My new neighbour has been making huge amounts of noise drilling at the weekend and I work 6 days a week...

My new neighbour has been making huge amounts of noise drilling at the weekend and I work 6 days a week. My last neighbour did the same for weeks on end so there can't be anything left to drill.

I don't need my only day off ruined by this ballbag. Trips decides what song I play at full volume on my tv to piss him off later tonight.

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Need more context. Give us a description of the guy. Need to know how he ticks to decide the optimal way to piss him off

Shadilay plain and simple

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I don't know him too well. He starts work early like me and every time he has his girlfriend round they stomp up and down the stairs and have the tv up in the bedroom too loudly.

I was going to go with Slayer but I already used that once to shut up my old neighbours.

I'm a Britfag. I don't think he'd give a crap about this song.

Have you considered going over and talking to him? Maybe bring a gift or something, be nice. Find out what he is doing any why, then explain your situation to him and if he could maybe do it at different times. Im sure he isnt doing it to piss you off, so there is really no good reason for you to piss him off right away before talking things out.

Ram ranch

Now you mention it, my elderly cat has a pee or poo in his front garden most mornings,I don't think any other revenge is needed. My cat obviously knew he was a ballbag from the start.
the only acceptable option

just play the Becker theme song on loop for a few hours

You spelled neighbor wrong, user.

No I didn't.

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However, everybody who lives in an aparment building know that they have neighbours. There is absolutely no excuse for being noisy every day. I don't want to listen to my neighbour's TV or shitty music. At any time of any day. Therefore, I make sure not to submit him/her to any of mine. Anything outside of that is simply disrespect and the fucker can go live in the woods, lol.

I might leave this on repeat whilst I go out for a drive. Just playing it on my laptop loudly seems to have shut him up for ten minutes.

This should work.

Adding it to the list. Thanks user.

fagPlay that one song of the guy just singing ahhhhh laaaaa yaaaaa ect. Cant think of the name.

10 hours of Epic Sax Guy should do the trick.

Britfag. They love the excess 'u'

Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face

You forgot nigguer

Blast that nigger with ERIKA Do it.

The video is magnificent.

put this shit on replay with no downtime

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Why are people like this? Why don't you just move to the country? Get yourself some land so you can be alone

I'm in England. All of the countryside is being filled with shitty council houses. There's nowhere left to run.

The obsessive nature of your posts indicate schizophrenia

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Play an AR really loud, into his direction. If done right you'll hear some noises from him, but not for to long.


Play some pale waves or halsey bro

Hell yeah!

Oh hi Doctor. Picked a name for yourself yet?