If you aren't strongly considering voting for this man, you are what's wrong with this whole country

If you aren't strongly considering voting for this man, you are what's wrong with this whole country

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why would I vote for someone who served illegally a third term in a federal office

Well, he's the most honest democrat I've seen, if nothing else.

Not much point in voting for a punching bag though.

I'm voting for whoever the Democratic nominee.
In an ideal world, Warren and Bernie have the values I most closely identify with but as a practical matter, I'd still wager that Bloomberg or Biden could get more done.

ive yet to meet anyone who is unironically voting for him

You can't say that anymore because I am

What does he even stand for? His fortune is tied to selling bloomberg terminal to china.

He is willing to do what the Xi and the CCP asks
webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:OEWzmkg3dzkJ:https://sinosphere.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/11/13/at-bloomberg-special-code-keeps-some-articles-out-of-china/ &cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au

Do you really think this guy will put Americans first when dealing with China? Or will he take whatever deal China says as long as they let him generate a $billion or 2?

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im not following american politics much. i've heard people call him a commie. But why? what does he want?

Look, I hate & detest the abortion that is the Cheetoh-in-Chief as much as the next ACTUAL American.

But part of the reason Trump is unfit for office is because he's a billionaire. I don't feel replacing one billionaire with another and feeling that's progress just because the letter after their name is different is a good idea.

TBH, the absolute best candidate for the Presidency, bar none, and she'll never get the nom so I'm not even bothering voting for her, but the best possible person we could have for President is...

Kamala Harris.

>Kamala Harris



>You can't say that anymore because I am
you are likely just a shill account, i mean real people

Of course I want a billionaire who harasses women, uses the police to hold down the niggers, and helps rich guys make more money to be POTUS.

What did this dipshit do to convince you he's presidential material?

Donald Trump with a friendly face

Yeah, okay. Thanks, OP.

How much is mini Mike paying you?

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If you don't realize how badly Trump is going to take 2020, you're an egotistical jackass pissing away your vote.

I'm obligated to tell you that I'm not being paid for my words

what do you base that on?

go to bed Boris

The fact you think picking one of two evils shows you're the problem here.

were you paid for this post?
if not u r a retard

>If you don't realize how badly Trump is going to be beaten in 2020, you're an egotistical jackass pissing away your vote.


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>facebook posting this hard
turn off your computer

no u

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If you're even contemplating voting for someone that bought their way into power then you're everything wrong with the whole country.

Say what you like about Trump, he didn't buy the election.
He did invert Jeb Bushes asshole for it. But he didn't buy it.

Everyone in this thread is a retard

Bloomberg is the only candidate stimulating the economy

I don't see where trump has done anything worse than any other president

he won't be on any ballot, ever. he's the most Zionist of the Zionists. so no.

Bernie 2020

He wants us to suffer while he fucks kids on his private jet and laughs about incels.

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>b-b-but I pick up rocks all day in my backyard and work really hard!!!
You didn't add any value to the world. You just picked up and set down rocks in your backyard for 16 hours

Money is representation of value added not labor.

you Russian fuck, you can't even speak English! DIE!


and /b is any better?
trumptards and libtards are opposite sides of the same retard coin.
both have already turned off rational thought, and just echo their respective herds

Lil Big Gulp isn't even winning the nomination.

Looks like the shills are back!

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Democrats then: "Ban Big Money politics! Stop corporations buying our elections!"

Democrats Now: "Vote for Mr. Big Money Corporate! Come on you loosers!"

Pathetic, just so sad.

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Bern 2020

Everytime I see one of these threads i go further left, beyond the bernouts, to levels of anarchism never seen before

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