YLYL - Deep Fakes Edition, New OP Vol 2

YLYL - Deep Fakes Edition, New OP Vol 2

Old Thread Previous OP went to sleep so I'll try to continue for a while...

Submit bikini photos and I will process them with the best technology known to man and turn your objects of affection into Lovecraftian style boob monsters.

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Have you tried running the same image through multiple times?
I get the feeling that would come out with some bizarre shit by the 4th or 5th pass

< Image

Give me something to run through

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Sometimes they turn out better on the second or third pass

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Will it add tits for me I wonder

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If you don't look at the part below the belt, it's totally fine. Doing just the top half gives you...

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Some 3am shit

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Goddamn OP, I thought you were fake luring people to give you free pics but now I believe in you

OP is not a fag

Also what program do you use?

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Sorry to tell you, due to the cropped top the plastic surgery went a bit wrong.

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< Pic

Clearly doesn't get the bikini or light clothes part, but you will get what you asked for

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I don't mean an image you actually want nude, but one of the monster creating images


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La Creatura

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Nightmare this thicky please

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What program do you use op

Is this one doable

When one of the implants is helium instead of silicone

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The thicky is evaporating

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Absolutely doable

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Bumping for op

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Fuck almost had tits

Guess you're after this

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Try this one

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Too fine to make into a boob monster... or is it

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Or these two

La Pepperotit

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best work yet


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Damn, love it

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Sometimes covered parts do work fine, sometimes they get fried

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Lol thanks for trying

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Not bad with the qwazimoto nipples

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Release them hellish mosquito bites

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I sit corrected.. this is the best so far.

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Last two I promise op

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The mosquitoes bit her titty off

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It's ok. Had a feeling she had nothing under there anyways

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