UK Thread

UK Thread

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Kik Jtower66

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Any Middlesbrough/Teesside?

Plym here what's her name

Scottish bitches?

This is UK thread, retard.

Jess H

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Keep yer shitey genepool away from us!

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any antonia L?

Anyone wanna expose their woman to a UK guy on Kik?
Kik: cenryhavil



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English slut that moved to Scotland because English lads are a waste of skin

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Any Thanet/Canterbury?

Rosy Southampton

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Fuck off faggot

You must be braindead. Seems like you forgot Scotland was dragged out of the EU as part of the UK.. Until Sturgy the twat drags us out of the UK.. we are stuck together

Meghan Windsor

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Anymore mate?


My god if English men are a waste of skin what does that make Scottish men? You are the UK equivalent of Abbo's - fucking junkies with terrible hair and worse teeth than us.
We spanked your arses and subjicated you, so all you do now is go to uni for free then descend into a life of fried food and heroin you kilt wearing fuck up.

Request: girl I know from college.
Manchester based
SC: kellyyy_bu
Add her and get them nudes

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Reported. She's going to find out who you are now, good going faggot

I'm not asking for YOUR instagram, I'm asking for hers.


So what faggot

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So then that makes you a faggot for calling someone else a faggot wrongfully.

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Wrong! You're such a faggot

fucking lol

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anymore plymouth girls?



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North london

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Loads more but I want to see something from someone else

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Cov discord


I got you mate

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Ugh. She's not Brit.
She's an Ami plant to destroy the royals.

kayleigh from birmingham/leamington

kik: jayjayjayzee

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More pls!!

Any nudes?

any more north london?

Any Wiltshire?


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any Bristol?

Bi tinycocc on kik and reddit

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any black country?

Emily from london

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well gonna need more

Where you after?

stourbridge/dudley way

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Search for "scottish hoe maz" on xhamster....

Any Halesowen?

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Are you on kik?

amazing mate, any more?

naa lad

Who you after?

who you got? looking for around 19-22

all i have of her, you know her?

naa mate but shes fir

any beds?

Kik Johnsmith199901

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yeah great tits on her, wish there was more

same girl?

OC just been sent

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gorgeous, any more? you know her?

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From what I can see of her, I think she has done England a massive favour


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she is fuckin butters typical american mudblood what was harry thinking


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