In your perfect world all girls and women must

In your perfect world all girls and women must...

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...shun and dismiss op for creating shit threads like this.

fight bears

Not exist

Be kind and valuale members of society

Be themselves

have cube shaped titties.

Keep their whore mouths shut

Be feminine

Completely cover their face and bodies with long, shapeless robes. Only a small slit for the eyes.

this would be a top 5, for sure

Help with population control by not breeding with neckbeard losers like people who frequent Cred Forums.
Oh wait....that already exists

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Be banned from social media and have server internet restrictions

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be protected from predatory scum who would do harm to them at any time.

Read me a bed time story, tuck me into bed, rub noses like in Bambi, sing me lullaby until I fall asleep.

stay loyal.

Not have a penis

Get Schwifty and take a shit on the floor.

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Learn that their actions have consequences

sign up in an online database with name, non nude and full nude front and back together with full medical report.

... stop being sexist.

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Suck their lovers dick to completion a minimum of twice a day. It is also mandatory for them to receive the load as requested by their lover. If not prespecified, proper etiquette is to swallow said load. Failure to comply is ILLEGAL, and is punishable by being locked in the bondage bench/device of the victims choosings for three to six months per offence, to be used, and abused as the victim pleases. Maiming, permanently damaging flesh or bones, and murder are the only thing off limits during this time. The government provides100% effective birth control for the accused, and extrastrenth-extra lasting viagra (that also triples to quadruples your sperm production and output/volume when ejaculating) to the victim. They also provide the victim with a pheromone to apply to the accuseds skin, driving her insane with lust, and gives her an uncontrollable desire to receive semen, whether it be topically, vaginally, orally, or anally.

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submit themselves to men

Let me taste their assholes whenever I please

Walk barefoot all the time, or at least wear open shoes.

I fucking love Honeybee, she's almost perfect.
How old is that movie? Never thought she did that sort of stuff

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I might add, starting at grade 9, one of females mandatory classes after Home EC, Cleaning 101, minding the children 101, How to behave in public 101, and How to act when spoken to by a man, is DICK SUCKING 101. They will take a more advanced class every year until graduation. It is expected by graduation that female students can bring an erect penis to ejaculation in less than 2 minutes orally, with the final exam being a 25 male student blowbang per female student. Failure to bring all 25 male students to ejaculation results in a failing grade, and the blowbang exam must be retaken, with mandatory after school practice. Male students with A averages will be the practice and test specimens for these courses, to not only inspire a universal A average for males everywhere, but ensure it.


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Be around 5'0", under 100lbs, and with cute and delicate facial features.

Absorb all the nutrients from the food they eat so they don't have to deal shitting. but they can still pee (into my mouth), but it basically comes out clear like water because all the nutrients were absorbed

Pee and shit exist for the sole purpose of eliminating from the body the elements of composure that the human body cannot absorb. Therefore it's impossible to completely eliminate pee and shit, since those un-processible elements are part of the food.

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Be normal

And then be shot.

Pic related.

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be men


Fuck you. You will not ruin my fantasy of women no longer shitting, and their piss tasting similar to warm water. Its really sad that god ( if even fuck real ) made them have to shit, fine imm compromise. Their piss extract all the waste, it will be super dark orange, but just like irl if they chug water it comes out as water and I can still enjoy being pissed on... Dont ruin it user.

>In your perfect world all girls and women must...
Not exist but this is not a perfect world

...maintain a sexual partnership with an apprentice sissy. they'd treat their sissy like an employee and in exchange for doing doing sexual favors for their mistress, sissies would learn how to be better girls.

Be dominant and enslave the men


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Not be misandrist

be above the age of 17

so lickable, cunt, taint and asshole

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Listen to Katy Perry often and know some of her songs by heart.

Is this where I make a misogynistic sandwich/kitchen joke?

Pay me $5 each, annually.

be fully programmable drones with all options available. No woman can disobey.

ah yes, because sexual attraction to fully developed females is the epitome of homosexuality.

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Hole in back of their pants exposing there ass, at three intervals per day they must bend over and accept any cock

what a textbook case of projecting. he likes prepubescent girls because of there similarities to prepubescent boys, then someone who likes women comes along and he calls them homosexual to deflect his own urge for small boy cock.

... be mine

Must not poop or fart but have an anus solely for the purpose of pleasure...


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What a nice gentleman.

wear leggings no panties

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