Why are you depressed?

Why are you depressed?

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My own fault really.

>Seasonal construction worker
>Laidoff every winter
>Get unemployment checks
>Live at home still
>Bandwidth not good enough to use internet when everyone else is awake
>Start being up during nights
>Hate people

It comes and goes. Mainly hits me during the winter. I'm currently not depressed tho

Existential defeat


I think I have the same thing. No drive. I am comfortable with very little, so it doesn't seem necessary to work hard at things. I know it's short-sighted. I just don't want anything enough to overcome the barriers I'd have to jump to get it.

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How r u

i am not.

I'm not. But life is shit.

I'm not. The world is.

who is the girl in the pic, shes gorgeous

That honestly doesn't sound so bad. If you are comfortable with how you live why strive for more just because other people have it?

I don't know, some random redditor


Every cog becomes more worn with every revolution.

End of the day I'm just a beta pussy with not enough confidence to change myself, but Vidya is all I've convinced myself I need

Pretty much same

Peyronie's disease which stops me from being able to have sex, dropped out of University (medicine) after 5 years to start again in computer science, 25 yo and can't handle my fucking stuff, depend on parents for money
But I'm treating the peyronies with traction and doing my best to succeede in my new studies, even though it's tough

Lots of abuse and neglect as a child, no father. I thought I got over it in my teens, but its back and gotten worse, dont know why though. But my therapist advised me that I have a chemical imbalance or some shit going on.

Are you me?

I'm married to a wife who came out as asexual after having promised to have way more sex if we were married. Two kids now. Sole breadwinner in Japan. Trying to finish up a PhD. Wife just plays video games all day and does nothing else. The house is a wreck.

I'm in love with a woman who is in love with me, but we're both married to other people, and we can't be together

Anxiety. Too anxious to deal with it, anxious because I don't deal with it. Repeat for 6 years

I'm not. Life is good.

finally met someone sensible and intelligent in India, but had to move-in to Germany... we're trying long-distance, but i know, it's not gonna work out. Also, not enough money to get her here.

Because I have borderline tendencies, probably coming from a lack of attention and validation in my childhood. But I am working on it. You guys should try doing some meditation.

People just generally seem shit. I am disappointed in the human race.

Just gonna do vidya and VR porn until I check out.

That's retarded. Exercise is much more effective for dealing with negative emotions

The only thing that brings me happiness is work when I'm not at work I'm useally asleep or fantasising about women who are far to young for me, I useally blow my load at least ,twice a day feels good for about a second then I have regrets starter masterbating over traps so now I think I might be gay as well as some kind of horrific sex fiend the only way out is suicide but I'm to much of a pussy to do that so I just excited from moment to moment hoping I will have a heart attack or get hit by a bus.

Sounds like you don't know how to meditate. You're wrong.

Who said you can't do both?

ptsd from various things and also abused as a child mentally and physically and also extreme drug abuse are my reasons for being depressed also i feel like im caged by society sorry for bad grammar im too lazy to fix it

>you can do it therefore it's effective
I don't understand why else you would say that. What you said doesn't tell me anything

i've reached a point where i am no longer depressed, but rather i basically feel nothing...i know how i am supposed to feel and i can generally follow the cues there is just nothing really there inside me though

I put myself through a constant cycle of self-defeat & then deal with the emotional hurt with drugs. I made a plan to quit everything, legal & otherwise, but I'm terrified of going through with it & I haven't even started.

my horny ass stopped looking for sex & decided I want romance, someone to hold & care for. instead, I only encounter ghosts & fuck buddies.

my family is comprised of hardcore mormons who are programmed to ostracize you if you decide you want better for yourself.

I could cry, but shit could be hella worse so im just gonna keep ignoring it & find some memes.

>no news is good news

I became depressed after I game a liberal. I thought being a Democrat was about Hope but I realized it was about Doom and Gloom.

>My wife got breast cancer a year ago.
>Sex life was obviously awful during chemo, i expected that and didn't pressure her at all.
>My sex drive goes to shit.
>She gains 10 kilos during therapy because of cortisol, i do too because i'm a stress eater.
>Got a double mastectomy and now is cancer free.
>Her period returns, she has higher sex drive than me now.
>Already had PE before. Now it's worst than ever, probably because of anxiety and me being out of shape.
>Literally cum in seconds.
>She is unhappy, has body acceptance issues because of surgery.
>Can't fuck her good. She is now also unhappy with me. Says (rightfully) that i'm no good at sex. Says that i remind her of chemotherapy.
>Anxiety skyrockets. Sex drive plummets even more. She is still arousing to me, but everytime we have sex it feels like i'm getting judged for my performance and everytime i fail.
>Doctor gives me dapoxetine, it has barely any effects and having to schedule our sex doesn't help.
>She suggested an open relationship now.
>Literally considering becoming an hero.

