Any satanists on here? or anyone curious about satanism? i'll answer questions that aren't bullshit

any satanists on here? or anyone curious about satanism? i'll answer questions that aren't bullshit

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got my bible right here user-kun

I don't entertain chuunibyou

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What's the good word and what does the usual mass look like?

what do you think of satanic ritualistic child abuse that all of the politicians and hollyweirdos are so in love with?

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how do you define satanism for yourself because every 13 year old on the planet who doesnt wanna clean their room likes to claim the label of "satanist"

Is it true that satanists host regular orgies?

i think it's fucking stupid, they won't accomplish anything

not necessarily

Come on, guy

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is it true that satanists always lie?

for me, it's taking a negative approach to life and becoming stronger through denial of easy things

Ha ha, I'm the Canadian devil, buddy.

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that's retarded just do whatever you want its fucking satanism there aren't any rules you dumb bitch

Hail Satan. Adam black

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Do you have any pictures of rituals you've done or do you just post edgy shit online?

"do whatever you want" is hedonism, not satanism, fuck off

Any 12 year old edge lords on here?
I fixed your post for you.

hedonism is about physical pleasures, how old are you?? did you just pick this up like last week

What makes you follow/believe in Satanism?

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Hail Satan

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Satanism is just another word for "wanting to belong".

there is an element of discipline involved in satanism ya scrub

nah dude real satanists are loners to the core and don't fit in anywhere, and we don't want to for that matter

you mean sucking your cult leader's dick the right way? discipline my fuckin ass you stupid fuck. satanism has no rules and if anyone told you that its to get to your checkbook and honstly he deserves the "donations" if you're that much of a fucking sheep

nah dude you just don't get it

I got no questions for larpers, even if you are a satanist, your just some faggy witch, curse me witch, ohhh.

have fun going to Salem Massachusetts. you know it's a tourist town? that isn't really where the witch trials happened, the town currently called Salem just took the name so dumbasses like you would give them tourism money.

read some crowley maybe that'll make you less retarded.

Im a transhumanist. Masturbate to satans presence he is subhuman shit. Deprogram yozrself. Kill the queen of England.

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satanism stems from lucifer, LIGHT. and light, or more correctly the TWO lights, WHITE light & the absence of light e.g. SUN vs. SPACE is the mechanism of MATERIALISING in MATTER ideas All ideas come from god, all idea is spiritual and never becomes matter. the whole of the material universe could be described as satanic vs the spiritual universe of stillness

that's just a bunch of old gnosticism wrapped up in a shiny new package. that isnt satan thats the demiurge.