New trap/cd/femboy thread!

New trap/cd/femboy thread!

Good morning lovely guys and gals!

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Love this

good morninggg

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Any stories of hook ups?
Bonus for creampie or swallow

Mmm very beautiful

She cute :D

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why do all trannies have fucked up nipples?

Body is so nice

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^hasn’t seen breasts since weaning

My god, what an ass.

Thats a ass

Hrt. And excess of hornones.

what woman's nipples have you seen that look like plateaus?

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Let's see hole please

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Hentai probably.

What are you talking about? They look great!

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Oh wow
Skype or discord

I would eat that hole for days straight.

Came across this absolute babe yesterday. Really hoping she’s lurking, I need moar.

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every pic of you is the same, boring and shitty

kek, you look nothing like a girl dude, wtf


same bro, i was also here, i hope she come back

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dem tits real? give us more


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Jeez, nice body

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Built for men's pleasure

Kek, don't care. I was tired and lazy that day and don't take approval or disapproval seriously.

Totally. I was built to be a cumdump for dom men.

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got some sexy legs and plump butt.

so i'm told :)

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Hot stocking/panty combo

Juicy butt

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Now lets see thick long items going inside that pooper

Nipples going through puberty tend to be puffy, same thing for cis girls. Give them a couple years to normalize

kik or snap?

kik or snap pls

Why don’t you come sit on my lap

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Visit that link to see me getting fucked :)

With pleasure.

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I wish Ella would at least attempt voice training.
She is a 10/10, but when she talks she sounds like a heavy smoking builder.

lol, have u got any video of her speaking then?


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idk....i need more proof that's you in those videos....

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Take that plug out

Would spoonfuck until you sissygasm

thats a nice thicc ass. how many dicks you taken?

How the fuck you shave your own ass?

I can't even take a bic to my balls. I just have to trim from a distance with scissors.

ah she's not that bad. Definitely heard worse.

Use an electric trimmer to trim long hair
pull skin tight
use lots of shaving cream
go very very gently and don't expect it to be perfect

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Like tongue in that sweet hole?

Trim first then shave

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it's not hard o_O

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very sexy

My balls get stuck in the trimmers teeth, and I get scared.
Also, I'm not flexible enough to shave my own asshole.

Fuck, I really want to start fucking my ass, but it's an absolute mess back there.
I don't know how gay men do it.

When you shave balls you should hold the sack stretched iut so you get a close shave and always go slowly, use a fresh razor for ass ans balls

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I go and get a wax, it lasts way longer.

Your balls shouldn't get stuck wtf

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all i do is use my gilette razer in the shower, crouch down, spread my knees outwards and do it like that. Just use a good moisturizing shaving creme.

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No it doesn't. It lasts the exact same time. Go and look at any research.

You may cut the hair minutely smaller with wax but the extra time this gives u is imperceptible. The hair follicle continues to produce hair at the same rate regardless of the method it was cut with and you wont notice the extra micron u gained using the wax method.

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Yea sometimes

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Kik me billgates 565

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I don't need to look at research, i've done both for quite some time and waxing is easier and lasts longer.
Waxing also doesn't cut the hair, it removes the root. Thats why it hurts like fuck.

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serious question here.
i have a woman's frame and a woman's body type so much so that my center of gravity is the same of a woman's but lower than women with small asses. i know my ass and such is attractive enough but i want to start buying clothes to post.

what clothes can i buy that are easily hidden since i live with family still?
im going to be buying a thong and some tights on thursday but what else can i get that i can hide and hand wash?

ill post on fridays trap thread as `ksn`.

Please, take that plug out
I want to see your asshole

manly legs
manly butts
manly pimples on their asses

none are traps
none are PASSABLE, therefore TRAPS

you are just sissies and thats sad, sissies are just wig wearing men with deep gnarly man voices and ugly balls and ugly assholes

post traps and stop posting this garbage fire of bullshit, disgusting

>inb4 upset men cry about how their manly asses are equivalent to actual traps

holy fuck thats a gross butt

did you shave with a cactus?

Panties are small and easily concealed and solid-colour knee-highs can easily pass off as sports socks.

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knee socks are just for wanna be traps, they are never passable

this isn't a boy butt thread dude, look elsewhere

Skype or discord ?

skype me at fredmanly
i'll suck you off online for $50 but you can't have my email, i know you want it but stop being such a creeper, ffs get a life, can't message me

i have some thongs and panties planned as well as tights. i can easily fold them and keep them hidden away and bring them with me when i leave the house so my family doesn't find them randomly.
i don't care if they are clearly for women, im going to be buying them from a city i don't live in and will be hiding them.
i need clothes that are easy to fold that can be put into a pocket without looking like a tumour.

i was wondering if there's any kind of skirts that are easily folded that i should look out for?

i also don't like knee high personally.

but thanks for the advice.

it rips the hair out of the follicle. How long a distance do u think it is from the surface of the skin to the very base of a hair follicle? It's absolutely miniscule.

Why dont u wax 1 leg, shave the other and then take a picture of the results with a high resolution after like a week or something. They will be the exact same legnth.

the reason u THINK waxing lasts longer is because the hair gets cut in a very angular way with razers but waxing its more rounded off so it's not as easy to feel during the early days of it poking out the surface of your skin.

wow, what a fucking retard
keep crossdressing in private bro,
you'll never be passable and never look like a girl,
you'll be a MAN in panties

a MAN in stockings

a MAN in denial that they clearly look like a MAN

I remember that ass from yesterday

I love humiliation, Master.
please degrade me more.

The reason i think it lasts longer is because im currently sat on a wax that was 3 weeks ago with my next one due in 2 weeks and it's fine. When i used to shave i'd feel stubble within about 3 days and id have to exfoliate, moisturise and shave every week.
Why do you want me to be wrong so bad? Just take the advice or don't. I've been doign this for years now, i know what im talking about.

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Any traps wanna fuck with me on kik

>not reading thread

Hi There :3

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well firstly i never said i wouldn't be?
and secondly, i have very low testosterone which dictates how fat is placed on my body and i have a womanly body frame naturally. so much so that women with a flat/small ass and skinny women have a more masculine center of gravity than me.

sure i might be a man in whatever but at least ill look at least look and feel good doing so.

i asked for advice, not the opinion of someone too ignorant to read.

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lingerie and feets pls

cute pp
would kiss and feel up


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Crossdressers > traps

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In 2 hours Im meeting a girl in a hotel room to impregnate her. Tomorrow morning I go there again round 2.
Did the same thing last year and will ever keep it a secret. And no there is no way I gonna pa for the kids. It is part of the deal and they don't know my real identity. It is the biggest turn on to get all those girl preggo.