Okay Cred Forums I'm getting concerned for your mental well-being. Stop cooming to traps, feet and unaware girls...

Okay Cred Forums I'm getting concerned for your mental well-being. Stop cooming to traps, feet and unaware girls. Join the NoFap community and take control of your life.

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Cumming doesn't lower your testosterone you dufus


There is a positive correlation between masturbation frequency and reduced chance of obtaining prostate cancer. Have fun with your cancer OP.

You can’t jack depression out of yourself.

>For a week
>Then it gets back to prior levels

Nice try retard

Stop deluding yourself, you know cooming is putting you in a beta mindset, try it and thank me later, porn literally rewires your brain releasing tons of dopamine while fapping making everything else in life lackluster

No. While I agree some of your neurology, namely is true I still think you're a regressive, reactive faction. If anything you shouldn't be enchanted by the leftist whore-women of today. It's important whites reproduce but a nigger-tainted whore is still a nigger-tainted whore. Quit being so impassioned before you give us nigger diseases.

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it's not even the fact that people on Cred Forums fap that's the problem
it's the fact that the board is 80% /soc/ shit that people hate it

Assuming a bit much heh?
I'm satisfied with my sex life but thanks for your concern retard

Just make fucking accurate claims and we won't all look like boomer qanon retards

Then this thread isn't for you

Masturbation increases prolactin and DHT levels, abstinence lowers prolactin and DHT levels.
Prolactin is a hormone that blocks the effects of dopamine and testosterone when your prolactin levels are too high.
Just one fap can make your prolactin levels skyrocket for up to two weeks.

pastebin com/mf3ZF99A

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The orgasm/ejaculation release the prolactin or just leaking precum while brushing your dick is enough ?

ejaculation as far as i know
there are even more chemicals that are released after ejaculation like oxytocin

Then they'd be released if you had sex with a woman

i thnk zinc sulfate or zinc generally can help with decreasing prolactin levels and "recovering" from ejaculation. But if usually guys get pretty horny if they start to supplement zinc. But it is nice for the immune system and many other areas also.

Do i need to take copper supplements to balance the zinc ?

But also if you only masturbate.
It is one thing if your body secrets bonding chemicals after you slept with a women. But its another if its secrets stuff like this while you fapped to some plastic girls in porn or whatever shit people fap on here.

Real sex isnt that bad, but it can fuck "weak" man up too. Actually i can fuck all day when i dont cum. I kinda stay the "animal". But after i cum the animal takes a pause. Sex is a nice "game". But hitting the pausekey in day to day life to often isnt that good i think. Waste of Energy, Time and Bonding-Attention to stuff that will screw one over because it doesnt play a role in real life.

i haven't ejaculated or viewed porn in 36 days, i have definitely noticed benefits.

Words flow more fluent, I feel sharper and more confident.

my muscles seem to grow faster but that may be due to increased exercise, I am more motivated to push myself harder while exercising and the endocannabinoid reward after is more enjoyable

I no long have dark circles under my eyes and i require less sleep

>implying you've got a sex life

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no imo not, thats quite a myth. Actually i think zincsulfate does only excrete "bad" copper when it does at all.

I take high doses sometimes, like 100-150. And i feel great. But it makes hornier, and hungry if you start it. It even makes the dick grow. No joke.
But high doeses can give Nausea.
I buyed 1kg zincsulfate from a pool supply on amazon, for 15€, guess thats enough for the next years. ^^

Even if it excretes copper. Zinc is more important than copper imo. It does need some time for the zinc to get into the whole body, nervous system etc if one is defiecent. But its totaly worth it.


Did someone say feet?

I'm cooming daily and my libido is sky-high. Go spread your ass among your kind you religious faggot.

porn-induced hypersexuality

"It is one thing if your body secrets bonding chemicals after you slept with a women."
Pseduo-science quack, go be a faggot somewhere else.

Except I don't watch porn. I jack it off to imagination.

I take 22mg zinc picolinate from Solgar
Is that good ? (1 tab is like 220% Daily Intake)
Also for the copper i've read that it created adrenal fatigue and myopia or some shit like that

Jerking off is fun and cool.

Abstaining increases the build up to doing something fun and cool.

Both are fun and cool. Now excuse me while my girlfriend gets her feeldo situated and fucks me for a change. It's not guaranteed I get to cum, but she always does. It's such a tease but that's what I jerk it to when she ain't around. I just wish she didn't make me shave my body hair and pubes.

You're litteraly illiterate, prolactin doesn't inhibit dopamine you mongrel, dopamine inhibits prolaction secretion

Your studies are also shit or directly contradict your point (sample size = 28, that's gonna be a yikes for me chief, Prolactin levels with no significant difference after 30min post-ejaculation, big oof)

>study litterally says that drug-induced high prolactin levels have no significant effects on sexual parameters, what kind of illiterate fag do you have to be

>last study reiterates that there are no significant changes in prolactin levels after 1 hour.

TL;DR : you're a faggot

>brain and hormonal signaling is there for you to make offspring and pass on your genes
>cooming makes you a beta and is somehow bad
>Imagine being so fucking retarded that your first two sentences are directly contradicting each other

You are legitimately retarded if you believe this shit. Why not do something that's actually good for you like weightlifting, hell just looking at some actual women irl at the gym will raise your T higher than this pseudoscientific bullshit.

