Ask a serial killer Anything

Ask a serial killer Anything

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yall got any wings?

what is your favorite way of killing

What turns you on

what qualifies u as a "serial killer"?


Why did you kill?

Ok got sauce on the hot blond

Do you have any immediate family?
If so, do you love them?

how do you choose a victim?
usually someone you saw before, or just impulsively whoever you find and want to kill?

What's your kill count that you could call yourself a "serial killer"?
I stepped on a few ants as a kid so I'm basically a former terrorist.

what state or country?

Go to bed

What’s the colour of mommy’s basement ?

Why Dont you take out people that the most people would benefit from?

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>Ask a serial killer Anything
Opinion of parallel killers?

OP being a shill fag as usual not delivering

Share your manifesto?

lust or rage?

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You are now being tracked

If OP is legit, he's evil.
That good/evil jigsaw type killer doesn't exist in real life. They are narcissists and self serving, caring little or not at all about anyone else but themselves.
That's why serial killers don't kill bad people so the innocent must benefit.
Robin hood serial killers only exist in the movies

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What kind of cereal do you eat?

Quick and painless, but making sure they know why they're dying before I do it. I let them soak in fear for a bit

Depends on you and the others on this thread

I have many reasons really. Some people I don't like. Some are just bad

Ya ok nigger. I bet u also piss on your own wrist after u cut it.

It's always someone I know, someone I can't stand. I also chose someone who I know is a bad person, so I do society a favor.

I'd say over 20 I stopped counting honestly

Wrong, some Italian serial killer chick got busted this week for whacking pedos and rapists.
>inb4 implying those are bad things
yes they are you faggot

Soon user... Soon.

Honey Oats

proof or gtfo

Help me believe that your not just some young kid trying to be an edge lord.

Post tits or gtfo faggot

Why are you retarded?

Is it a sexual thing for you to murder?

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this dude thinks he's Dexter

>it’s always someone I know

Yeah, that’s not really how it works. That’s a great way to get caught though. OP is a lying faggot who’s looking for attention.

I don't get off to it, but sometimes I do it out of revenge

Will it get easier?

What drove you to kill the first time?

Were you anxious or afraid?

Were you angry?

How do you keep doing it?

Will the guilt stop after the first time?

I’m not angry. I just really like Cornflakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles. So I murder that shit with some good old fashioned whole milk.

Post more of pic related

If you were to kill people you knew all the time you would be in jail, you are lying

It took me a few years to work up my first kill. Then a few months, then just days... It got easier for sure.

The first kill was a girl who rejected me she was cold about it so I stalked her and waited for the right moment.

I was scared at first but over time that went away.

Idk why I keep doing it, I just do

OP must be tired of posting BBC cuck threads so now he's getting attention another way.

Not true faggot, serial killings are random. Killing with purpose is more like a mass murderer.
Deets on the Italian chick you were talking about tho

Out of date.

Never said how deep the relationship was with the person. Someone you know isn't always a close friend or family member.

Lol incel fag

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I see.

Is there a thrill during it?

The moment after it’s done, what goes through your mind?

Do you get afraid of repercussions?

Do you struggle with empathy? I do.

Sometimes I don’t, it fluctuates. I want to know if this happens to you, too.

True. But it is someone you have somewhat regular contact with. And if you’ve done it to over 20 people as you claim, you’d have a lot of attention on you. People would’ve started to make the connection by now. Basically, you’re just an edge lord looking for attention. It’s obvious you’re full of shit. But by all means, keep pretending.

How do you hide the bodies?

Have sex

Exactly, we'd have heard something by now.

he shoves them up his ass

What's the youngest girl you've raped and murdered

No you didn’t. However, it’s clear you fantasize about hurting people who reject you. Which is why you’re here. You’re attempting to indulge in that fantasy. It’s sad, really. I mean, you dream about hurting people who don’t want anything to do with a loser. The girl rejected you because you’re a lame ass. And this thread proves it.

You do realize this is bait, right?

What country?

77 year old

You do realize he’s just trying to get off on some random rape story real or not

Well put, user. Now I’m the one who got baited. Lol


Where is Maura Murray?

Do you call people jew a lot and get pissed when told to get your shine box?

Have any of your victims been found yet?

No. Because there are none. You dumbass.

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eggs scrambled or fried? favorite kind of toast? and fav breakfast meat?

Dicknuts,op kills cereal.

Where’d you go OP? Did you leave to make a thread about how you’re a hit man? Maybe a spy? Ooooo, a hit man spy that got so carried away he became a serial killer! There ya go! That should totally be your next thread.

Fake + gay

How are you preparing for coronavirus

He’s gonna kill that shit.

OP abandoned thread once he started getting called out for being a bullshiter. What an attention starved dipshit. Thanks for the laughs OP!

Tits or ass?

>makes a tgread claiming to be a serial killer.
Turns out to be a social reject just looking for the attention he didn't get at high school.

This guys full of shit.

As somebody who has actually ended many lives (I'm ex military) I can remember exactly how many lives I have taken. I remember their faces, the smell of the air, what I ate after, everything. Lost count? Fuck off. You never lose count.

hows middleschool?

This is just some neckbeard who had too many mountain dews and put on some old Pantera, thinking he's a tough guy like Phil Anselmo.

How do you know so many people when you’re living in your parents basement?

lol @ this sperg. as someone who was infantry, you absolutely forget how many people you killed because they weren't people. Just some tweaked out jihadi with an AK. why the fuck should I care what it smelled like when i turned him into raspberry preserves

those are not the reasons a serial killer would keep killing
educate yourself, retard before making these threads

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would you eat the corpse if cooked correctly? (assuming you don't have confidence in your cooking skill)

do you prey on people weaker than you like a fucking pathetic worthless pussy, or do you target strong men and people who harm others, like a hero with some balls?

killing several people at different occasions

How many cocks does OP suck since OP loves sucking cocks

You're an absolute faggot LARPer. Go fuck your whore mother. You're a whiny bitch who hasn't done shit. Not going into why, but I'm calling you a pussy.

What motivates you to kill? I assume it’s usually good looking women?
Imo 99% murder is all sexual.
1: motivation
2: do you have/had a porn addiction ?

How old where you when you stopped wetting the bed?

How many local pets did you kill?

When did you first get hard setting a fire?

Do you lick their buttholes before or after you've killed them?

>Someone you know

Yet law enforcement haven't made any link, wow you so clever

Not gonna lie that’s kinda gay


Sounds like you have the selfish qualities of aspergers syndrome.

the only reason im putting up with larp