Ctrl+f "ylyl"

>ctrl+f "ylyl"
>no "ylyl"

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Well that's of to a great start, fucking faggot

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I haven't seen that original gif yet this year. Anyone have it?

Nice shoop asshat. The original has the cunt saying "conservative woman".

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unfunny and gay.

The subhuman right's obsession with her is funny, but this image is cancer.

You should be like a detective or something! Man, very good job!

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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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Post that shit again and I will beat my wife.

Check em

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Please do that

I gotcha user

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you lost to that?

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Gotta love dads user kek



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Fucking newfags

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nice save

Nice gets

Fake and gay you faggot

Wasted digits, you faggot


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What's on her forehead

i dont't understand...?

Dubs and trips.... Looks like it's back

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say "enjoy your day boss" and leave

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They taste good actually (ex cat-owner)

what did you do to the cat

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What's in the reflection on the back of car??? Garbage or something else?

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none of your business??

a green "wheelie" (a receptacle in which to deposit general waste, collected once a fortnight by your local council)

Behind that I mean

That's a green trash can with wheels on it. The kind with the flip top.

Garage light, grass, the game. Iditot. Learn to see.

damn... why?!?

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Son of a bitch i kill you

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nice edit, faggot. the original post was her whining about being a conservative.

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Like clockwork

ok, feminist

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At least he doesn't have to see his disappointment.

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your whole family deserves to get raped

Fundamental difference is, when a corporation takes my rights from me I've agreed to it beforehand and get paid for it. When the government takes my rights from me I have no say in the matter and also have to pay for it.

How do you know it's not the other way around?

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What gas did he use?

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no idea, sorry user

Original was way funnier op.

I like how the medication is marketed for people to get high.

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Kinda hot not gonna lie

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>some paki photoshopped Chuck Norris over Leo's face

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OK that's just nice
When was the last time YOU were that happy?
Get up and look in the mirror

Because it's a tugboat, It pulls other ships into port.

>Born just in time to abuse over the counter medication
OTC cough medicine used to be heroin, but okay.


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i always lose to this one (y)

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id say nerve but not 100.0% sure

Imagine having that much sauce.

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Here you go you whiny little Cred Forumstard, the original so you can get #triggered and butthurt all over again.

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I never understood why the Soldier vomited at the end

Your life is wasted digits.

ammonia and bleach to make mustard gas

>when a corporation takes my rights from me I've agreed to it beforehand and get paid for it

Why do you think you have any say in what a corporation decides to do

I'm pretty sure they don't consult you when making backroom handshake decisions

>Breaking news
How accurate


Stock image became a wildly popular boomer meme. Somebody found a frame/scene from a Chaplin movie with a similar set-up, and used it as a template to create a meme in the spirit, where user is irresistibly drawn to the obscure Chaplin template while the widely accepted normie template is in the place of the neglected, ignored girlfriend.

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Ok genius and what do you think happens when a tugboat is stuck? (hint: see picture)

FAKE. Why did you shop this to put “feminist” where “conservative” originally was? The irony of your fear is delicious.

Shit i never thought of this idea when i was a kid - childhood wasted xd

its reddit humor

WTF silly old lady


Katie Hopkins is not a feminist. Are you retarded?
She's a conservative perma-victim. I don't like sjws either but you're living in your own little safe space here bud

Wrong, this is the original

Smaller tugboat happens. Always smaller. Why would you use larger a ship? Dangerous.

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nope, it says "garage light"

Because the meme is created by a child, and children's brains work very differently.
It's one of the reasons we hope the ban on underaged posters would be respected. Alas, we still have to put up with shit like that.

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I'm pretty sure this is at a pet store where people would frequently bring in pets.

Checked, them quints tho

Too subtle?

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so true.

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Script babies, there's a reason captcha became a permanent thing around that time

Huh, this is actually a really clever set-up, if I'm even figuring out how they did it.

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A hot chick standing next to the word "fappino"?

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Fun fact, none of that family goes by their birth names.

Peggy is a nickname for Margaret
Hank is a nickname for Henry
Bobby is a nickname for Robert

look captain, here's a cruise ship! we are saved!
no no no. let's wait hour's for another, smaller tugboat.

Practically begging for circulation problems .

Yeah, but they sell frapino. like in the next ad.
guess it doesn't work

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Good for both of them. They seem happy.
Looks matter less and less the more you can stand being around someone and they like being around you.

>Peggy is a nickname for Margaret

This is wrong, Peggy is short for Pegasus

where is this from? need to counter some good deeds I did with some black humour

wait that is a human plane!

It doesn't matter if it says conservative or feminist. This is about pointing out female antics. Playing oneself out to be a victim nobody made you into.

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Quantum Leap

Who is she?

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Quantum leap. You troglodyte.

Quantum Leap. Season 2, Episode 8: "Jimmy"

I thought it was fine either way.

