FB/IG/vsco social fap thread

FB/IG/vsco social fap thread

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Pick one

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Far left. Give me some handcuffs and an hour alone with that mouth, please

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Might need more than an hour, actually

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smash or pass?

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Fuck, she's not leaving until Im bone dry

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Third from the left

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sweet jesus who is this woman?

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Just an old friend

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Fuck shes sexy

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Cute or fuckdoll vibes?

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Yeah she is

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Fuck, I'd mount her face like my life depended on it

Need more of her

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Does she show any skin?

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Oh yea, Im fucking that throat until my legs give out and Im not stopping for anything

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Love the bikini

Fuck yes

That tongue looks nice and juicy

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oh god

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you like her?

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left has more in that makeup?

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Oh yeah shes got me stroking

I want a sloppy bj from her

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