Your future wife is currently busy, please try again later

Your future wife is currently busy, please try again later

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>implying I'd give up wizarhood

Why do white women do this?

I wish that was my wife

Why wait, I'd marry her right now

Why does anyone do this?

Is being a cuck big outside of Cred Forums? This is all I see on here.



Black dick is just that good. You should try it faggot

More like current

Post more webms

the zoo, gorilla enclosure

your mother Tenda?

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why is she not being DP'd and sucking a dick at the same time? This is such a mediocre slut i can barley enjoy this



Kik Jtower66

skiing white gettin plowed from behind in an all black gangbang, and getting filmed

what a champ

imagine being obsessed with some weird looking asian online lmao, idk whats worse, you or the cucks

Have you tried google you crippled faggot

Because white men are simps

Jokes on you, I only date black women.


So she's even more likely to have been blacked like this. Why

Joke is on you OP! I am not getting married. Fuck that lawful wedded bullshit and the higher tax dollars that comes with it. I don't need some piece of paper to say how much I love someone.

Marriage is a sin

Enjoy dying alone

Not getting married != being alone

Here's your future wife

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Most "upper" black women raised in the burbs hate the average black man because they act like animals. They throw themselves at any white guy in a suit.

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here comes the autism squad

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sauce on OP please

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Lmao, if being a woman and "upper" and from the burbs are the variables, why do the white ones fuck the black men?

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Daddy issues. White women are at the top, and want everything while being at a high spot socially, black women are at the bottom and know the need to have a white or asian man to pull them up in society.

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Sounds like a stretch

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Does anyone still get grossed out by scat at all? Lmao

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fucking sauce

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Man that might be true unfortunately

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Have you been blacked? Is that where this expertise is coming from?

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hahaha jesus!

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Some of these pics are just odd

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Bump to spite

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Based shitposter shuts down another Tenda Spencer thread!

You're doing God's work, user.

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