Look at little Mr pseudoscientist acting like a know it all. You're not smart just from looking at a Wikipedia page for a few seconds. You didn't even know any of these words yesterday. Don't act like you understand any of what you just regurgitated

i dilute the zincsulfate in some water and dose it with the pipette. Never buyed a supplement because thats just as clean as it can get with the pure crystals and the freedom to dose how i like.

IMO its nice people drain themselfes, because they dont deserve better and it does humanity a favor that people play with their lifes like this and slowly drain their energy. Because people are so full of shit, they dont need energy, thats only makeing it worse because they cant even handle and behave with what they got so please fap 4channers.

so in your opinion it doesnt matter if one faps to tranny porn or anything else instead of having sex? go have kids and a relationship with your gay porn waifu and ask mom if she brings you some food and some water, your brain could need it.

zinc picolinate is 21% elemental zinc so if you take 22mg mg of it its around 5mg zinc. I dont know i only speak for myself in the end but Zincsulfate feels pretty good for me. And i take 20-30 the dose of this pill. Zinc sulfate is like 23% elemental zinc, but i have a kg of it so i dont have to worry about dose when it comes to supply.

I would at least dose 30 mg a day and see how you feel. Because 15 and even 30mg you could feel it pretty much. The hornienes, the hunger etc. So you kinda know that its working. I mean, i feel the zinc, thats why i recommend, not because i read something.

lol nice here are "normal" people too. I dont shave for my gf and i made her grow her body hair because why not shaving is annoying and isnt even that healthy and stays only smooth for 2 days. Speak with her about it i mean its your bodys hair.

idgaf i didnt even read them just copy paste because after ejaculation im slower in life so i just dont fap because i dont feel like it. I dont give a fuck about studys in the end, when i can have the real deal and feel what i get when i dont cum, or when i cum.

Dude I'm not acting smart I litteraly just read the studies posted. Not my fault if you're too retarded to post material that actually helps your point

>litteraly giving the feels over reals

See, if you're gonna advocate some kind of self-help for people with an addiction, it's fine, but don't try to make health claims with no backing at all

Quit trying to act like you're some scholar. You're a porn addict loser virgin and it's your own fault

Sure buddy, listen it's fine, you'll get there when you can read, it's ok to be slower than others

I've been on Cred Forums for a fucking decade and nothing makes me laugh more than nofap.

I get that 90% of us are pathetic virgins but some of us are just normally functioning people, even chads.

I'm in great shape, wife, kids, business, money bla bla, and when I first came here I was a pathetic weeb. All that changed in the last 10 years and I did it while regularly visiting Cred Forums, fapping to traps daily, and whatever other bullshit nofap anons thing is bad for you.

Fuck off with your bullshit science.

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>Pathetic virrgins
I wish I was one of those because mansluts ruin the world more than female porn actors do

And theeeeeere it is femanons and fags, the self-hating incel-loving nofap cunt n all its glory


Eh, I don't really mind the shaving. Whatever gets her off helps me off. I get the feeling she just wants to fuck a little kid and it's kinda gross after the fact. And I only get to fuck her pussy if I don't cum from her shoving her fake dick inside me though, so I have no other options. The worst is having people at work notice how smooth my legs and arms are. Not an easy conversation.

Are you telling me that fucking my wife every night is bad for me?

>I'm getting concerned for your mental well-being
>Join my cult
Stop preying on our incel Cred Forumsros cuck

That article also shows the benefits of jacking off whilst also linking an article to boosts T. levels naturally
And no it doesn't go back down stop coping coombrain

>And no it doesn't go back down stop coping coombrain
Yes it does. The increase is transitory and within the normal range. Also, levels of free testosterone does not give a measure of the amount available for metabolism as it does not take into account the amount of other compounds in the blood that inhibit take-up

But I like feet!

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If nofap is all about getting higher testosterone levels couldn't I just inject test into my ass cheeks and coom to my heart's desire and still end up with higher levels than you nofapfags?

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I fuck my girlfriend almost every day. So its the same as if i was fapping. Fuck your community

Its very beta to be this concerned with other guys cooming habits user. Seems like nofap guys are always trying so hard to convert other people to their cause. In order to validate it to themselves perhaps?

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>Join the NoFap community and take control of your life.
tfw masturbation helps maintain optimal T levels


Imagine willingly denying yourself orgasm, one of the best things in life, just because some sexually frustrated probably virgins on the internet told you to. I can't comprehend winning at life harder than that.

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I'm injecting testosterone eth feel like a million bucks

A man can only function if his sack is frustratingly crammed to the brim with sperm. It is known.

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man you all sorts of fucked up if you think not cumming is gonna do anything for you
you can always tell someone is crazy if they subscribe to nofap

opinion discarded, discord tranny

Enjoy your liver failure, heart problems and dependence on TRT for the rest of your life friendo

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The only purpose of this "spontaneous" fad is to increase the activity it purports to decrease, by making those who fall for it generally more preoccupied with thoughts about it, particularly as a vice. It's an advertiser's "forbidden fruit" tactic almost as old as the world's oldest profession. Not that the coomer guy doesn't have his place, if used to sendup all this nonsense.

This is something I don't understand about no fap. To them, sex is a-okay but fapping is this disastrous thing people do to break themselves down.

Sex comes with some other benefits for sure and the two can't be directly compared, but they share so many of the "side-effects" these faggots are talking about

this is the all time worse psy-op they’ve ever tried. all they’re trying to do is deny young men a sexual release for their tension and make them feel bad for this, hoping it leads to outbreaks of violence. theres a reason this shit predominantly targets young white men. you fucking glow OP