Anyone got the cartoon of her everyone is shitting their pants over?

Anyone got the cartoon of her everyone is shitting their pants over?

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Bump for Greta porn.

Yes! Been wanting to see this too

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What is it about??

Leave Greta alone she's lovely

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Here's the dumb sticker, if people are gonna freak out about something this small over a 17 year old please let them never stumble towards this side of the internet

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She's cool about it. But that doesn't mean that it's nothing. Consider this:
>be fossil captial
>face the greatest global backlash in decades
>it started with one (1) swedish school girl on school strike every Friday [sic!]
>fast foward 17 months to February 2020
>she has toured Europe and North America
>held a myriad of speeches
>walked in countless marches
>met lots of important people
>including those in Davos
>a no-name canadian company makes "CP" of Greta Thunberg, with their logo on
>literally a tracing of some porn with "Greta" as a lower back tattoo and the company's logo under
>lots of the employees have used that sticker
>brace for PR Disaster 3000™
When will they ever learn? They can't touch Our Climate Goddess of The Immaculate Demonstration Billboard.

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The funny thing about that image is that the only shooping was to add the joint. She really is that ugly.

Zzzzzzzzz people are such pussys this is news?

Oh my god, I want to leave my carbon footprint in her

yu0 = BLIND!

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>imagine the smell

Jesus she even more downy in this picture than all the others.

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Imagine being attracted to a literal retard

So does this mean lolis are more or less appropriate irl?

Imagine being you.

climate loli > fossil capital

Sexualizing kids is filthy no matter what. Plus, she looks about 14. All you degenerate coomers should just kill yourselves and stop being miserable and burdens.

>climate loli > fossil capital
Sorry you have a literal retarded autist as your mascot. We did better

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once a girl has her period she's a sexual entity and not a kid you dumb moralfag

t. mongloid

fat women in their 30s have periods too you nasty fucker. are they sexual entities?

Kill yourself. 12 year olds can get their periods. That doesn't mean they're mentally ready for sex, or that you as a fat 38 year old could be in a relationship with her that wasn't pedophilic.

That's pretty funny, ngl

yes. the age of consent should be 11 or 12

t. an existential mistake

I haven't been on Cred Forums in a few years. when did it get filled with redditors?

I'm not a redditfag, I just don't have a warehouse's worth of screws loose

"Mentally not ready for sex" is defined by society not the individual. For 1000's of years sex under 18 was fine and dandy.

being easily susceptible to cultural conditioning doesn't make you more sane

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cursed and czech'd

god you're hopeless

I love Swedish women. Even their retards look good

not an argument. your entire beliefs are socially conditioned and without deliberation.

My 12yo daughter masturbates several times a week.

You have my attention

"reeeeee I'm butthurt I can't fuck people that aren't mature enough" is the vibe I'm getting

How many is it you have now? 2? 3? And what's Naomi's take on Soph/LtCorbis?

women never mature mentally. all that matters are their fertility and reproductive organs

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Off yourself.

Why should more children have to suffer just because those from a thousand years ago did? It was also the norm to throw shit out the window onto the streets. How does that make it a good thing, tard?

>They Can't touch our climate goodness...

ok guy...

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You know one doesn't invalidate the other?


that's the faggiest thing I've read all day.

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sorry, that was the faggiest

Derp Derp Derp Girl

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>You know one doesn't invalidate the other


I love how pretty much every insult is about her heritage/looks/mentality, not one refuting the shit she says
Literally admitting a foreign inbred retard is schooling you on science

I like how she triggers massive butthurt in Trump supporters. She is smaller and younger than they are and she is a girl, yet she meets and speaks with world leaders, wins awards, and is celebrated and widely popular in public. She is everything they want to be and are not. Just for speaking the truth - a truth Trump supporters work hard to deny.

Indeed: the reason Greta Thunberg is celebrated and widely popular is BECAUSE she speaks a truth the Trump people want to suppress. The result: Greta Thunberg elicits massive butthurt among conservatives

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I'm not a Trump Supporter.
She's full of shit, has handlers, is autistic and too fucking young to have a goddamn clue about the stupid shit she is saying.
The only thing she triggers in Trump supporters is a maternal instinct to get her the fuck away from her manipulative Anti-Fa supporting parents.
Also, they prolly have a retard fetish.

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cope harder

imagine being an inbred hillbilly jackass who bases their entire identity on being strong, independent, no step on snaek, these colors don't run, etc,
and then
getting triggered harder than the firing line at an army funeral over what a downy little girl in a foreign nation says on the other side of the world

I'm doing just fine, thank-you.
Here, look at this cunt.

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"climate change" is a natural process that the Earth goes through and has happened many times before humans ever existed

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The far right comes up with a 17 year old as well. Even more pathetic. And she’s an ugly bitch too. That photo has more filters than a pack of smokes
> Righties claim lefties are using kids
> Righties then use a kid
Way to show em genius

when she was younger I thought she was so cute, I longed to see her nude, then this came out and I've never been able to get a hard-on since

Is that you only fucking response?
"Hur-dur they no like being told scripted "propaganda from a retarded goblina, grug call them triggered


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Imagine being this butthurt over a little girl who doesn’t affect your minimum wage life one bit. Dumb white nigger

>fossil capital bought this post

Its not what she is saying but rather how she has no idea how any of it works, and how she represents the interests of leftist globalistic policies, you libtard cuck faggots.

"nature good people bad reeeeee"

having sex past 12 is what causes cancer

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She put weight on for a role.

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The fact that you’re triggered by a lil girl you can easily ignore says it all about you, crybaby bitch.
Bet you get mad at 13 year old girls when they talk about k pop boy bands you find inferior

thanks user

climate change is the natural process Mars went through

I’m Chip, whats going on here?

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Yes. Because a little girl halfway across the globe is EASILY fucking ignored. But instead, let's keep her at the forefront and go apeshit on her, provoking further attention and making a bigger fuss out of some kid with no authoritative power over anything

Do ya'll run down to the local preschool to shit on toddlers when they draw people holding hands around the globe?

I-i don't know.

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You don’t have to pay attention to her, yet you do, as you are a braying moron. You don’t know how “shit” works either, dumb white nigger. At best you’ll end up manager of an Auto Zone.

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That whore....

So true user. THESE CRYBABIES give her the power. They can’t stop crying about her. Same with AOC. Had they just ignored these hoes they would’ve went away. But no. These bitches gotta cry

>libtard cuck faggot
I wouldn't bother arguing with a fully programmed bot running the usual script as seen above. There's school tomorrow, they'll be gone then anyway

>I'm not a Trump Supporter.
But now we know you're an antisemite. Isn't it fun how you just simply cannot hide it?

She's not, newfriend!

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she's quite cute in that picture. I love her eye color

Shes not retartet!

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Learn what whiteknighting means, dumb white nigger. I couldn’t care less about this kid. But tired of hearing worthless uneducated trash cry and cry and give her power. Now go tell your white nigger father to change my oil

You think our kids would inherit her eye color?

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the strongest argument here


Bet she has nudes of her then

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Opportunists... I hate those people.

Mars has always been cold my friend. Mars has also had it entire northern hemisphere blown off by electric plasma discharges. It’s highly radioactive there.

Greta is a mtf, she transitioned when she was 7

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What is problem my deer?

Based oldfag

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