Looks similar but not the same house: look at the round window in the middle
Now look at the bottom picture - the round window is missing

Talking of which is it me or are the captchas permentantly on DDOS/bot protection mode, images take like 20s to fade in and out. Fucking unusable

You are schizophrenic if you believe corporations control your life outside of work and if you disagree with policies your employer employs you are free to leave and seek employment elsewhere or start your own business.

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Fun fact. Not all Nicknames come about as a short or alternate form of other names. Nobody calls YOU a fag because they think your name is faggot. Fag.

Comes from Meggy circa 1930s

do you have more?

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whats wrong about that? actually kinda nice

Clearly you don't boating.

It's called 'remodel.' The 'Before' picture is the lower one, and adding windows (or sealing up walls) is an easy change on a remodel of that scale.

You're fucking stupid if you think corporations don't purposely steer civilization and infrastructure directly affecting peoples lives.

wholesome replies boys. love it

damn... thats pretty fucking smart

Government. "Look captain! Another vessel capable of towing us! Saved" "we didn't pay for that one. We are waiting for the tugboat in our unit to come get us. Go eat some pudding off another sailor's dick and quit bothering me"

better dating success than most of Cred Forums

I guess they found a house with identical trees in the background as well. Kys

You're fucking weak if you think you are powerless to the actions of corporations.

she put that target onto herself but pls read FBI crime statistics

Aircraft carriers are 5 pegs. So a 2 pegs boat is still fucking huge.

I am assuming it's because he is a soldier with a militant mindset, and pacifism makes him physically sick, like all conservatives.

The kid cuts class and uses peace in the sentence 'peace out' as he runs away from class. Probably a military induction class for children in some shithole country.

Thus the joke. What is released is often not what was demo'd. Often lower quality and missing promised features but otherwise kinda sorta resembles what was promised. Just look at 76.

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Maybe. How much size constitutes a peg anyways you 3 peg asshole having motherfucker?

>this is about pointing out female antics
>by just changing a well known conservative into a plebbitor lol!
Okay incel victim

Yea but he dreaming of school not walking down the block.

Read nigga! Read!

Ah yes the bigger ship is going to drag a small tugboat who's soul purpose is to tow other boats, Yes clearly.

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sick fuck!

>guys the point is I like Cred Forums and am an incel
don't bother responding

Holy crap!
Are you guys actually arguing/discussing this?

>It doesn't matter if it says conservative or feminist
It doea if you're not an underage. Imagine making a McCain meme talking about him being a Democrat. Literally makes no fucking sense


L2read. It can be either. The qualifier people are arguing over does not matter.

>being a fucking whore

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>refers to others as subhuman

please, teach us more about tolerance, acceptance, and being non-judgmental.
lol. lefties have nothing without hypocrisy.
enjoy the next 4 years

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Pulitzer tier journalism.

>take good comeback
>change one word of the original post to better suite your views
>post it to show libtards getting owned

Others are alwaya subhuman. That's what makes them other.

What makes you think you'd find any lessons on tolerance or acceptance on 4chans?

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Couldn't even change Bush's beans

so he pukes himself because it dishonors him

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WTF... the bank LITERALLY stealing his money???

Get fucked moron shill. It can be exactly what it actually is, a whingey teenage angst post by a privileged entitled middle class conservatard whining about how oppressed she thinks she is because people think she is a cunt and treat her accordingly.

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wait where is the other pedal?

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user, you had one fucking job...

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Ayy lmao


chlorine gas

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Imagine the smell

no i'm out. noone in this thread knows anything about boats...


>Get fucked moron shill. It can be exactly what it actually is, a whingey teenage angst post by a female whining about how oppressed she thinks she is because people think she is a cunt and treat her accordingly.

Fixed that for you

so what? people should have used a fucking condom ffs. honestly in today's world I'd just want a test from my partner if I just met some girl in her mid 20s or 30s...

That statistic is a lie

i thought this was milo

fake and gay who are you fooling?

Fucking checked

Thx for missing a quad idiot

conservatives are the most oppressed voice on social media, though. all the major outlets are left leaning, so it's not just "whining" it's an actual complaint

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Yes, human connectivity is wrong and evil. Everyone should be pretty and photogenic. Good on you sir! Now enjoy junior high tommorow. Must be tough being the fat kid who sweats profusely when the chads are around.

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Its cuz it’s true. Who doesn’t get sleepy after malk?

Its actually more like 46% as of last year.

I'd prolly smash

Looka Dem titties

cry some more its cute faggot

Before I read the cap at the bottom, I said it out loud fucking kek

Those are still rookie numbers. Gotta get those numbers up man.

>wrong side of history
why do they keep pushing this agenda?

Funny, here's the crew

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Kek pee pee poo poo

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Christ you guys are fucking pathetic. Shes pretty ugly/deformed, its okay to think his enthusiasm towards their relationship is cringe. Stop projecting your own lonely existences. Bunch of spergs.

