Celeb thread™

celeb thread™
will I see you tonight edition

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not if I'm sneaky enough

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With every single little thing you do, honor her.

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Like fuck. I wouldn’t piss on her if she were on fire.

how good are your ninja skills these days?

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Keep posting.

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more inside

My powers have doubled since the last time we met


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keep going

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Not nude but-

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she is such a slut

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At all costs, date Emma.

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I was a better riri poster than you. You dishonor the craft.

....Is she though?
Seems like kind of an ill-informed statement.

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Be very afraid

There are no other riri posters

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>There are no other riri posters
Not at this time, which is why I said “was”. Re-learn your trade.

she fucking is

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Totally believe you, pal.

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good now stroke for this slut

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No, thanks.

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make me stroke to her then

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use your powers for good

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*teleports behind you*

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Light side is always better.

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nothing personnel kiddo

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While you were posting qts, I was busy studying the BLADE
Now you will pay the ultimate price

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I’m horny

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this makes my peepee hard

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take my life but spare the cutes, they did nuffin wrong


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Respect for cute Emma.

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I wanna be their family slave

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Will do :3

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comfy kendall jenner

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in a sexual way? or just cooking for them and stuff

dubs confirm

she is surprisingly comfy a lot of the time

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Now take it off. :)

Yeah Emma is cute af

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My lad

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do you want a comfy jenner?

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Should I stroke my morning wood?

>in a sexual way? or just cooking for them and stuff
Sex slave obviously. They have maids for everything else already


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my digits have doubled since the last time we met

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what kinda things would that entail?

have *everything* doubled since we last met???

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picture of morning wood
first you need to do a little thing

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My bank account sure hasn't ;_;

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I like a challenge

>what kinda things would that entail?
Anything they wanted me to do I'd do. Even their toilet

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what is it?

yeah but you twice as cute now

you don't have to do that user

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no u

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smash her bf's head with blunt force and conquer her

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>you don't have to do that user
I would if they wanted. Even if I'm not into it. But for them... That's good much they own me

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it was a smooth set up, gimme credit :3

idk if she has one right now
If it's still Ben Simmons I'd take him easy, he can't even shoot a 3 smh

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Id lick their feet assholes anything.. I don't know how much is be permitted

kek very smooth

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actually you need to do the same thing as scott pilgrim

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all of them? even kris?

see, some of my skills have doubled too
not my ninja ones tho I still can't sneak too good

sounds like a fun mission
harry styles would be the easiest for sure

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harry styles? No way. He looks like 22 and she is like 25

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yeah they boned at one point

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>all of them? even kris?
Yeah I'd be the slave of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall and Kris
Unless someone took private ownership of me

You don't even compare to the lint from Hersh's pocket.

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can you double the number of Kendalls on earth so I can have one too?

don't do that user

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fucking brits with the bieber hair

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I'll see if I can use the dovebot technology to get you your own Kendoll™

models love the bongs, don't hate

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I want to show her my lantern post

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RATE MY lantern post

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kys beady

I have more respect for people who hit the gym and get a girl like her by work
I guess he has a good voice and also hits the gym

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To the coomer who just wanted to lewd Gilly:

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you're forgetting about the secret third element, more important than gym or talent: money

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Schnoekies are people too.

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call me a coomer again and I'll cum right now bitch dont try me.

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YUP! Gillian is for proper dates.

sure and power

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kys gob dwarf


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Chad Daddy Trump, so based m8

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kys dwarfgobben

How many times do I have to watch it for her to take it off? I'm at 50 now and running out of patience

I wanna kiss her

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I wanna kiss u

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No me


she is underappreciated

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i want to give your cock a big slobbery kiss with lots of tongue.

How likely am I to find a gay guy at a Kesha concert who will let me suck his cock afterwards?

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that is a very lood thing to say and I like it

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>How likely am I to find a gay guy at a Kesha concert
>who will let me suck his cock afterwards?

Unf. I can't fucking wait, then.

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How likely are you going to see a thing on a Kesha concert with your height dwarf?
How likely will you have the money for a concert?


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This is going to be such a great concert, then.

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Are those bottoms a quest item?

rare unlockable item
you won't believe what's underneath!

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I love Katy Perry!

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Me too !

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The answer to life, the universe and everything?

midget has a bigger penis than u

where's this concert at and are tickets still available?

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Do you like her music?

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truthfully I am not her biggest fan, but she is of course pretty and does have some nice music too

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ooo burn

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Her old hits, havent listened to the new albums

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I'm going to the one in Minneapolis in May, and yeah probably.

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how big?

you'll have to have a look and find out :3

pretty, thicc and has a beautiful voice
making drake cry was a nice little bonus

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are you an elf? elves hate dwarves


I'll meet you there and you can suck my cock

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My cock is actually over an inch bigger than yours

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I don't have the time for sidequests. Can't I just take the bottoms and continue the main story?

Mines 16"

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you're full of shit if you don't post it + a timestamp then as proof

and mine yours

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amazing dong
I am telling you all about mdib for months

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Yeah, we don't get enough dickspammers in these threads already. Let's ask for the non-retarded people to post dicks too

Mines 20"

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You're just making it up


Sasha Grey

can you stop talking about dicks?

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excuses, excuses

Mines 69"

you may indeed

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cut or uncut?

DICK spam here

Please let me suck your cock. I'll even pay...

Great, I am sure I can get a nice weapon upgrade after selling them


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Titanic here,
it's true Poppy would go for midget. He has the perfect size for her.

what did she do to drake?

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I'll double back and pick up the side quest you missed

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olivia munn?

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dated him, took him to meet her parents, broke it off
he was sad and wrote a song called 'jaded' about it lol
the song is good tho

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Post it then!

My penis is completely average sized and I think that's beautiful

Maybe I'll keep them in my pocket... I mean inventory, for a while until I think this through

Hear hear!

Ugly smelly bitch

yes and mdib

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truthfully I am not so much a fan of him

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i wonder what tea on her


My dick got bigger after seeing this

No, wait. That can be associated with the metoo shit

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