Guys, help

Guys, help
>be me
>playing truth or dare with friends
>friend gets dared to slap my thigh
>i moan automatically
>friend keeps doing it at school
>she starts doing it in class
>she wont stop
What do...

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you have to be 18+ to post on this board

I am 18

isnt that just what girl 'friends' do to each other in general

evil witches

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What do you mean?

like. guy-guy friends just kinda chill and know their boundaries and shit.

But girl-girl friends are always out to challenge and influence each other.

That's what I gathered from my wife's female friends

Oh i should have mentioned im not a fem

Lurk more then newfag

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well if you genuinely have female friends that you play fucking truth and dare with and shit then you're a faggot anyway

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Dude we had nothing else to do and she is gay the fuck was i supposed to do?

pray to the meat child and you shall receive guidance

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just messing with you bro, wish i had girls who chilled w me. Gotta get back to my gay ass DnD session with 5 other blokes now.

No way you play dnd too?

every other sunday. i play an artifcer. dnd is getting more popular lately.

probably due to everyone losing their attenion span and wishing for a few hours with real people instead of social media thots and so on

post thighs sissy boy

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She's not all the way gay, OP. When girls touch men, it shows that they're attracted to them. Ask her if she'd like to get her pussy eaten or something (whatever teens do to break the ice)

Cant, all cut up

>imagine being a disgusting zoomer 5e faggot

Wtf? I am not comfortable asking that

No judgement

Note not self harm, she slaps real hard

Show ass and dick (no homo)

>she slaps
>i moan
>wat do
become the gay

Me half homo

So you suck dick but also want to hold hands with a girl? Disgusting nigger.

Im white

>be me
>think op is a fag

a white nigger. how degenerate can you go you sick bastard?

Well, send thighs

woah 999

Yes. Now I can legally do some sick scissoring with satan.


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