Would anarchy really be chaos?

Would anarchy really be chaos?

Britain didn't have a police force until the 19th century. Traditionally it had no standing army either and all the law was common law; not legislation. It had its origin in the desire of people to find a peaceful way of living together by seeking a ruling, rather than legislation.

I am interested in this notion that a commanding power from above is needed to make people behave properly.

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I love rules, anarchy is for underage faggots zoomers.

That wasn't anarchy. Not even close.

The honour system doesn't work, because people are cunts. Pure cunts

You're right. There was still an aristocracy, war and exploitation. But those didn't have anything to do with preventing chaos; they actually created it.

Where do you think the term Sheriff came from?
Or don't you think that qualifies as police?

The biggest problem would be vigilantism.

Communities do police themselves when they have to. Think old west style, when someone commits crimes the community will gather up something like a posse to enforce justice.

The problem with that is that social factors and reputation weigh a lot more into the justice than actual evidence. The nice thing about our modern justice system is that it tries to take social factors out of the equation. Without that, if you happen to be weird/autistic/outcast, you're just kind of guilty by default if you get accused of anything. If some little girl says she got molested by the creepy guy in town, they're not going to go through evidence discovery and make sure it actually happened, they're just gonna string him up from a tree the next day, which sucks for you if you happen to be weird or creepy.

So an anarchist society would be more or less stable, we'd just be going back to tribal communities where you better follow the social norms or else. Also, blood feuds are a thing and they are not fun.

We can get back to witch burning.

Chaos is not the same as anarchy.
When there is an authority, there is no anarchy, by definition. There may still be chaos however.

Na, I don't think it's the same as police.

The sheriffs helps organise people to enforce the law; he's not an outside force responsible for enforcing laws that come from the capital.

So yeah. They are pretty much Police

That's because Britain was an island. They didn't need police because people were honest. Then the French started with their bullshit again

No, he's an organiser. Police come around and crack you on the head, which is different.

the simple fact that they didn't have a police force and now they do proves that anarchy doesn't work.

The idea that anarchy is chaos is an invention of the statists.

>linear progress myth

>(You) in 1925
>The simple fact that the Soviet Union exists is proof that democracy and capitalism don't work.

So giving those cunts lots of central power to control other people's lives absolutely is a better solution?

I'm guessing you're a 19 year old sociology student who's never had a job or been to the UK?

Ok next time I get pulled over by the sheriffs department I'll tell them

I think you got confused

Right, but if those cunts started getting shot dead in the street for acting that way (or at least having the shit beat out of them by angry mobs) then they'd be more civil.