Cred Forums please advice, my girl just started renting a room from an older single guy...

Cred Forums please advice, my girl just started renting a room from an older single guy. When I showed up there the other day she answered the door only holding a towel over her front. Her roommate was home doing office work and she had to walk by his office door that was open, so I’m sure he got a good look at her bare back and butt. Should I be worried?
Like the photo but only holding a towel over her boobs

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No dont be worried. She's a whore and is fucking that guy. Dump her ass.

And why is she renting a room and not living in your house getting it ready for white babies

In any case you should post more of your sexy wife

How can u be sure?

We haven’t discussed living together

I bought her this black top and see joked that her roomie would probably love to see her in it

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Fuck this low tier bait thread

Fuck off larper.
Same pictures, different stories for each thread.

More, tell us how she is gonna end up fuckin him

Thats a nice pair of tits
Psure she „accidently“ dropped the towel after closing the door revealing them to her roommate

Shes got pretty big tits user

Yes her tits are fun

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From what the JDL pay he cant afford a new hooker for each photo set

Nice body aswell

She joked that she is going to ask her roommate for a discount on rent if she cleans in this outfit

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Wonder if her roommate has seen them yet

What exactly will she be cleaning ?

His pipe maybe

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Id give her more than just a discount if she cleaned in that outfit for me

His car

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>Should I be worried?
Does your gf potentially getting dicked down by some old guy bother you? If not, then no. If yes, either break up with her, or have her move in with you. Simple.

I mean, you enjoy posting her online, you might as well ask her to fuck him and film it

We‘ve already seen her face why still cover it
Its also nice to look at
I‘d ask her to clean my house like that, maybe with a short skirt to add to the sexiness

Hes going to cum on them.

Sounds like a plan

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Wonder what her reaction would be if she came into the living room and i accidently would jerk off in front of her

Do you have kik?

Shes got great tits.

"joke" with her about posting her pictures online, get her reaction. From the jokes she made, its obvious she enjoys being shared and wants to cuck you

Me and a buddy split roasted her a few weeks back.

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Offer her to her roommate

Any pics being covered in cum?


I thought she was a car model
Imagine being so obsessed over this girl that u make fake threads about her daily

Post more of her fucking hot

Who got the puss?

I wanna bury my face in those thighs

Who is she?