Fuck my life.

I can't relate with people i'm completly alone

>I am a white male between 25-40
>I work in an industry where it is wrong to be a white male
>I have to defend myself to every non-white-male, daily, because they have twisted viewpoints
>my supervisor is a bully who has a "do as i say, not as i do" mentality
>he has never supplied training for my position, so i have had to learn his way of doing things by trial and error
>i have been put on a performance improvement plan because i do not meet his expectations
>i am being set up to fail & have to do this every day.

>i'd rather jump off the fucking building than sit in my cubicle.

I thought my original post was implying that I am doing it and it was helping me. Also I used to work out, so i am aware of the positive effects it can have on your psyche. I would still say that meditating had a stronger impact on my overall well being.

I work for the Postal Service and have 8 more years until I can draw my pension. I fucking hate that place but make too much money and have no marketable skills. Anyone out there who will pay me 75K + benefits to push paper into boxes?

>She suggested an open relationship now

dump her cancerous ass

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Next the whore.

> expect support while having cancer
> can't support partner or constructively talk about sex

also you're a fucking beta.

>it worked for me, so it's effective
Say no more, I'm convinced

I've given up on dating, here in midwest you have alt girl stereotype trash or you have plain smart churchy girl that's way too good for me
I've given up on social media or staying in contact with people. No FB/IG/Twitter/phone number/literally just use my email to check job apps. Friends barely ever messaged me first. The only person that ever messaged me first on a regular basis was my mom and I've never felt close to either of my parents.
Moved to big house with roommates and more time I spend around roommates the more I realize everyone including me is a stereotype and I generally dislike everyone.
Things haven't really changed, since graduating high school I've mostly been sleeping on a couch after coming home from shit wagecuck job
I'm fucking miserable but I know I won't have the guts or the ability to auto-pilot to suicide anytime soon

>between 25-40

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>"open relationship"
she's very specifically unsatisfied with you, & wants more. in reality, you deserve better than that & shouldn't have to deal with that kind of garbage any longer.

Bro, just look into it, you might learn a thing or two.

wow. talk about being grateful for the support you gave her. tell that bitch that you should have suggested an open relationship while she was on chemo. then divorce her ass. this is bullshit.

I can' bring myself to leave her, nor i want to. I love her, always have. We met during high school and i'm 32 now. She was the first and the only.

>also you're a fucking beta.

I don't fucking get it, you muster through fine without sex while she's on chemo but now the situation is switched for different reason and she decides she wants a open relationship.
I wonder how she would've felt if you suggested that while she was recovering
I'd say leave before you get cucked user, but you already trapped yourself with marriage so uhhhh

goddammit. well, good luck then.

not so much because i just feel as though im floating in a existence where i should have drive to do anything, but instead i do autopilot on most things...it makes death seem inviting at any waking moment

>The Earth is flat bro, just look into it
Ok, chief. You could just tell me your thought process on why you think it's effective

>We met during high school and i'm 32 now
people change. you are a completely different personso she is. you seem to love the person she is obviously not any more
were you her first?

Yeah i was

>i'm 32 now
you're still young, you can start a new life and be happy

>as if this was a valid comparison
Well what do you want to hear from me? I've been dealing with depression for most of my life, decided to look into meditation a couple of years ago but didn't really do it that regularly. I also didn't really feel the need since I was more stable at the time. Then life happened, I moved to another city, broke up with my girlfriend, so all went down the drain again. After some time i felt the need to change some things and got more interested in meditation again, mindfulness exercises in particular. With those you "practise" in a way to only experience what you notice in this particular moment. For me this helped to shut down these thought spirals that I had from time to time and see situations for what they were. I also started with psycho therapy a year ago or so. I would also so meditation excercises with my therapist, which helped to guide this whole learning process a bit better. That being said, meditation is a very common and well documented therapy instrument in modern psycho analysis, because it seemed to have helped a lot of people with mental illnesses, including me. And if you don't take my word for it look up what scientists that researched that kind of stuff like sam harris or marsha linehan said and wrote about it.

