Built for BBC

Built for BBC

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Nah she looks more built to run, which is what niggers do. So I guess she's built for BBC through that?

that body is fucking hot

You don’t want it. Had my gf blacked and it was a terrible experience

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tell more

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Oh fuck that ass

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Send pics of girls who have been blacked to my kik


Prefer stories too

Have fun getting nigger aids

She’s so ready to breed

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Blondie is ready

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She’s a good little breeder

I love when you can look at a girl and think: Yeah, she needs a baby put in her right now

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do you have more of this chick? i know her irl

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I’d love to fuck her daily

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That ass is begging for a spanking

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I've always thought my slim, pale cousin needs a good BBC breeding.

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Good little breeder

I’d love to hold her down and nut in that plump spankable ass

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She’s going to look great ass up face down with my cum pouring out of her

Easily the dirtiest girl i've ever fucked

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Nudes? Ass? Looks like a pretty small girl to ravage

I can tell. I need to see her ass

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I’d fuck her on the spot

She’s begging for someone to knock her up


Right? cute little cuban girl

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I’d make her be ass up face down all the time

So cute! I’d love to see that face looking at me while she sucks my cock

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I dunno, I want to see her tears when I penetrated her ass

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Good little whore

is this that same faggot that has been faking it for years?

Other user is right. Legitimately built for breeding

True. I want to see her face when I fill her up with my cum and make her a mommy

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I’d pull that dress up and fuck her on the spot

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I think i work with this girl. Massachusetts?

Definitely impregnate her

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Ive came in her so many times and never worn a condom

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Yup! I’d force her to come back home with me and make her mine. She’ll learn to love her new life as a breeder

God, how many children before her body is ruined? Not that it matters, they can be fucktoys soon enough

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She’s a plump whore so she can definitely make it through a few kids

> minion

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Fully nude?

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jesus you know he's pumping a load in her every night

does it count if I want to see BBC breed her face?

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BBC slut Michelle

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For what i know se is a slut anyways so possible

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can confirm she loves BBC. sent her a pic of a giant BBC and she replied "holy shit lol"

any slutty stories?


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Ok man lol nude tits?

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Love this whore

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What is that creature

imagine your first thought when seeing a hot girl being "wow i want to imagine someone thats not me fucking her"

>imagine being this much of an incel

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5 guys girl?

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I wonder how many black guys she can take

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Some of these girls are attractive and all, but could we get back to the topic at hand? Thanks

Sorry OP, these guys have de-railed your thread. Guess that's what you get with random, ha!

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My wife, more here

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Fucking love Mel's ass


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can she handle it?

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BBW bride for BBC?

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Channel gone?

More ass

Holy ass!

I’m interested

which face is taking more bbc?

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Those legs..

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This redneck slut.

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Lips made for it

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Ohh fuck I like her

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right on right

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Wow.. she’s giving me my first raging boner of the day


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Please tell me you have discord or kik. Captcha is slow af for me today

Great legs, damn

trajan117maximus kik

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Imagine being attracted to a girl BECAUSE she'd rather fuck someone other than you.

>Incel prime.

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how would her first bbc taking look like for michelle? wwyd to the trump lover?

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She is definitely fit, so her body could take the pounding. I'm sure she'd be a little worried that the bbc would split her little body, but she'd still want it to fill her

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would michelle take it at a party? or in a dark alley? willingly?

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She'd take the guy home after a night at the bar. She'd take it eagerly

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Have any nudes of Michelle?

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Damn! Have any more?

If you know her, then you would have more, or fb/ig for more...

More of that body

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im just imagining beautiful michelle taking him home, getting on her hands and knees at her bed and looking back to take it

sadly not

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She'd be on her back, legs spread wide

If my wife isn't built to take black dick idk who is.

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how would her encounter with bbc go?

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looks like michelle is ready for a breeding, wwyd to the slut when she's spread wide?

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Dawww you still looking for nignog buddies? Just stand on any street in the city drop your pants and spread dem cheeks nigga!

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Share more of her body

I'd line my cock up with her tight pussy and slowly stretch her as I entered, letting her adjust to my girth


imagine how tight she would be user, how is michelle going to be taken?

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We'd start slow and sensual. As she got into it more, I'd start pounding her harder. Then I'd have her climb on top and ride me while she squeezes her little tits

how many loads are you dumping into michelle? wwyd

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She definitely needs at least 2. One in her mouth and one in her pussy

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are you going to dump both in her? or should michelle have a bbc gangbang for her first experience with bbc?

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I'll go first. Get her warmed up for the main event

My gf

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what is michelle's main event going to look like after her warmup? gonna clean her before or just leave your cum in her?

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my girl keeps looking at and texing black guys right in front of me ^^

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How many guys do you think she could take at a time?

Show more of that plump ass

i want to see if michelle can handle 5 bbc at the same time for her first time. she can go home with a small posse. how do you think it would look?

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Routinely fantasizes about taking BBCs in her hairy pussy

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Damn. She'd be su full of cum. That sounds amazing.

black and yellow

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Keep posting. Anything more revealing?

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how do you think michelle can handle 5 cocks at a time?

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She'd drain them all with ease.

She looks like fun.

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all at the same time? or one at a time?

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Girls with this type of face are my favourite. Not her expression, but her face. Do you know what I mean? I hate that it's basically impossible to search for.

Who is this? Just wow.

She would love bbc

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Chubby sister is dating a white guy, but I've seen her browser history

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I wonder if she ever sees a homeless black guy, or some thug black teen and thinks about taking him home, wearing that outfit, and giving him the night of his life

Judging by the porn she watches? Definitely.

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Damn. What's the most filthy thing you've found in her browser history? Think she locks her white bf in chastity while she lets some crackhead twice her age pound her pussy into submission

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I have stockings like this

Got more pics? She is a goddess. IG?


Love her if there’s more

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