Age, cunts fucked, butts fucked

Age, cunts fucked, butts fucked
>29, 5, 1

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32, 10, 2

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25, lost count, 4

Loves all that matters. You'd be lucky to have five out of one hundred that get it . Even the that makes two pairs and a left over. The others fucked up . Societies egalitarianism must be geared to the genuine achievement, the accomplishment, of increasing this task - of greatering pairing s. Rest is garbage and irrefutable Weakness

Some cunts are straight up unrehabilitateable. And THOSE are why law and justice and military exist.

There is no god greater then truth. And no truth mightier then that genuine love. Rest is pure scatshit

That I live in age when doublespeak must be clarifiably struck out in first hand communication lmfao

22, 13, 9
still figuring out if it's better to be with one Girl or if it's worth it to fuck as many Woman as possible can't tell

21, 0, 12

(On the subject of jurisprudence as to what is gov and law lmgdfao)

I missed this faggots thread everyday asks the same shit like he has amnesia or has no life..I look forward to age cunts fucked from this dickhead

Get a right one. Look at the ontology and epistemology of love. It's inductive of the apriori axiom of individualism then occurrs in aposteriori. Your life is specially only about you; and we exist to pair another. Not dependent upon any others

Wanna fight irl?

However 25,30(including paid), 0

You remind me of the Pepsi merchandiser that's why
I look forward to seeing your dumb thread tomorrow

Does fingers and tongues count or only penis in vagina/butt?

Paid doesn't matter. Total how many timesight matter.

>1 (my own)

That don't county fuckinretard

19 - 10 - 2

>butts fucked

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but why would I look at any of those "concepts" why would Living this way be any better then the other?

44, 15, 4.

24 - around 45 - 3

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35, 3, 0. Anal is disgusting.

78, 19, 7

Cause it's long term satiating the gratification of what you both want - love, as part of your infinite self actualization.

Ego kills this
Psych drugs enhances


She should be called smuggette hm hmph hm hmph 1/3

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2/3 xxxxxx

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3/3 XX

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30, 55, 4 + 15 shemales.

19, 1, 0

I think male fecies on Ur dick is fight not fuck

Homo is rape, people is just retarded

Looks like you're the retarded one, friend.

21,15 4

U can't even get girls much less attractive ones retard

Case in point stupid faggot

Why are you typing like a nigger? It's embarrassing.

30, 10-12, 1

30, 150+, 5

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24, well over a hundred, dunno maybe 15

45, lost count after 187, don't like the idea of having shit on my cock or any other part of my body for that matter!