VRR [Obe 1 Kanobe, Untitled MC, Svarog, CENOBITE666] - BlacKKK Star Burger (Talib Kweli diss)

VRR [Obe 1 Kanobe, Untitled MC, Svarog, CENOBITE666] - BlacKKK Star Burger (Talib Kweli diss)

Vier Reich Records a Nazi organization from Russia, Russian rappers, wrote a diss on Kweli Talib for his loud sayings to white people



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[Интpo Untitled MC & CENOBITE666]
Untitled MC, Vier Reich Records
Prepare your black ass, pussynigga!

Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?
White Power!

[Кyплeт Obe 1 Kanobe]
Obe 1 Kanobe here
The one and only
Russian nazi rapper
Imma killing commies
Imma killing niggaz
Hitler is my homie
Hit you like a motherfucker
Coon, i gonna own it
Black metal rap for life 10 years
While kike producers
Fuck Kweli in the ass
One - four - double - eight
Waffen SS
Aryan man on da mic
It's not a test
My flow's so nordic

Your flow's so borin
You acted on twitter
Like a cuckoo birdy
Ti cookoohoy poehal
Stariy cherniy pidoraz
Etim dissom Reich vinosit
My snesem tebya na raz!
Cyka blyat, it's the Lynch Law
Talking crap? Nig, you better lay low
You fucking ape, so here is the palm tho'
Slap your face hard, cuz you are black whore
But my hand at the glove, cuz you niggers are dirty
And your skin color's brown like shit in a toilet
Why Kweli's career stinks? Cuz he shits on it
He's so wierd and queer, so Reich shits on him

I feel like a father now

[Кyплeт Untitled MC]
my white milk drips in coffie of your mothers
every niggers bitches want to riding on my fallos
untitled mc, timati killing black students
nigger meat on fire, black star burgers
tupac shakur is died like a rat boy
in prison tupac been raped like a fag toy
eazy-e gets aids after homo expirience
nigga rap not music and deserve the deliverance
i defecated on your faces, colore isn't changed
niggers and mixed, usa fuckin garbage
tentacion's grave is a white man's toilet
death in young age, blacks especially for it
only white russian racist make a real hip-hop
juice wrld is a shit and getting out the world
police visit to you, and your pants getting wet
every nigga deserve the death like a that

[Кyплeт Svarog]
kkk and white rap power
fuckin boy i dont wanna fuck u'r mama
couse i dont have sex with animal
and racial segregation is incredeble
put some bullets at ur ass by my gun
the last thing what you hear was sieg heil
now u know it, rap is our music
monkey stop rapin dont do it
get off the palm boy
go work to the fields
u are not the cowboy
u mast work when i chill
i respect trump i respect hitler
i am white and proud u are dirty nigger
fuck off monkey get back to africa
clear of black shit russia and america

[Кyплeт CENOBITE666]
Nigs literally are race of slaves
Here is white power, we are The Master Race
Talib you suck dick,
your mamma will die by the knife quick
White long hood, her meat will be hobos food
Russian KKK, we came to kill blacks for good
Fucking coon, you''ll be lyin dead soon
Genocide all negroes, it's the Adolph Hitler legacy
Your Tupac Shakur left you ass full of dicks
Your Afrika Bambaataa for is fag and for camp,
At Africa we go to safari, catch niggers to death camp
We impale niggas, remember, you are already corpse
I mass kill black bastards, like Dilan Roof of course
We piss at your graves, yealling Sieg Heil
Talib, I fuck you mother, please, Nigga, Die!




Govno jopa suka


Russian gang

Bump heil

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Hacocaч плeз

Hitler did nothing wrong


Niggers are untermenshes


Hиггepы гoвнo


Кaк жe хoчeтcя paзъeбeнить aнyc нигepcким хyeм...

[Verse 4: Shea Couleé]
So cocky
Bitch, you not me
I'm sorry, girl
So sorry, girl
That they love me and they only call you basic, girl
Just playin' girl
Just playin' girl
What you sayin', what you sayin', why you hatin', girl?





Fuck niggers and kikes

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4 Reich

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All black monkey's are cocksuckers

Fuck nigers

holy shit this is fucking incredibly based.

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>replies: 36
>posters: 10
cyka blyat

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What would they say about that?

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