You have 3 hours of real-life God Mode (can't die, super speed, super strength)

You have 3 hours of real-life God Mode (can't die, super speed, super strength).

Where do you go and what do you do?

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I'd probably spend 3 hours decided what I can do and where I should go lol.

Helen Courtt and then maybe a few other places.

probably grab some money from the banks

>go to africa, clear out all the niggers
>go to middle east, clear out all the sand niggers
>go to china, clear out all the rice niggers
>go to russia, clear out all the vodka niggers

world peace achieved

steal as much money as I can for the first hour. Rape all the women I want for the next hour. Do whatever I still feel like doing for the last hour.

only 3 hours?
Build a massive stone monument to myself in the middle of some local park land. Something that was utterly unexplainable.

so first 10 min just having fun jumping over buildings and shit then i would start robbing the largest insured bank near by and any jewlery places hiding it somewhere safe that i can easily get at a later point i would then start robbing any and all drug dealers cuz who they gonna go to they dont know who i am so id then stash this aswell this will cause a drought that will allow me to become a large distributor and make lots of connections in that world

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Ill probably waste it while I watch YouTube, just like I waste my life.

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Based but hard to do in 3 hours

good luck wasting your powers sitting in an airplane

Super speed retard.

I'd start making bets and make a quick few bucks I guess

Not a lot you can do with 3 hours

Super speed means shit to the ocean rtard. Even if you're super fast your twink ass ain't gunna know how to run across liquid.

Ok, where does it say anything about running? There would be no option to swim at super speed?

You forgot all the Jews

this is the most important one, tbh

Europe. Clean house

Worrying about the Jew meme when China and Islam are literally destroying the world and killing millions

>literally destroying the world and killing millions
not seeing it, chief

jew detected

i'd fuck up and kill all the wannabe and actual gangsters in my neighbourhood and so on