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Sam 512

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512 Carrie

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Brenna 512

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CH 214

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More CH

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Any 325 Abilene? I’m dying to see some current or former ACU or Hardin Simmons girls. Love closet Christian sluts

325 SA

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Fuuuuck yes, anymore? Who is she?

this is the most 512 ive ever seen in a texas thread
heres shelby

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anybody know sarah from atx?

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Instant boner

More of her?

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Anyone have more Vicky?

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any Gloria G, Maritza C, Vanessa T, or Lisset P from Houston.

Big tit bimbo Holli from Houston as well. Worked at hooters and used to love teasing slutty pics.must be nudes out

Sarah M 512

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SM 512

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Kristin 832

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Nice. More??

Anyone trading taylor 512?

Erendira 214

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I didnt know these were out there

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Anyone have more of Houston's Trey

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Lol good ole Hollie.flip flops back and forth from slutty to classy in her pics

817 bump

Any 806

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409 bump

361 bump. Emily

Anyone know her?

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More please

Any 972?

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gg/ KwWuSQ

Fuck.please keep going


What is her name? Post more of her

You 806?

Anyone like Heather?

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where the 817 burleson girls at?

806 for sure. Looks familiar but cant be certain tbh. Still stroking to her big tits.

832 Angleton

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What city of Texas do you recommend for living?
> i hate guns
> I find the right to own weapons
> I think that trump shouldn't be persident
> I don't know how to drive and use public transport and UBER
> I hate football and I hate baseball
> I'm a fan and followed by Major League Soccer
> I don't drink any alcohol
> I don't smoke and I hate drugs
> I live with my mother, my older brothers and an aunt
> I am in favor of more guns control laws
> I have a cocker spaniel dog
> I am unemployed

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sounds like you'd like austin, but don't move there unless you make bare minimum 50k a year that's like barely keeping your head above the water poverty

also it's insanely crowded and don't try to buy ice cream because it will melt before you get through the line to pay for it.

the rest of texas is super conservative

i recommend you just dont live there at all. it's awful. they will never legalize weed.

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I'd recommend killing yourself dude you sound like a bummer

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Why is Austin my ideal Texas city?

And do you know any city in any other state that meets my requirements?

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Anyone got a girl named Iman from Austin/Houston? She's got some nice tits and some small tattoos under them

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I man too. You girl?

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She’s perfect

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Speak English what

caroline h?

She’s amazinng


How's this for speaking English, Your Mother swallowed by load.

dont know the recipe i only know half
no speak-a the english, i only do the math.

Where in the 325?

Jesus duck dude. Just stay out of Texas, Portland and Seattle are where you want to be

not a very good use of prepositions.

and between Portland or Seattle.

Which of the 2 would be much better with me?

BTW I'm Black, that white jizz running out of her mouth down her tits as a sight to behold. My boys said she gave the best head of any white bitch they ever had. You should be proud cracker


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wrong user dip shit. but i mean, good job on getting your dick sucked i guess. every girl tells me MY dick is huge too but that don't mean it's true.

And which city of Canada would you recommend?

Any interest in a Slutty Gilf?

no pls don't post.

Austin tx kik me billgates 565

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you know you want to

210 SG

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dallas chick

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Someone in Houston must have some Katherine.

Even more please

yeah dont move here. Also you dont have to make 50k. Plenty of service industry jobs here which I do and I'm pretty sure im short of 50k but I'm living here fine. Also I was born here so maybe that has something to do with it. If you live in South Austin its a bit cheaper.


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Anyone got/know some Shreeti S?

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No Sam's from 210? Maybe one that moved away? Told me some guy paid her $100 for an asshole pic, and this place is where a guy who paid $100 for an asshole pic would dwell.

Someone in Houston here must have some Katherine.

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Nobody in Houston has anything on this dumpy frumpy ugly fucking bitch. Lol

Im fucking shocked a girl I unfortunately know from New Braunfels hasn't ever been posted yet. She is always in need of attention, and always showing off her cleavage on IG. Bit on the ugly side, and her tits hang down to her knees while still being under 30.

That city is in Pakistan.
learn some geography


Anyone have Ashley’s nudes?

Her photographer’s name was Mark Daughn but he won’t share...

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God I wish. Bfrank6666 on kik

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