Brutal Wwyd - Replies get replies thread

Brutal Wwyd - Replies get replies thread

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I'd honestly just fuck her vanilla. Doesn't matter if you piledrive 2 feet into the ground or her ride your bed into a pile of wood, your seed is penetrating that egg.

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shove a baseball bat up her tight ass with the big end first. afterwards use her tits as a baseball

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app unsee cc /#aaec95e6

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Throat fuck her until her mascara was running.

Pic related is 26 from NZ

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spank and deepthroat hard. Then stick it right in her ass and hold her arms firmly until she's shaking from the pounding

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Fuck yes! More?

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Tie her down and lick her all over, tease her for a while, then let loose. I'd be torn between pulling her by that red hair while she's bent over in front of me, or using a rope tied around her little neck.

how hard would you pump her Cred Forums

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Spit on her right little asshole and fuck her while she screams daddy. Then some rough facefucking. Then I’d cum inside her pussy while she has her panties in her mouth.


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Honestly, two or three times then I'd nut.

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Consensual sex in the missionary position

oh do elaborate, user

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Such a nice body and innocent face. Her friends not to shabby either.

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she looks like shes got meat where it counts. Im smash her beaver

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More of these girls?

I’ll pump a baby in to either easy

I've got tonnes of pics of the girl on the left if you're keen.

Middle in this pic and yes, nothing better than to put a baby in her

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Keen to see more. She’s nice

Then I'd just kinda leave. It'd be sad and embarrassing

Glad you like her dude. She's prime rape bait... Right here.

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Who is she to you?

wwyd to this slut

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A former colleague, albeit for a very brief spell.

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Was she a good bitch?

Certainly wasn't the sharpest knife in the draw. But when she looks like that I (and sure, others) didn't care less.

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Fuck her from behind calling her a fat pig until she starts crying. Really get mean. Cum inside and never talk to her again. Periodically look at her Facebook posts to see how my son is doing. Find the son on Facebook during high school and send all his friends the video of me railing his mom while she cries.

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Wwyd to these tits?

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I would drug them all and make them into a human centipede in the club male toilet. I'd set up a camera so i could watch what happens as guys come and go during the night.

wwyd to my gf, bi cuckold here.

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Such a little cumpiggy.

This is Penny. Penny thinks shes and artistic individualist. in real life shes just an unemployed fool with daddy issues.

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Wwyd to this tight slut?

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Stick my cock in her mouth soft, make it hard and Finn her throat, then fuck it and cum as many times as I can

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I imagine fucking her public by the pool.

I'd fuck her throat then her ass then her throat again and then cum in her mouth

Oh yeah? I'm sure she'd love that.

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wwyd to my girl?

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Working up a fat load for this piggy slut.

I'd tie her up in a glory hole booth and fuck her from behind while watching her suck off numerous guys

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Fuck yes user. You got any more ass?


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Force them to eat each other's cunts until they both have shameful orgasms.

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Some more of this whore.

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Thanks a lot buddy

She knows what a slut she is

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Call the police

Last piggy pic

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would use that mouth like the cum hole it is. fuck her throat until her makeup is running down her face and she's gagging over my cock. then I'll take my nice and lubed up cock and give her some hard anal, make sure she's really screaming.

Oh that's good user. Through all the tears and the screaming you know she'd love every second of it.

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replies get replies thread morons

I'd take her to a glory hole and tell every guy she knows about an awesome free glory hole. Then fuck her ass while she sucks all her male friends and family off

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Tie her to a hotel bed then gangbang her with some strangers. We'd all creampie her without any birth control. The whole thing would be filmed and put online for all her friends and family to see

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replies get replies thread

Might as well use her like I paid for her, then

this thread still alive?
if so i dont want her to be after such a brutal rape wwyd

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B.jongens on kik
Im looking for someoneto trade captions. Preferably someone dutch

michelle, who likes?

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I'd like to tie her down and fuck her ass dry, listen to her screaming.

Probably push her onto he knees and make her suck me and a few friends off, before we all bukkake her

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tie up her arms under her boobs, shins to her thighs. cover her eyes. put her on a comfy blanket, head down, ass up. call in the dog and let it mount her. fuck her viciously, fuck her deep. she'd be in pain, she'd experience horror. she'd plea, cry but moan. the dog would knot her and tear her. after half an hour, after it is finished with her, i would piss on her face and make her beg for release otherwise she'd stay with us for one more day. she'd go free, but the pictures and videos taken would be an extortion tool to make her spread her legs and drink my cum whenever i would desire.
after some years i'd mary her broken ass.

Grab her unexpectedly pull her into the alley and treat her like an animal cum deepinside her and run off leaving her there with a pussy full of cum

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Wwyd to this whore

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weird hips. lop sided nips, stupid tattoo I'd just bash her over the head with a brick and move to the next slut

imagine if michelle came to you a couple of months later with a pregnant belly

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Got her nudes for the filthiest reply.

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I love pregoo woman so she would get fucked again and would fill her up again and she wouldn't find me I would find her

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just chain michelle up in your basement user, wwyd to your sex slave?

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take her into a public male bathroom and make lick every urinal and toilet in there while everyone assfuck her

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how many men are going to make a deposit?

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Sounds good to me

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stop begging wwyd without replying to others

Get this started then.

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no face means not her boobs

Decent reply means face and boobs, it's a teaser

She's already been caned hard, and is beginning you for mercy. Would you keep going - or stop and fuck her?

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replies get replies thread

Chain her up in with a gloryhole to service for a few hours

What would you use and WWYD?

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Wwyd to this redneck slut?

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Wwyd with this cumplatter?

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replies get replies thread

Pull my gun and make her wait for the police. Might even cover her with a blanket while we wair so I don't have to look at her.