I’m better than all of you

I’m better than all of you.

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He tattooed right on his left arm, what a retard.
Even worse, he thinks his left arm is called animal!

OK Anthony Fantano whatever you say


You'e got that right Natalie Portman's stalker

Neck tattoo = fail.

everything was beautiful and nothing hurt was an amazing album

You’re all just jealous pedo fags because I dipped my old dick on this young chick.

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Reverse image search gives this. lol.

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Why not! Go ahead and be better than all of us combined. It doesn't matter

I licked this frosting off of her virgin clit.

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Look at my alpha body you beta fags!

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It's over, you're too old. Let go. Nobody listens to techno.

Might be a "creep" but I laid the pipe deep.

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Moby, you can get stomped by Obie
You thirty six year old bald headed fag, blow me

Hopfully by tatooing he is a vegan he want be telling you ebery five minutes.

Must of been before the neck tattoos.

This vegan is about to give you all a big serving of meat!

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Open wide beta cucks!

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It's over, nobody listens to techno

Arguably, becaues you have a girlfriend, may I add is quite pretty , acually had sex, play guitar, and have the wisedom of age, makes you a better than about 40% of the people who come here reguarly.

How does being a failure compared to me feel Cred Forums ?

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I played butt bongo on Natalie Portmans ass!

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You like my anime shirt cucks?

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