Whenever my gf and i try to have sex i go soft, for no reason. I love her, and im really attracted to her...

Whenever my gf and i try to have sex i go soft, for no reason. I love her, and im really attracted to her, but i think im just too nervous, even though ive had sex before (she hasnt). I debated getting boner pills but i dont want to see a doctor. What do?

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Also, stop being a fag.

PIED/ Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Stop watching porn for a couple weeks and you will be rock hard when you have sex with your girlfriend.

oh shit son, is this a legit thing... if so, im well and truly fucked.... 33 yr old virgin who wanks to porn twice daily.

1 and a half shots of jamerson whiskey, ginger ale, and a slice of lime. Takes the edge off. Dont immediately stick it in. Do foreplay. When you wanna have sex. Turn off the logical side of your brain and go into chimp mode. You will regain logic as soon as you jizz. Also wait 3 or 5 days, you'll be harder and more horny. A week if you wanna spray like a fire hydrant. Good luck user

I lost my libido when I stopped watching porn tho

You mean stop jerking off?

Yes it's a thing, not even same user. Less porn in your life is healthy. More porn eventually leads you down the path of gaining weird ass fetishes, dont believe us? Go to /d.

It's all in your mind.
It's performance anxiety - you must really love her and are therefore afraid of disappointing her. Just talk about it and cuddle, everything will work once you're relaxed.
Honesty is a great cure.
Best of luck, user.

No just stop watching porn. it fucks with your dopamine system. Your brain literally rewires itself when you watch porn. Go to your brain on porn.com

Yes, it's normal. But when you get horny it's so strong you can understand why some fuckers rape chicks when they cant smash. Less frequent equals more pleasure. I'm prescribing you 8 days of no fapping

Been months without watching porn. I think i masturbate too much. I barely cum nowadays lol


Dude i have the same thing ! (10 years ago) 1/ go slowly.. And create an intimacy with her (hugs, cuni, etc) and ask her to come and caress and kiss your cock.. In fact the less you think "oh fuck im nervous etc" And the more you will fine.. Live the present moment.. Think juste about her and her pleasure and yours!
Courage bros! Don't need a doctor.. Just little time.. And tell her the truth.

Are keeping updated on your wankings? Wank to her, and the idea of her, and nothing else.
It's obviously something psychological. Maybe talk to a shrink if you can afford it.

caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, so it might be worth taking it out of your diet. Try to relax during sex. Start from behind if that helps, or try a bunch of foreplay. Be patient with yourself and communicate with your partner about your feelings. I am sure she will understand.

Thanks, user

Nice trips

Oh my god your nervous to fuck your own woman kill yourself and don't come here looking for help retard

I think this might be true I can't get a hard on and when I do it doesn't stay longer then 2 minutes. But it could be a variety of other things health, and state of mind. I got a script for Cialis but that shit is expensive can't afford it. Was like $100 for 5 pills I think

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you're putting the pussy on a pedestal. stop doing that. you're thinking way to much about all of it.

>Oh my god! You're too nervous to fuck your own woman. Kill yourself and don't come here looking for help, retard.
Firstly; your grammar and punctuation is attrocious.
Secondly; your post also lacks basic logic.
Example: "kill yourself AND don't come here..."
If user killed himself he'd not be able to "come here", now would he? That's just silly.
Perfomance anxiety is a typical thing in a young man (and woman, yes it goes both ways) but it requires you to have been in a relationship to know this. You clearly haven't, yet. (if ever, don't lose hope though).

It's a C-
Come see me after class.

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