There was a video I saw when I was younger. Probably 13 years ago. It was on youtube...

There was a video I saw when I was younger. Probably 13 years ago. It was on youtube. My friends and I were having a sleepover and one of my friends showed me it after watching it alone.

The video started with someone holding a camera and filming themselves walking into an apartment. All the walls were white. Then on the ground there was a girl who got up and very fucked-up and distorted and twitchy-like walked towards the camera. She looked a bit like a mix between a zombie/ the grudge type-shit.

Anyways, we were so freaked out by it I remember we couldn't sleep all night and I had trouble sleeping for days. Next week, at our next sleepover, we tried to look for the video again but couldn't find it.

I've thought about it every now and again ever since and to this day it's probably the most horrifying video I've ever seen. Granted I was in middle school at the time so I had a lower tolerance to scary shit.

If anyone knows what this video might be, I would send some good fren-vibes your way.

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the grifter

Was it this?

pretty sure its this


How many year ago was it?

Nah not it, looks like a scary creepypasta though.
Horrifying but not it
Thanks fren
12-13 years ago

how many days ago was it?

That's a long time. Your mind has probably transformed it into something far more horrifying than it was. If you saw it now you'd probably be disappointed.

This one kept me up at night when I first saw it.

Nah not it. Wasn't a doll. was someone real with makeup on or something. Thanks though fren.
Yeah you're right, that's most likely the case. I'm pretty confident that I remember enough of it however. I can still picture the scene where I was thinking, "fuck that isn't right". I think it might be an Asian "found footage" type movie maybe? Kinda had that feel to it.

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Do you realize that you can see what the video is by hovering over the embed link?

It was this one

yo op this might be it

It's gotta be this.

Nah not that haha
Not it either, it reminds me of the grudge but I'm pretty convinced that it's not. Especially after watching that trailer.

Also thanks to all the frens who are trying to help me find it. You frens are awesome

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