Girls that swallowed your cum

Girls that swallowed your cum

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her room:

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Nice hangers

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nudes? facial?

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all of it

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Married teacher I met at a conference we both attended

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She’s tight

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Very. I like it

Didn't waste a drop

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she had a boyfriend at the time too

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How was she

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Tell us about it

Met at a party. Swallowed in the bathroom

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Would you let her suck you off?

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She was shaking because she was so nervous and turned on. She’d never cheated on anyone. But she was so fucking wet. I made her cum twice. And then we fucked and she swallowed me. It was so good. She cried after and I held her. She felt so bad. But fucking her was incredible. He body literally quaked when she came.

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Chink slut from work

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Lets see her body

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Our hotel hallway right before we fucked. We were very drunk. She looked so good.

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That’sa no from me dog

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Got disc or kik?

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No nudes?

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drama queen, but swallows good.

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Wow those hips

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Don’t have face pictures anymore after we broke up, but she only swallowed once in a three year time frame. Great body but terrible personality. My current chick I’ve only been with for a month and a half, and she’s already swallowed at least ten times lmao waaay better

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Hot as fuck

yup tiny with nice tits

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In college

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dig that outfit.

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She gargled it and blew a bubble

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Did you keep in touch after?

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this little slut used to swallow my loads every time she sucked my cock to completion

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We still text. She sent me this next to her husband two weeks ago. Said she thinks about me when they fuck.

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You fucked mary beth?

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she down for facials? very cute

So many times.

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Stop feeding your load to horses user

Many times

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You can't tell me how to live, this is America.

Yeah dude, she loved getting splattered. she was dirtier than me at the time :P She had her own butt plug and asked me to give her anal.

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U know her?

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>Gave up anal on the first date cus she was on her period, even after I told her I didn't care.
>Went ass to mouth to finish me, the sucked down the load like it was ambrosia.

God I miss how much of a whore she was.

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she would beg for my cum
she loved to play with it
she wanted cum everywhere, all the time

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Would always swallow

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used to love to go ass to mouth and swallow my loads

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I've always wanted to be with a married woman.
I think there's one at work that's into me but I can't tell if she sending the signals

More please

Plenty of times

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Wasnt great but tried

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the one on the right is probably the biggest whore I know. She would literally suck me on the beach in front of people

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you sure that's not a trap?



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let her have it while she was fighting with her bf

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Very willing to

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more please

sucked me dry quite a few times. way better skills than you'd think looking at her

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My first BJ, about a month into freshman year of college

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Words can't do justice to just how great it feels to cun in this one's mouth with those eyes staring right into yours.

Blowing my load on her cute flat titties was a close second.

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show flat tits plz

Met on Bumble, fucked like rabbits for about three weeks and then she basically ghosted me out of the blue saying she was going back to her boyfriend. Joke's on him his gf is addicted to cock

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Same here.

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All day everyday

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She’s sucked me dry.

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Would love to see that-- got Kik?

I don’t have a video of that, sadly.

got nudes?

Shes a comedian bruh.

discord dot gg /



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You didn't get blown until college?


so thats a no

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She got a nice body though
Why didn't you just fuck her?


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take the shirt off. she's hot

lol i was a late bloomer for sure

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Sad you think that.

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Christ she's sexy... You got more pics of her?

Let see the teasey teaser

Explain how she sucks dick then

she's hot

That's hot

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left one

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her tongue was the softest and warmest thing to ever grace my dick

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great slut. Fuck, more

Let’s just say she loves when I shove it down her throat.

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she's latina, right? Awesome body, and damn cute face. keep going

This is great. Do you have her nude?

She is a tease.

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Got my jeans steamin

Yea latina. What would you do to her

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fuck that face hard while reaching down and groping her perky tits. more you have more of this hoe

use her like a whore

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Tinder girl. Text her once per month to get head. Weird to fuck though.

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She’d love that

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this whore should be gangbanged, a line of men waiting to take her holes

more frontal -- nice perky tits on the slut

She’d be ready

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Fuck man. Let’s talk she’s tight

Kik — ryanNfire

ha I'm sure. Imagine this slut with every hole raw, gaping, and dripping cum from a dozen men

As long as I get the first turn on her cunt

lol no why would I want to chat with a dude.

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>Anonfag on right


got face and tits? Fapping hard right now. Want her mouth wrapped around my cock

the bitch needs it rough

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same girl

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Drug usage messed hwebup over time tho

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Her mouth was the sweetest thing i ever felt on my cock

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damn she looks pretty

Looks like she's addicted to fast food.

so many times

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the bj to titjobs were the best cums of my life

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She was drunk as fuck and sucked my dick in the back seat of my car

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more pics, any details?

Both, they are sisters

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I love freshman sluts

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My benis is getting resized to "Erect"

what about if they don't know they did, count?

She didn't know what she was doing the first time but she was pretty eager once she realized i liked it and got better as time passed

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She is terrible at sucking dick

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nice trips and tits

reminds me of young Nicole de Boer

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Gave great head, very enthusiastic. Swallowed whenever, but liked it most on her face/tits.

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Bikini pic?

yeah, i can see the similarity

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1 and 4

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Made the same face when I nutted too

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This southern single mom swallows

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1 not bad. 4 fucking hideous.

Sadly, no. She has a few body image issues. Never knew why.

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fuck she is so cute, is she good at it?

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She was great, didn't have problem with gagging, mostly swallowed she didnt like possibilty of cum stains, didn't leave out balls, great all around

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As I said, very enthusiastic. One of the few I've had that actually enjoy doing it


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deepthroat like no other

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Good swallower

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