Have you ever fucked a fat girl? If so did you enjoy it?

Have you ever fucked a fat girl? If so did you enjoy it?

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No. Its picking up chic's on easy mode. No fatties

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Fucked probably 6-7. Dated 2, am dating 1 now. Honestly they’re fun to have around if you just need to bust a nut every now and then. Some are hotter than others obviously. Thought I finally found one I loved in my first relationship, got dumped cuz she was a whore, I’m only dating the one I’m with now because I’d rather put up with her bullshit and have mediocre (at best) sex than have to go back to being lonely for potentially weeks at a time cuz I’m a fatboy.

Whatever you do though, DO NOT CUM INSIDE THEM, if you do you’re stuck with her for 18 years. Unless of course you’re a piece of shit and walk out on the chick you just impregnated, ice cold baby.

Yes. met this fat single mom. She was a wild beast in bed. i loved every minut of it.

Yeah cute single mum, Big titties, still milky too. Pussy was fucking fire, understand why the previous nigger didn't pull out.

fat girls with low self esteem are easy to manipulate into sex.

Fat chicks get super attached. Like if you fuck them more than once they claim you both are now dating/are a couple

Ive been fucking a fat single mom on and off for about 8 years. she is a freak and loves it all.

is there a connection between single moms, overweight and highly sexual?

Yes yes.

and they usually have other whore friends

Yes and i regret it. She was massive and i mean fucking massive. She had rolls everywhere and even one above her pussy. She just laid there and didn't do anything, pretty much because her lack of strength in light of gravity was too much for her to move. It was like one of those bugs which, when is lying on its back, just can't roll over.

Having said this, she had a cute face and if she lost about 100kg (200 pound) then she would have been awesome. Apart from the actual act of fucking her, my only regret I have is I didn't fuck her arm pit, i could have just lived it up and slid the main vein in there for a once off experience.

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mine loves sucking cock takes it in the ass. she takes my fist in her pussy too. and she loves me to be her daddy

Fat girls' pussies get extremely wet

Perhaps, but that’s just excessive sweat mixing with the smegma and liquefying it.

Yes I have and she was a lesbo but occasionally enjoyed dick. Was good because there was less pressure than a hotter bitch

>It was like one of those bugs which, when is lying on its back, just can't roll over.

An excellent and utterly repulsive analogy, user.

I've fucked two fat girls in my life. The first one was unpleasant but I managed to finish, the second was hands down the worst sexual experience I've ever had.

Ignore all these larpers, actual fat girls are:
>lazy in bed
>generally boring
>far too heavy and bloated to do any good positions
>loud and obnoxious outside of the bedroom

If you have a fetish for fatties go for it, but if you don't and you're just thinking "I guess I'm getting desperate" then don't, you'll 100% regret it and it will stain your soul for the rest of your life

Big titties were a plus and boy does fat girl pussy feel good once you find a way in there, but you sacrifice any mobility or stamina. Eventually the land whale will just lie there and take it. Also when they get to sweating you're at risk for some bad smells. Usually get good head out of it, but honestly I only fucked a fat girl when there were no other options at the time. Another plus is that if you play your cards right with her insecurities she'll always come back for some more no matter what.

I mean I fucked a really fat girl once. She was a virgin and when I mean fat, I mean wiiiiiiide. She has this gigantic ass and proportionally smaller waistline. Her pussy was tight as all fuck and she all but let me shove my dick down her throat. Her tits were small for a fat girl and she couldn't stay on her hands and knees for that long while I smashed that fat ass. First time we fucked she wanted a condom and she bled all over me. Second time she let me raw dog it and I busted on her asshole. She wouldn't stop calling for more afterwards and honestly just ghosted her like she didn't exist.

Yes, and physically OK, emotionally a little shaming

Current GF is one.

I like my bitches submissive and she lets me do almost anything. Most of the time while fucking her I slap her around, choke her (stranglehold) and nut in her mouth.

The extra weight doesn't bother me, face is still attractive

I had a fuck buddy who was a BBW. Started chatting with her through craigslist misc romance. I wasn't looking to hook up, just to chat. I mentioned I was doing a race in her town and she said she'd meet me at the finish line.

We met and she offered for me to walk up to her place about a block away. Did, got a beer, chatted and a few minutes later she was between my logs blowing me. Once of the best blow jobs I ever got.

Started hooking up with her NSA. She was clean, smelled good, always showered and always horny. I'm only 5.5" so physically some positions were tough but we made it work.

Yeah man fat girls are useally dirty as fuck they generally have low self esteem too so they are easy to manipulate..

As a lesbian, yes. She was a succubus in bed and I like it but she was really annoying for everything else.

did one. exactly like this.
i wanted head. wouldn't give me head. every time i put it to her lips, she would give it a couple of sucks and stop. would kiss the tip of my dick and stop. the couple of sucks ere nice. a blowjob from her would have been good. needless to say, it didn't go beyond a one-night-stand.

ur dicc smell

You're showing your virgin power level here chap

no. she was very clean. pussy tasted and smelled clean. smooth, clean, porn-star shave. she was looking to fuck.

Yes. Not a bad fuck overall and a very aggressive swallower. But way too clingy.

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Yes, it's super soft and cushy but i dont suggest doing it in summer without good ac, they WILL start to smell bad

it all depends like any girl how they present themselves, i would say most do this quite well and actually have a personality unlike a decent amount of grills of lesser weight ive dated (maybe im generalizing?) anyway, ive encountered far more thicker girls who are fun to be around in not only in bed, but to just hang out with than chicks who weighed less

>septum piercing
how fitting, kek

It was great! But when you take them to the beach a bunch of fellas will ask you what you used as bait.

i would much rather beat off than fuck that beast. i could not possibly get hard for that.

Best blowjob i've had was from a skinny chick, but the best overall sex has always been with fatties

Mines opposite to yours. Best blowjob's ever from fat girls, but best sex from the skinnies.