Load up on logs, bring your friends

Load up on logs, bring your friends

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"Hey Mr krabs I have a question " Said Spongebob. "Lay it on me lad" Mr. Krabs responded "um... How big is a dick supposed to be ? " Asked Spongebob. Mr krabs responded, "whip it out boyo, it can't be that bad- SWEET NEPTUNE.. . IT'S HUMONGOUS! ", Mr. Krabs laches onto spongebobs dick and starts sucking it like a lollipop " Mr. Krabs if you do that I'll cum " Replied Spongebob. "But Spongebob your dick tastes just like my fathers used to.. Before he passed away , oh well, back to sucking"mr, krabs said , mr. Krabs started sucking on it harder until he blindfolded spongebob and put him on a chair, and with a smooth voice said, "spongebob, don't worry , this will only take a minute", spongebob panicked and replied "MR.KRABS I DON'T WANT YOUR HAIRY CRAB ASS TOUCHING AN INCH OF MY DONG !", "too late" said mr.krabs , the force of mr.krabs ass made spongebob so horny that he came all inside mr.krabs ass and later sold it to customers as soup

keep the scat meme going

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Df did I just read?


I am addict sniffing Andys logs for about 5 years. I know it very well. When we sniff we are out from a reality. We are in the world of our fantasy.
Due to this fantasy teenagers are addicted to this logs. We are out form reality and can have a power what we want.
We can have a battle with the other who is sniffing. Sometimes when we battle with powerful opponent we lose.
But we keep siffing and tryin hard to defeat and become powerful. That is why we addicted.
We addict not only for the high and also for the fantasy of our power. This is what i experienced from sniffing for the past 5 years.
The power of logs.

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randy andy you so dandy! won't you feed me log shaped candy??

by Kenny Loggins

I like the log
And I like the slidding
I wish everyone I know could
Yes I would

I hold the log
I walk with the teacher
We welcome in the mornin'
Slidding together

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Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody's looking for clogging
Some of them want to clog you, some of them want to get clogged by you

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