Diaper Girls Thread

Diaper Girls Thread

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This is the only diaper video I've ever seen that was worth a damn. Do you have something better?

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I have another video I really like, but I'm posting from my phone right now, don't have the URL

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Kys faggot

No u

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Fucking sick

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attempting to save thread

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any lurking?

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Gotta love the pull-ups!

Me. But I can't fap to pictures. I need to see video of girls like this:

getting their diaper pulled off them then reamed like little whores.

There’s always threads on hc too..

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>any lurking?

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I can't believe 2008 was 20 years ago

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What's your favorite diaper?
What do you think of boosters?
Are you into little stuff? If so, what?
Who is the best model, in your opinion?
What's your favorite activity when diapered?

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Crinklz aquanaught
Boosters are fab
Onesies, bottles
Don't follow models
Diaper change/diaper vibrator play

I wish i could somehow get a notification anytime a thread is posted with the word 'diaper'

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That can be arranged my friend.

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Can we get a consensus on the community here? I know there’s those on /d/ /fit/ and here of course and also /soc/. Where does everyone browse? What boards have a ABDL community?

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Charlotte was best gurl. Hate that she quit modeling DL and omorashi pics

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Why is this so hot

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I don’t know why this makes me so uncomfortable. But her feet throw me off. Because her soles are so much redder than the rest of her body. Just looks out of place. Also the diaper throws me off too. Overall 7/10 experience. Would fail again.

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Wish I could be friends with Scotty, my favorite amateur ABDL girl ever. She’s always been the one I’ve crushed on. Pic unrelated I unfortunately lost all I had

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Besides Cred Forums clearly:
/x/. Cred Forums, /fit/, Cred Forums, /hist/

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Cred Forums
Cred Forums
Cred Forums

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>What's your favorite diaper?
Rearz Omutsu
>What do you think of boosters?
Love-hate relationship. I'd rather diaps just be super thick to begin with.
>Are you into little stuff? If so, what?
IDK, not really? I just want to be babied by a nurturing mommy gf who would bathe me, feed me (I could do the cooking tho), diap me, brush my teeth, hold me, etc.
>Who is the best model, in your opinion?
Apple from ABdreams is always a gunshot to my heart... feels bad man. I don't want to think about it. I don't really pay attention or care about 'models'.
>What's your favorite activity when diapered?
Cooming with my wand, preferably while being watched.
Cred Forums
Cred Forums
I stopped browsing /d/ ever since /aco/ existed. /d/ became incredibly boring since then, full of repost after repost of content I mostly already collected. That and the anons are insufferable faggots, though it does go hand in hand with this fetish I guess.

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Cred Forums Cred Forums Cred Forums /k/ /o/ Cred Forums /R9K/ Cred Forums /d/ /aco/ /x/ Cred Forums /fit/ /hist/ interesting spread

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>What's your favorite diaper?
Rearz Princess
What do you think of boosters?
I'd rather the diapers be thicker to begin with. But whatever.
Are you into little stuff? If so, what?
Absolutely, all of it pretty much. I'm a M but I love being a very girly little. Lots of pink, frills, dresses, that type of stuff for clothing. Then the other usual stuff like pacifiers, a sippy cup, a few stuffies.

Who is the best model, in your opinion?
I'm at the point where I prefer the amateur stuff, but every now and then the studios have a vid that I feel doesn't suck. Penny Barber (PamperedPenny) has been my favorite for years though.

What's your favorite activity when diapered?
Huge sucker for wetting & messing my diaper.

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Get help.

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Like why do I browse /x/?

I've always been super curious about damn near everything, This is especially true when it comes to things such as hidden knowledge, magick, conspiracies, ayyylmaos, etc.

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No, explain the abdl x community.

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Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /o/ and /r9k/. Been here for ~11 years now.

Oh I wasn't implying there was much of a community of ABDLs on /x/, just me and prob other nameless anons. Sorry for the confusion.

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That’s Scotty in the middle. Not whoever the fuck the other pics are

Cred Forums Cred Forums /d/ and /l/ of course