your finger fixed you fucking retard
You’re not gonna grow a new finger tip, you’ll live the rest of your life with a flat finger if you don’t act now. Even worse you might get a serious infection and die.

can someone translate "took .5 of m" to english for me

Get to a hospital immediately nigga

He took half a gram of MDMA


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so OP got high out of his mind and cut off his own finger?

if dubs finger your butt with it


Look at all these neets that don't understand what is going on and just looked at a picture.

This happened to me before, just wrap it up and get to the hospital before it gets any worse.

If you still have the other piece you should get it on ice because they might amputate the tip.

imagine calling an ambulance because you cut your finger


>should get it on ice

No you absolutely should not put it on ice

Nobody's based check OP for trips, so:
>trips checked

Anyways, I hope you've at least put it on ice by now nigger. It's almost been an hour... get to the ER, don't admit to the drugs, just get that shit back on with as little explanation as possible.

First I didn't know you took MDMA..
Secondly nice digits OP.

If you're too high to actually drive, I dont do drugs so I dont know, please just do what I say..
-Call 9 1 1
(They will not arrest you I promise)
-Get the tip on ice

-Apply significant pressure to the wound

-Dont do any more drugs you absolute fucking idiot.

Again, I've had my entire 3rd segment of the finger in between the middle and pinky cut off by a rusty metal rail pipe when I was in middle school so I understand the pain if you feel any but it doesn't appear that you actually feel any.

Why shouldn't you put the piece that was cut off on ice?
I'd like to hear the explanation.

no you don´t fucking put anything on ice you fucking mong

Because the ice causes ice burns. To be exact, the water in the cells will freeze, cause ice crystals to form that will destroy the cell walls. You don´t fucking put cut off parts on ice, you wrap it in a towel and get to the ER.

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"If you have a sterile saline solution, use that to wash it. Wrap it with moistened gauze or cloth. Put it in a watertight plastic bag and seal it. Place the bag on ice in a sealed container or another watertight bag. Don’t let the cut-off part of your finger or toe come in direct contact with the ice."

ice will kill the cells. if your fingers/toes can literally get frostburn while they are attached to your body and receiving warm blood, in what fucking universe do you assume it wont die even quicker if left by itself

why dont you cut more of it?

rolling for this

Fap or kys...