Mindfulness is not meditation. Meditation is just glorified self-hypnosis. Mindfulness does work, meditation is retarded. You didn't need to share your life story bro, but thanks I guess

Woman I thought I was going to marry left me for someone else. Filling the void with vidya and alcohol. Intentionally avoiding social situations. Not sleeping.

42 own a home, dog, car good full time job. I heard very good looking but I can't seem to find a beautiful good woman these days. It's harder and harder not to mention trust any woman I have met difficult. So here I sit getting older and never going to find a woman to be with. Don't hire hookers as never needed to. But being lonely does suck.

You're welcome. But you don't really seem to know what you are talking about.

>But being lonely does suck.
Not giving me a lot to look forward to, bud.

>still young
keep coping

lol, you utter degenerate.
he absolutely doesn't know, what he is talking about

What does that tell me? That's not a point I can respond to. Mindfulness is not meditation - can you address that?

Obviously mindfulness is not meditation. One is a state of mind and the other one is a practice. Meditation is there to practice mindfulness as i stated in my post above. And as such it is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the people practicing it.


Bc i didn't educate myself on acid and took 11 tabs in 2 months. I'm a fucking burnout and I'm about to be a real joyconboy soon

Uhh get a different job?

Depending on where you live there are a ton of seasonal winter jobs you can hop on to, like in Utah, Colorado, Montana, Nevada etc.

I agreed mindfulness is helpful, it's not the same as meditation. They're both practices. Happiness is a state of mind, calm is a state of mind. Meditation is just where you don't think about anything, mindfulness is actively identifying your thoughts and trying to change your thought patterns. You don't practice mindfulness when you meditate, you just turn your brain off and let it rest for a bit - that's not mindfulness

you're fat and stupid

you likely have personal issues that need addressing, not everything is a hundred percent and sometimes you have to create risk to grow as a person or a new relationship

Are you (person who posted this) that girl on the picture?

I'm not

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God dammint, you win

of course not nigger

>Be doctor
>earn a lot, but also work like a dog
>didn't have vacation since I started 2 years ago
>would just like to make a pause for some months, feel exhausted
>can't because I have a big family which has seen me as a money source the past two years.
>will stop now, but sucks that I lived like ghandi the last two years and don't have any money on the bank
>meanwhile my father calls me on his new Apple phone to explain me how important family is

couse I have no friend to talk with.

Maybe state of mind isn't the right word to use here, wikipedia describes it as a psychological process. Apart from that, I don't think i have anything to add other than what i wrote above.

are you planning to murder them all?

Had to quit my last job because I was having panic attacks because I was overworked and under appreciated, even though I actually enjoyed the job and the people I worked with. Now I work as a delivery driver for a commercial supply company and don’t enjoy it.

Why did you keep being their slave?

Goddamn, reading these answers makes me feel so alpha

So... you're not going to address how meditation is not the same as mindfulness in any way. It's basically the opposite. Mindfulness requires effort, meditation doesn't. Am I wrong about this? Jesus Christ, this is like talking to a little kid. I'm sure you read some new age, self-help bullshit or webmd article that referred to meditation as mindfulness and now nobody can change your mind. Do you also think energy has vibrations? Fuck sake

No job out there that has more positives than negatives, and i can't live without getting a job. Fuck you I'm not lazy, I just don't want to give 5/7 of my life away just to survive, even cavemen didn't work that much. This entire society is based upon greed, I want no part of that.

Didn't know you would've come tonight
Didn't hang on long enough
Didn't want to go and start a fight
Didn't mean to go, go and fall in love

Based and blackpilled

Yes you're lazy and a leech
Go and be a caveman then
Or at least move to a small town and work part time

Muh greed

Different user.
>Mindfulness requires effort, meditation doesn't
There are so incredibly many forms of meditation out there, it's retarded to make generalized statements about meditation.
Mindfulness is a form of meditation.

>Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Feel for you, bro! Stay strong and find Jesus, I will pray for you

I just think your definitions are wrong and you could have done more research on the subject. This makes it kinda hard to find a basis to talk on. Also no need to get insulting here.

27 year old, kissless, largely asexual virgin here, not depressed, but rather bored with everything, PhD work, browsing Cred Forums, watching films... Sometimes wonder if I should get married, but never really felt the urge, know a few girls, chat a little, nothing special but I think they might like me... just can't be bothered going any further, not sure what I want, or should want. Plus, clashes of age (one is like 5 years older), religion etc., so I just look on from a distance, and hope for a ray of sunshine when I see them, once in a while