Any suicide tips and tricks?

any suicide tips and tricks?

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how do you expect people who aren't dead to help you with that

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that is a bad noose to hang yourself with

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I guess the most comfortable one would be so order 2 ampules of propofol off the dark web and inject yourself with it. They come in 10ml ampules and are used as a "short" lasting anesthetic. One ampule will fucking kill you already, but 2 is just making extra sure. Will basically slow your breathing and shit. You'll fall asleep and your breathing and heart will just stop.


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You know how to do it.
You just don't know IF you want to do it.
A proper suicidal person would not make a thread on Cred Forums to ask obvious questions, they'd be bloody dead.
So talk to someone real in your life, instead of this waffling around.

supposedly people usually "hang" themselves with a belt off a towel rack or something and just sort of lean into it till they pass out.

Dont do it.
You need help.
Talk to your parents,friends or psicologist.
Please dont do it!

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*psychologist (or: psychotherapist or psychiatrist)
You're welcome, user.
Also kudos for having a genuine heart.

Breathe manually. Problem solved.

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being as socially enept as this guy
gotta warn you tho, it'll be a slow and lonely death

Im not saying it wouldn't work. Its just that this noose will give you a good amount of time to enjoy dying if you're not dropping from rather high. Much better to use a more constricting noose that will cut off your bloodflow.

Cut your cock off first to add to the 41% statistic

Don't do it they add oxigen to the helium tanks

People who wants to die, don't care about the process of it, or the discomfort - they are goal oriented and relentless. They don't talk about it, or call for help, or waffle - they act decisively and promptly.

You should do what most people here do. Smoke lots of weed and be a burden to everyone around you.


Just try like 15 sleeping pills at once i tryed almost died painless, you wont feel a thing.

Ya, overdosing on medicines is such a good idea.
If you don't die (and you most likely wont), you will later, in horrible pain as your organs fail, having been ruined by the damaging effects of the medicines.
Don't be a cruel idiot, user.

if OP wanted to "almost die" he would just cut himself like a basic bitch.

The only reason im still typing here is because my family caught me doing it, if no1 saw me i would be dead by now so dont talk bullshit.

OD is for pussies, but if I remember the stat correctly, cyanide is like a 98% success in

bitch you said you "almost died painless" meaning you "almost took 15 sleeping pills, but actually didn't take them.
don't say I'm talking bullshit when you don't even know if it would've worked because depending on the drug I can almost guarantee it wouldn't have.

How depresing. Tell us about yourself.

core a bad of apples, blend the cores (seeds and all) drink it, die