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Attached: 4b7724b6b0711b6c66bfa995ba8676c2.jpg (1125x1500, 306K)

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Attached: 4caec909c42371228d38f04b8c641172.png (1735x2116, 1.45M)

By any chance do any of you hang in VRChat and if so where do you get furry avatars?

Attached: EL3Nt5xXsAABYcS.jpg (1200x810, 132K)

check em

Attached: 1444189764432.jpg (1600x1181, 1.07M)

Attached: 4f49b55e374dfb2f7ffeb9dd7610cdde.png (1500x1250, 264K)

Attached: 5a3c98ad3dce99b21c0969f993326cd1.jpg (3102x4724, 1.28M)

Attached: 5a638eae1064a3aef35d225f83d21bbd.png (1014x1136, 323K)

Attached: 5a16308016c26b9e86ac389fee433e08.png (1280x1522, 964K)

No, I don't know but that'd be cool

Attached: 1447102133205.jpg (458x1243, 507K)

Attached: 5ab7ae42dc8db98a5d0b7d04b6557400.jpg (1213x1920, 422K)

Attached: 1455074544171.jpg (927x1200, 113K)

Attached: 5c45f44ee693e22a78d5e97286a705a4.jpg (1024x1280, 128K)

Attached: 1449088981974.png (400x543, 313K)

Attached: 7bdcadd0669ce5dbcd757bc8ab41ead5.jpg (720x1280, 72K)

Well shit, my pass expires in 2 days, and I can't use a credit card to renew it again. Guess I'll go without again

Attached: 7c2eca2070919fbb145750249110b456.png (1200x1357, 1003K)

Do the stupid bitcoin thing, it's worth it

Attached: 1451340409060.jpg (677x900, 190K)

Attached: 7dd88517936392d8cf0dc58dc72e0c8a.jpg (1637x2048, 238K)

Attached: 1453249068753.jpg (618x800, 38K)

I don't post a whole lot anymore, mainly just weekends, and even then I'm in another tab while letting it auto dump. I'll more than likely just post my intro and only post while replying

Attached: 8ae8ce5da08c7f8be20c239a9f0c9b1b.jpg (546x800, 82K)

5 mana tho yikes

should at LEAST be 7 mana

I guess, but you always can at least. I don't think I'll be letting mine ever lapse

I just don't want to deal with the bullshit of getting crypto for $20, once a year

Attached: 8c0fa7e78237bcff40663eea25aa86e1.jpg (660x924, 218K)

I totally get that because it fucking sucks (especially if you have to report it on taxes) but until CC or IC card support gets added, I don't know what else we may have

Attached: 1440201808802.jpg (693x700, 49K)

Attached: 8c68ad1332f53939db8068e84157b62c.png (747x900, 1.19M)

Attached: 7e877cdac5057bb8b5c2acc126f681e4.png (640x782, 560K)

Attached: 09da6d6bc8497bdbedee5488a0bb9919.png (1200x1800, 1015K)

Attached: 1445024171816.jpg (541x800, 437K)

I don't get why they did this again, because I am fucking sure I went through this fucktardary at least once before

Attached: 8ccb061708fd0508ae1704357b32d151.png (1002x1280, 576K)

Attached: 8cccc8ff6ed0c65e8ba900cd75e28f26.png (1036x925, 252K)

Attached: ef7da1bf208e0e8923c68e623be7613f.jpg (850x1200, 368K)

Attached: 9a8f1eeadf1f31041ae0f8cffdb28f26.png (1077x1068, 738K)

I'm pretty sure whoever was processing the CC payments got wind that we are the internet hate machine

Attached: INTERNETHATE.jpg (500x306, 26K)

Attached: 1527139604677.jpg (3302x2655, 1.34M)

I'd be honestly surprised, since money is money

Attached: 9b5984df4877eb6dd924dfd260af8bdb.jpg (1000x1000, 167K)

Just not that internet hate machine

That's kind of what I think but given how people tend to react to things, especially in the last four years, we're probably neo nazis by association by posting on Cred Forums.

That's about all I can figure.

Attached: 1447110963965.png (735x1245, 1.38M)

I'm sure they'll cave like last time

Attached: 9c979d5d36be8d083c5c93ea39e9ebf1.jpg (578x880, 158K)

Hello everyone :3

Attached: 1581851821630m.jpg (1024x722, 111K)

Attached: 9c826931ea6aa39bdc23d221ed39e4ba.jpg (750x1000, 188K)

I hope they will. But I have a lot of hopes, not a lot of results

Attached: 1447101998797.jpg (800x617, 88K)

Howdy, hows it going?

Attached: 9ea80cb170a0cadb84ee98f0057af41b.jpg (916x1200, 87K)

I'm gonna go get in that bath, might be back later

Attached: 1451519569110.jpg (952x1250, 43K)

Attached: 9f4a0594264c5a7bc3e156867a9151cd.jpg (1256x1300, 129K)

Have a good bath

Attached: 15ff74abb9c7586ab18b312fb2285ecf.png (1280x1712, 1.46M)

They should take gift cards like fetlife.

Also, this thread ends in 999. Congrats.

Attached: 1579897556733.jpg (1280x924, 230K)

Hello, Im almost OK. Just have a lunch break :3

What about you, user?

Attached: 1582368922932m.jpg (1024x705, 99K)

Doing meh as usual

Attached: 43b932a33f9e1e149ead79a22392bcfd.jpg (3102x4724, 1.29M)

Attached: 1583058661442.jpg (1080x720, 72K)

Attached: 1477628675902.jpg (1200x667, 246K)

Attached: 22cdba06496589b1ef252c1341a6a946.jpg (1024x1165, 104K)

Attached: 664b41482b25be28e91fcb3eadebf5f3.png (1500x1500, 864K)

Attached: 1506857620513.jpg (1200x858, 610K)

Attached: 22cf72f84c51ea1c64fcdbee11a82958.jpg (1011x1280, 106K)

So we should establish a club of meh life ;3

I'm adjusting some minor stuff around apartement, I don't want to make much noise and I'm short of money as well.

