Chubby/slampig thread 2

Chubby/slampig thread 2

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Perfect body

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More pls!

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Love those tits

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Please tell me you have nudes

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i literally downloaded this girl, saw her as my ideal gf, and manifested her. stop cooming and it'll happen. until then, scout your inspiration. then go achieve.

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need more of her, user!

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old low qual 19yo tit pics

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Bhadgirlceecee_ only fans anyone??

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More pls!

Any interest to anyone, got more if wanted.

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Double J’s

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she got a bush?

I mean, those 19 year old tit pics don't sound bad, mate

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How's the rest of her?

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More of her pls

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let’s hear wwyd bout to drop more

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keep going?

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I'd bend her over a tree stump and go to town.

is there more?

I would have filled her with cum out in public so it starts soaking through those green pants while we were out.

more bush please

Any interest?

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my beautiful latina wife

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Anyone interested?

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Let's see her

oc cum hard bro

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keep going so i can show her everything you say

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Do you use discord?

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nah kik

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Fuck that's such a good whore. Bend her over a park bench and fuck her in the ass

What's yours?

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She looks familiar, initials?

keep going anons

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My chubby wife

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Very nice!

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Any face by chance?

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Are you screenshotting and sending to her? show us the messages.

Any of her pussy? would definitely leave it dripping down her leg in public.


I'd have her on her knees, sucking my dick.

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She's cute! More pls

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Anyone have more of her? Saw her in the last thread.

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Any pussy pics?

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Hot damn. More???


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She's got a good body

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Do you have to take this to Kik?

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Got more?

Keep them coming, any with that thong to the side?

Are you texting her this thread?

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not at all

Hell yeah

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I meant want lol


Sexy as fuck

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Nice man!

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I want to smell their used dirty panties

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going to show her once there’s more comments!

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Any of her sucking dick?

Any of her face?

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full frontal?

unfortunately not

beautiful! Love to see more of her

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Show her some of them now and let us see her response

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Love her face and boobs.. trade ?

Bummer. Is she reading the comments now?

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Any of her fully nude?

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Nice body. More?

More full front. I want to see those sexy legs and pussy

Unfortunately not really

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Nice curvy slut

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Any webms?

And here she is all embarassed that I jizzed on her face

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more please of the bush

Someone tell me you saved these, I want to find them out in the wild some day

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Post more of her body. I'll definitely post this sexy piggy

Where do people find these fatties to fuck?

Nice gash! I’m gonna need to attend a couple meetings at fatty fuckerz anonymous after seeing that

drools love bush

Fully nude. Both front and back.

More front of this slammer

Face? She have a tummy?

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Holy shit man. I'd never pull out


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yep & more please

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More of her in lingerie

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I want her to sit on my face

more bush more please


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Full frontal

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Any in panties with legs spread open?

Those are some yuge knockers but that isn't full frontal

I'd lick that fat pussy clean

This is kind of the best frontal I got

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I like her nipples

Sharing bbw teens
Leave your kik, I'm bored

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Delicious, please more

Please keep going. I love her

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I use to have a gf in highschool I use to fuck in the music Hall that had pale nipples like her skin then again she was 14 and still developing lol

Would breed

More in panties please

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I'd smell her ass


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Ghost nips on a chubby white girl are to die for friend

lets get some girl on girl slampigs chubbies

I want fuck her and watch her soft body jiggle

Epic tier

wow I need to see more of her

kik me BigGuyCalledTy

Nicole's open and ready holes

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She wants to know what you guys think.

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god more

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So.e delicious looking lady cakes

I thought that dick was a shit.

I'd bust a big load on her sexy tits

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I dont have kik

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The wife

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thank you user

I love her body.

she looks amazing! Trade her on kik?

Still waiting on that Kik, amigo. I post her a bunch. If still no Kik, how about new pics?

Gorgeous.. show more!

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Interest in wife?

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She reminds me of Eve Laurence. More?

Got Kik now. Dk613327
Here's somewhat newer

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Lot of interest. Front shot?

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What do you think?

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I'd face fuck for sure

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No face. But that throat can take a fucking

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Fiancee tribd

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Definitely looks like it. Fully nude?

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Fuck I want to cum in her

Tied up coworker. Thus slut took a lot of dick this day

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Kik bigtom9559
Trading bbw

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love the bush more

Need some more of here!

More of her Bush, I have other pics than these ones I got when she had a train ran on her, few more from then though too

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post away user

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Fucked her with a dildo too while it was my turn to play with her

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Her pussy at the end of my turn, you interested in the other hook ups I had with her?

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sure just pics of her bush only

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N.D. ?

Everything about this pic is wrong. That's a nightmare of a picture. Nobody should ever have to see that. I'm going to have nightmares about that pic. Never show that again.

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What's the name to go with the initials?

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Want her? Wwyd for more

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Ni Do?

If you give me a whole name I can tell you if it's right. The initials are right

id like to see more


Next one

Kik markusmcdowel she needs bbc

I don’t want to expose someone.

Just looks a lot like

Ni***** Do*****k

on all fours please, especially side view

Kik markusmcdowel

Understand, and no that doesn't match.

I’d tie her arms and legs together so I can fuck her senseless while I choke her

Kik stray_raptors if you’d like me to comment more

Fuck man coronachan looks so sexy.

Fuck boi she looks like a pale turkey defrosting in the sink.