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HOLY SHIT thought that was his shadow next to him

imagine being this reddit

Because of coronavirus

This is the first of these third world memes that was at least coherent and made sense.

46.22 at the moment
haven't checked it for like an hour tho

Designed =/= built.

Day laborers will absolutely build things exactly how told to instead of correctly. Aint gonna fix that shit for you, no sir. No incentive to.


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I bet you're a hoot at parties

How are they censoring?

No it's not


Also a lie

haha i saw the dog

The same way that Dick is a nickname for Richard?

is ok tranny, u dont have to be in denial

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prove otherwise, reddit

She's decent

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And their engineers weren't all women

It was that companies second bridge collapse in less than a decade. The design was picked specifically because the engineer was a woman (the previous bridge was also a woman) and they wanted to use it to promote women engineering.

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You made the positive claim with no evidence, the burden of proof is not on me

And what's YOUR source mr. smarty pants?


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Lol transgender Hitler

Exactly. If jose cuervo at the walmart tire center bolts a tire on with only two lug nuts because his manager Karen told him to and the wheel snaps off killing the driver, whose fault is it? Jose or Karen?

Don't blame the beans, blame the chef.

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As a network engineer for FTTH and HFC this scares me.

yeah trannies don't actually kill themselves that much, they just "attempt" a ton. Whatever the fuck that means. Attention whoring faggots to the end

the an hero crown goes to bipolar, schizo, and MDD, depending on the study you find. Bipolar 1 has about a 20% completion rate, but the rate for men is 4-10 times more likely than women, so - that's something else to keep your eye on.

but yeah, most of the "HURR DURR" liberal mental illness is not even real bad shit, just attention whoring.

one researcher speculated the big discrepancy in suicide completion rates was partially due to the methods used. IE, shotgun to the head vs "I'm going to just swallow this whole bottle of pills and then get regret and call 911 after."

>t. bipolar user

Almost half (48 per cent) of trans people in Britain have attempted suicide at
least once; 84 per cent have thought about it. More than half (55 per cent)
have been diagnosed with depression at some point.
(Trans Mental Health Survey 2012, sample size = 889)

Thats the uk, American stats average out at 45.

You fucking idiot.

Final Fantasy 7 wasn't an instruction manual

dang, hit right in the chest.... No more Cred Forums for today, I'm going to bed :(

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good thread

Attached: inner strength.jpg (800x1199, 176K)

Attached: 1582576918151.jpg (588x810, 123K)

Key word
So when you say 45% of trans people kill themselves you are lying

earth, venus, mercury, sun, YOUR MOM'S BUTT

This is why we need to allow easier access to guns and restrict access to meds. Gotta get them numbers up. If enough an hero successfully then it becomes nobody's problem really quickly.

That alien has a pretty nice body.

>be me Aussie
>cactus as fuck after bush turns into a bloody barbie, even my dunny burned down
>live far from big smoke and darn bodgy seppo-made ute carked it
>need tucker and fast, me and mate pack last loaf of damper and esky with XXXX in my swag and set off into gafa
>fossicking bush on the way for some sweet fried boomer
>only find burnt joeys, hardly any meat left
>no choice, starved, bog in
>gives us the fucking wog but whatever
>meet some nuddy dog in the outback, looks like a real whacka without even daks or grundies
>am still a bloke, so the old fella gives her the aussie salute
>wish I had a franger
>dog looks kinda full, hazy as fuck "oi mate, lost my ankle biter somewhere round 'ere"
>mate goes "holy dooley!"
>look around to where we found joey
>fucking kindie right behind the spot
>well shit

Attached: kangaroo lol.jpg (1080x720, 284K)

fake and gay, the font for manatee gray is completely different

it's not uncommon for plus size to be on sale or clearance when normal isn't and vice versa

that's a cartoon alien ffs

Attached: 1426207043606.jpg (700x819, 51K)

Txen mk31?

was thinking the same thing XD flipped it in Paint quickly

>18k leechers
Never change, tpb

Attached: DasRACCISTS.png (847x477, 872K)

None, check snopes

My advice blow your fucking brains out you fucking faggot

That's my fetish

Attached: 908729711.jpg (459x811, 60K)

but the story is true

Attached: 000373341.jpg (404x467, 26K)

These are so based.

Yawn. In all instances of “Hurr durr censorship” those censored broke a TOS of a private company, typically with death threats, doxxing, intimations of violence etc. it’s like going to a public place nude, getting kicked out and crying about oppression. Go change someone’s oil, dumb white nigger.

Found the 12 year old

Attached: 1569606216925.jpg (640x960, 80K)

Sure, kid. Cry more.

Lost. This is so fucking funny!

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Attached: rednecksfightalligator.webm (480x480, 1.95M)

Whew! You sure showed me! Now go comfort your low wage white nigger father as he weeps for his opiates.