Attached: 1581845659181m.jpg (728x1024, 63K)

Yea, that describes my life perfectly

Attached: 22e5ba9b19a6024f604d8a1945b45ffe.jpg (600x800, 82K)

Attached: 23fb4ba3f8e8cf07d7716a9217593d31.jpg (1637x2048, 231K)

Attached: b55cca3bc808dc024bf24835b3e49f97.jpg (428x800, 46K)

Attached: 1578875315439.png (652x950, 510K)

Attached: 31ae4b56c4e28f75c9d5204fc8223bba.jpg (600x800, 445K)

But propably you aren't repairing small cracks in drywall with acrilic puty right now, are you? ;3

Just have some small thing to be happy about. I've found nice artist on DA who is willing to make a commision for me. Is in progress already. So I'll have a picture for my character soon ;3

Attached: 1579341377323.png (624x691, 261K)

anyone have suggestions for online dating sites?

Attached: 1507821199761.png (1152x1080, 900K)

Attached: 1500428144502.png (966x908, 560K)

No, I haven't repaired any drywall lately, but I did have to replace a dryer in a snowstorm.

Like tinder? I know it works, but not sure how well. Other than that, no idea, but I should probably sign up myself

Attached: 39d0640b8451e060c33843ad52b103e4.png (606x700, 136K)

tinder sucks, so does okcupid

Attached: 1484956460071.png (2500x1649, 897K)

Attached: 41f4834d0e7f3a61569fa375625071de.jpg (1106x1280, 168K)

Attached: 1484799699148.png (1280x920, 366K)

Ahh, I knew my brother met his current gf through tinder, but I've never tried it myself. Probably doesn't help I have no social skills, so just meeting someone while I'm out is pretty much impossible. Either way, I wish you luck love

Attached: 44d76bf6449bb0c1325cfb1fadc7b31d.png (2480x3508, 1.01M)

Attached: 44fbdf1953dbfdc54d832904f7a86446.png (843x1085, 314K)

same to you
so many people, theres gotta be a match for pretty much everyone but finding the connection is hard

Attached: 1499087465713.png (1000x649, 132K)

Yep. I should start going out now that I might have fridays off, but I can't think of anywhere to meet people when I am only really awake through the night and morning

Attached: 45f162dedf11e6309e15c57adebbffdf.jpg (2000x2500, 1.01M)

Attached: 47de104863efdd1daefaef32dedd4f09.jpg (4912x3376, 918K)

Attached: 48be25a03252ec802c53a90f254fa8c3.jpg (800x1200, 422K)

Attached: 049de5b5e5e003437f815c142cf61d5a.jpg (1067x1280, 105K)

Attached: 7498032deac44c854ac5b978c60897e645923b59.gif (800x600, 448K)

Attached: 52c142118559388e761fd2f07fa89d8d.png (775x1000, 1.03M)

Attached: 55a7d1332b80e56b8a5b9fd859d9562c.png (1010x1029, 551K)

Attached: 58f3932764df8b9c50fcb439a3803585.jpg (1881x1409, 225K)

Attached: 1485643352627.png (989x1213, 371K)

Attached: 60ed297957bd893d08fb3c242c4ee870.png (2850x3000, 1.96M)

Attached: 62b0c59bbb75d60f77e8c513f9b04f13.png (909x1000, 706K)

Attached: 63cc7921af3286dd950f1c5f47aafabc.png (1280x1098, 1.11M)

Attached: 1448055201858.jpg (1100x733, 148K)

Attached: 64e6954175b4af49d5bf0f50957109d7.jpg (765x990, 877K)

Attached: 1447123460171.jpg (772x1000, 591K)

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Attached: 66db5650a4008aeecf7044661f61166c.png (1292x1762, 1.38M)

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Attached: 8932163fcd3cc27564e963b78ecec5e6.png (1080x1280, 313K)

Bumble tends to have the higher quality women I've found. Haven't met any one off of their in person yet because I'm a schizo hermit and don't know how to actually meet in person, but the girls on there are better than anywhere else.

Attached: 759052432dace2dcbbd5895d22c0750e.png (1000x1381, 438K)

Attached: 1345913041.rajii_koyote_commission_3_fa.jpg (1280x886, 112K)

Attached: 1459551415.porin_kattlelizard2_75.png (629x1098, 604K)

Attached: 1461459681.stoopix_untitled-2sm.png (1309x1875, 763K)

Attached: 1464710664.eltonpot_marika_bimbo-mode.png (1184x1280, 282K)

Attached: 1465877532.nuzzo_ass2.jpg (683x950, 284K)

Attached: 1466226426.nuzzo_icon2.jpg (739x1000, 488K)

Attached: 1474599226.porin_durekeh1_75.png (871x1129, 700K)

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Attached: 1527026179.kadath_coco_bandicoot_clothed.jpg (773x1000, 326K)

Attached: 1527026260.kadath_coco_bandicoot_nude.jpg (773x1000, 313K)

Attached: 1531083770.notbad621_amanda_playtime.jpg (4093x2894, 1010K)

Attached: 1531890002.lunarii_small_9_by_sluggystudio-dchjlpf.jpg (729x1095, 75K)

Attached: 1533743288.kammymau_ftyjj.png (900x1200, 575K)

Attached: 1534794147.hax-the-monster_posssum_ad.png (1280x1135, 488K)

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Attached: 1536980595.miupix_peachesnakey.jpg (1200x778, 56K)