Oi lads, what would an actual Briton youth call amphetamines these days?

Oi lads, what would an actual Briton youth call amphetamines these days?

Needed for a work of fiction.

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It's still called speed as far as I know. But then again I only hang out with white people. There's a bunch of weird random names for dirty stimulants like "skat" or whatever but I'm not a druggie so I've no clue

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It's all ice these days.
Nobody would bother making non-methylated amphetamines. But idk what they call meth there.

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I'm from Leeds.
'I'm out one fifty for a halfway of Jenkem' would ring true.

Can you translate that into actual English?

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Drug use among children has for many in education, and with obvious alarm, to both parents on the increase almost yearly



The general name for amphetamines where I'm from is Uppers.
And if you're after benzos it's Downers.

I'm from Norwich. We would call MDMA, by far the most popular amphetamine, Mandy. Speed would just be called speed, unless it was a paste which would then be called base. I've only ever encountered crystal meth in the UK once, and that was just referred to as meth.

Thanks. You don't know, by any chance, why it is called Mandy?

Back in the day, it was called whizz. Or Billy.

Fuck face it's called Molly not Mandy.

ahh the good old days of comic characters being drug names.

People from the UK also call it Mandy. Its a north thing that's catching on. Although most people call it Molly.

Source - I'm a UK fag

Stupid fuckin Yank. You pricks got on MDMA late. You don't get to name it anything. Go fuck yourself

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No they fuckin don't. I first did it over 20 years ago and it was called Mandy then

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Plus one for Mandy in the UK.

Mandy is MDMA

It would help if you gave us a specific drug. Most people don't go to their dealer and say "hello kind sir, I'd like to purchase amphetamines please"

Calm down you sensitive prick.
From where I'm from its exclusivly called Molly, but when I went up North a few years back people were calling it Mandy. And anyone I asked down South about it called Mandy said they'd never heard of it called that. Hence my comment.

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