I know you all use reddit. Which subreddits do you usually visit?

I know you all use reddit. Which subreddits do you usually visit?

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And any default sub to watch the rabid lefty creatures at work, spouting their questionable worldviews. Entertaining and frustrating at the same time




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r/cringe is usually fun

r/thetruthishere for when I'm laying in bed waiting to sleep and I want to get spooked over other peoples stories of paranormal experiences

r/traps can be great obvs but I stopped subbing to porn shit cause idk I just like my feed to be cool or cute shit and not erotic shit


>you all use reddit
Nope. Registration isn't my thing faggot

I only shitpost as user


/r/verifiedfeet cuz we been postin there
and about 15 NSFW subs


I've never been able to read comments, so I never joined. Do you have to sign up for an account to read comments?

based and dogpilled. shoot em all, world is fuck.

No. But they make it difficult for mobile users to get to them. They change tactics every so often

I just think that dog ownership is too popular, and I find them more annoying than I used to, as a result of so many relatives' households having them, even barking a lot and licking my trousers. I don't like that.


I like to see the complete hypocrisy of Reddit contained within one subreddit.

My favourite one is a bot posting that picture of Donald Trump's bad tan on his face to r/Worldpolitics and receiving thousands of awards from users.

Imagine giving money to a shit posting bot on Reddit

Sorry, you need 500 karma to see a the reddit logo

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big same. i hate going to someone's place and having their little shit ass bark machine trying to sniff my hog before it pisses on the floor and gives me that insolent look all dogs can muster up.

not to be that guy but reddit is basically unusable because everyone on there has a superiority complex and/or complete social retardation

i do lurk there sometimes but it's really fucking boring, i just like to look at cute animals and try not to look at peoples bullshit opinions

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I had it happen to me yesterday, in fact, and there were two barking dogs that went around my ankles, and once they calmed down, they just started licking or sniffing around the trousers and shoes. I find house dogs more annoying than backyard dogs, for that reason, but even backyard dogs may jump and sniff at people. I prefer the lack of interference from such animals. They also make houses kind of smell, after a while.


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The_faggot hahaha, OBAMA 2020

I'm on a desktop, so I don't know what's wrong. It says "click to read more comments", but the button does absolutely nothing. I don't have anything blocked on adblocker or UBO either. So I gave up on ever visiting there. Maybe one day they will re-design their interface. I wonder how many other people like me gave up, too? Oh well.

I only ever visit Reddit on mobile/tablet, so I can't really speak for desktop. But quite often they have buttons to expand comments or to go to comments which in fact just take you to the registration page, yet sometimes you can visit comments no problem. You can find a way round it somehow but it seems they're hell bent on having people join and change it up from time to time.

ah, thanks for additional info! Seems about right in my experience, too.

no i dont

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