Hey Cred Forums, how are you?

Hey Cred Forums, how are you?

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Alive, unfortunately.

decent, how about you op?

Bit down- but alright.

fine chillin listening to pink floyd

What album? Dark side of the Moon is a favorite to me.

the wall

Sup my Booze Bros, i just drank a bottle of vodka and i'm feeling great but i hate myself because of it but playing GTA with a friend now so not too bad

Thinking bout what I'll never have.

Good. about to leave for my daily bike ride, it's a rough 2-3 hours but the reward afterwards makes it all worth it.

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>makes it all worth it.

Gets hit by a car in the bike lane.

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Most people dont know, its ok you dont
But the formal album title is just, "Wall".

You've kind of outed yourself as a basic fan, but like i said, if you enjoy the music, thats OK

It's ok as well

pretty good. just dropped a massive fucking turd in the toilet and didn't flush. left it for my roommate to wake up to. gotta keep those power dynamics in check.

felling shit as allways but im alredy got used to it ...


You haven't gotten used to anything, you dont need to lie to us about your silent daily suffering

Eh, alright until I have to live out of my car which will be any day now. I don't really want to go into it, it's just a mess of shit that has led to this point. I was homeless before without a car and a job. This time I have a car and a job, that doesn't pay much, but it's something.
I'll need to buy powerbanks for my phone and try to utilize the library whenever I can.
I don't know what the future holds. I've honestly in the past few months, made peace with the idea of suicide. I've been depressed for a over a decade and it's just gotten exponentially worse. Nowadays even my health has gone downhill.

I think it's just so easy now, when it comes to suicide. All these years never wrapping my head around it. How can those people do it? How'd they finally get the courage?
It's simple, they just did it. They went on autopilot, not thinking just doing and that's what I have to do. Don't think, just do it.

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Back from a week of complete degeneracy. Drinking, hard drugs, fucking - you name it. Feel filthy after 2 showers, but I always feel filthy, so I guess it's fine.

Getting drunk and its... 7 am. Wow.

Still, it's been a tough week at work but now I got a purring cat laying in bed next to me so not all bad.

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belive me that im
making everyone happy when you dead insid is really hard thing to do

I found me a pretentious faggot

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nah man my mom's dead. she's not gonna be waking up to turds anytime soon.

One good shower works best

you seem effeminate (= a fag)

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If you have enough sense to survive being homeless you can get through it. Be happy you don't have a rap sheet to really fuck you over.

Trying to steer away from alcohol to save money and not lapse into a complete degeneracy. I'm working out to fight depression and boredom and to thin out the damages of drinking.

Who the fuck let this try-hard little kid out? Go play your minecraft or whatever.

>I'm working out to fight depression and boredom
>depression and boredom
here is the proof that all those "depressed" faggots are simply lazy fat fucks

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oi mate you got a license for that shitpost?

Sure, because we all know that working out is the real definition of a lazy person.

How, you are totally numb to this world, by design. A tool of exploit for others.

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Its Brian

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Thuper, thankth for athking

Had bowel cancer had it removed Dr said all good no chemo treatment needed but put a bit of timber on back at gym trying lose recovery weight but every day panic it's coming back.....

Exactly coronavirus cant get here any sooner

did you write this from a macbook in a coffee shop?

Hello... I'm relatively good
I'm a little annoyed by work, but hopefully it will improve again. For sure I called the contact from the recruitment agency I talked to her and I asked her to check my options...

The reconstruction of the apartment extends because of little time and missing money... I also have to fix some things that were done in a hurry.

The worst thing is currently that my ex contacted me last week. Classic "How are you?" She kicked me four months ago and removed me from her life.

She wrote to me that she changed her job, again. She moved to a larger industrial city (probably for my money) now trying to find a job in one big company. She should go there for an interview this week.

I wish her to succeed, but on the other hand, I care about her she's a little naive and I know how it works in such big cities and businesses.

It's a split feeling, on the one hand, I wish she "enjoyed it" because of how it ended after two years between us but on the other hand, I feel sorry for her. Because for some reason she tossed everything out, especially her family and deliberately went into the unknown to support her "unfortunate story"

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I know lots of dudes in their 50s and 60s that refer to this album as "The Wall." Hipster


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Feeling good. Nervous about getting a job. How do people deal with the nerves?

Being successful in quitting my bad habits and generally acting like a better person even though I'm hardwired to think like ultra-judgmental sociopath. I've been straight-edge for a couple months and haven't jerked in like three days
On the other hand life is miserable and boring and I like reading about suicide methods but I doubt I'll have the courage or ability to go auto-pilot to do it anytime soon

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Jerk off dude. It's good for you

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