What say you wh*teboiii???

what say you wh*teboiii???

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"Hey Mr krabs I have a question " Said Spongebob. "Lay it on me lad" Mr. Krabs responded "um... How big is a dick supposed to be ? " Asked Spongebob. Mr krabs responded, "whip it out boyo, it can't be that bad- SWEET NEPTUNE.. . IT'S HUMONGOUS! ", Mr. Krabs laches onto spongebobs dick and starts sucking it like a lollipop " Mr. Krabs if you do that I'll cum " Replied Spongebob. "But Spongebob your dick tastes just like my fathers used to.. Before he passed away , oh well, back to sucking"mr, krabs said , mr. Krabs started sucking on it harder until he blindfolded spongebob and put him on a chair, and with a smooth voice said, "spongebob, don't worry , this will only take a minute", spongebob panicked and replied "MR.KRABS I DON'T WANT YOUR HAIRY CRAB ASS TOUCHING AN INCH OF MY DONG !", "too late" said mr.krabs , the force of mr.krabs ass made spongebob so horny that he came all inside mr.krabs ass and later sold it to customers as soup

I deliver beds in a big city, so I spend about half my work week delivering cheap shit-tier beds to niggers in the hood. Most of them are very overweight, they couldn't survive more than a few days without fast food, and a lot of them have horribly obvious drug/alcohol problems. Stop this "black is successful" bullshit, they live like animals.

what's in her mouth

all the niggers that the idiot Op posted took steroids

slave! have your kind even ever won a war? only against your own kind, and those were just raids

OP is assuming we'd go hand to hand with these nogs. No, you idiot, we'll just use our ARs.


Kek. Are you from 1568? Muscles are nothing in modern times, white people will destroy you by the brain and modern weapons and robots.

>heart disease crew here with the fit nigger meme

smart niggers exist you just ain't one

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European colonialists should have killed all of you in Africa, then the world would be a far better place than it is today, perhaps even better than anyone could have ever imagined. Please do the world a favour, and kill yourself, you disgusting animal.

Just give me your sisters

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She loves it

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Your army would also quickly kill 92% of itself according to crime statistics.

Niggers only ever think about brute physical strength. Meanwhile, white scientists engineer a pathogen that only targets niggers.

One button man

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I don't panic when animals escape from the zoo

It’s not a race war if niggers aren’t even human.

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And our police force.

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Bullshit AOC quote

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not only one come close

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