I lost a bet about the S Carolina votes, so paying my bet thanks alcohol

I lost a bet about the S Carolina votes, so paying my bet thanks alcohol

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what was the bet?

I bet that Bernie would win most. The agreement was i had to post nudes, but I could do it anonymously. So I did my bet

That's "nudes" plural.. you only posted one so far.
Needs at least one more

That isn't a nude. lets see those titties, you didn't do yourbet

U guys suck... here i double did my bet

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Might as well do face and tits. How do we know the second photo is you?

Posting tits only? Wtf is this shit? Pussy or gtfo.

might aswell do more now that you started, right? you look good

This is fake lol because literally every available resource had Biden ahead by a mile. Black people still like Obama a lot (duh) and mistrust Bernie for good reason. His ideas are crap and he has nothing to back them up besides empty platitudes and worthless promises. If he had his way he would absolutely demolish the US economy. But he wont because now that he's the frontrunner for the nomination he's finally getting attention for all of his bad ideas that only make sense on the most surface of levels. Even if he got elected president he would never pass anything he wanted through Congress anyways

Thar wasnt part of the bet, I posted a nude on this site

Be a lot cooler if you did though ;)

you can barely see anything...

I wouldn’t class that a nude, you’re still wearing something, you may as well lose those too

Id believe this if you timestamped it.

You know the rules. Tits with timestamp

You didn't do your bet, none of those are nudes, you have your bottoms on

also, did you know this site before you made the bet?

I noticed you have Cortana disabled. Good girl.

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Wtf face isn't part of a nude! I will show my butt tho


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show us your computer desktop

i wanna see them icons

Nice booty, how do you look in heels?

Youve shown your face once already. And the best part of a nude is seeing that cute face.

I didnt mean tk do that, I'm drunk and at least i am covering half my face so you dont see

cringe bro

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Those tits are stellar

Show your cunt you worthless whore.

Cringe. Have sex you sperg

Fuck off, whiteknighting cuck. She won't fuck your fat ass.

dont worry boyzzz i gotchu

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Lets see more of that sexy body then.

Wtf y are you guys so mean? I figured my pics would at least have got a few nice responses lol

You do have a really nice ass. And those nipples are near perfect. Keep up the good work.

Lol wtf is that doesnt look like me at all

How could I respect somebody who does this? I just see you for what you are.

u sure? pretty much looks exactly like you.

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I'm digging the pics but you should timestamp

to be fair, you said your bet was to post a nude, you haven't done a full nude yet

The rich jew Bloomberg wants you to save the environment while he fuckslaves youg girks on his privatjet. Hail racemixing imperator Trump.

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holy shit and dubs too fuck yeah suck my nutzzzzzz

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Idk if I fell comfortable posting bottomless even tho in drunk. What if I show my face isn't like that pic?

Well if you were smart, you wouldn't have bet on Bernie.
If you were smart, you would not be posting on Cred Forums
Show feet, and vote libertarian, dumbass.

Fucking commies want everything.
Get ready for the boogaloo, faggot

Seems like thats a fair trade. With tits as well?

My face isnt stupid like those posts, see. And topless for the bet

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Lookin kinda derpy here, OP. Maybe you can do us a real one.

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Fucking gorgeous!

Thanks. I'm a lesbian btw. I have a snapchat if you want it.

Omg wtf is this? Why are you using photshop stuff to try and find my face

Can someone ban this guy please?

For doxing purposes.

Gents, I'm running her through the ol' system now. Be patient.

Snapchat please

A bet is a bet OP, you said NUDES, you've only shown topless. Or do you not pay your bets?


See you soon :3

But give me yours before you add me, I have to allow you to see me.

ITT: simps getting baited

I cant get enough of you. Please post more


Yo this hoe's LinkedIn is STARK..

Fuckkkk u all. Here. And that snapchat shit isnt me, im not giving my personal info

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kek this guy. keep up the good work

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You look delicious

u cringey af bro

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Please please can someone ban this guy

also: andrea is a girl's name sorry but yeah

stop being a ledditnigger. kys ffs

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Why? He seems nice. I like him.

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Bc he is trying to photoshop what my face looks like. That wasnt part of my bet

Where is the timestamp OP
this is probably some random girls nudes...

Instead can this guy or someone post an enhanced/zoomed pic of her pussy that she just posted?k thanx

this. TITS+TIMESTAMP or stop posting your mom.

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OP if you post a full nude in better lighting, I'll remove that photoshop

cry more u fucking whore. show cunt close up and stfu

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Show us your cock :)

Promise? Wtf is everyone being so mean to me?? Wth did I do

Timestamp please

We just want to see more of you. You look amazing

best i can get with current technology.

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Yes promise. After you post a full nude in better lighting, I'll take down the photoshop pic

so amazing

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no timestamp, bet doesn't count

Here, now delete those photoshops. Deal is a deal

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this bill nye-lookin bish is a scam

you're cute, but post a timestamp pic

no shit its fake. some neet faggot posting his cousin's nudes who will not even look at his direction

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Now delete the photoshops of me!!!

Show feet, commie.
You are very beautiful

fuck off hitler

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Sharpie in pooper!

You didn't show your backside nude also, so it didn't fully count. Then the photoshops will get removed if you do it right

Omfg here. Now remove those pics

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Much like cold butter
Them cheeks ain't spread properly

And still no timestamp...
How someone believe in this bullshit?

We need to see your pussy from the back. So bend over nice and far.

I think it's still funny, with his "oooh, remove the pics, i'm such a newb, abuse me please"


You guys realize this is some 12 year old indian kid laughing on the internet when he SHOULD be feeling sad about his poverty.

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look, Mod here, ill 404 this thread and all pictures,,,if i get a classis Cred Forums payment. timestamp photo of a sharpie up the pooper! Deal

I tend to lean towards this. That said, the file name timestamps do check out, no reverse image search results, and def same girl in all the pics

U must dumb or some shit, if I post nudes I received from some girl ofc it will not show in any kind of reverse image, probably just some sad beta, when this girl stopped give a fuck about him, and now he is trying to revenge spreading her nudes...

So it their fault and responsibility ?

This is a boring thread. Bend over spread legs.

What a bs thread no timestamp
What has happened to b and the newfags

This is clearly someone just posting nudes and idk why the people up to this people believe them