Mike will be the one to get it done and fix america with his grassroots movement and practical New York attitude

Mike will be the one to get it done and fix america with his grassroots movement and practical New York attitude

Are you with Mike?

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Fuck that corrupt kike. If you vote for him, I hope you die slowly from cancer, your family gradually growing to hate you for the burden you become as they slowly disappear from your life, leaving you to suffer and die alone. Because you fucking deserve it for voting Kike Bloomberg.

I live in NY and I would not recommend this guy.

I guess the last thread didn't work. I wonder how much these shills are getting paid?

Grassroots, what have you been smoking. He was a Republican until recently and has changed all his views just before he ran.

Like trump!

As someone who's worked for him, cash that check fast! Also, contact Screum and Howe Partners to join the class action.


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Hahaha probably what they think is a lot but bloomburg could afford to buy off all the superdeligates if he wanted. And paying these guys chump change.


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Hahaha exactly they don't care about people, they don't care about helping average people. They just want power and control and to line their pockets and help their other rich friends.

Bloomberg saw trump and thought "I need to get in on this"

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>grassroots movement
using the billions you made of the blood of blue collar workers is not "grassroots" you mongo.

Cred Forumsern 2020

It's blood money

I was just going to say...He's not even going to win his own fucking state. Everyone in NY hates him.

Dam straight

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>>Dam straight

Typical Berniefag....can't even spell.

US $3000 has been transferred to your account. Thank you, shill again!

Comon man, do you really believe that Jewfaggot Bloomberg actually pays that much?

He probably has his nigger slaves do it for free.

Imagine spending a BILLION dollars just to lose to Trump.

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fuck him

Stop trying to make Bloomberg happen. He's not going to happen.


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This is the most transparent attempt at shilling I have ever seen on this shithole imageboard, and I'm even including the Russian psyops agents that are constantly sperging all over the place.

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I'd like to hear what Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has to say about Mike Bloomberg, especially his green lighting the NYPD for stopping and frisking people of color with his stop and frisk policy, thus violating people's 4th amendment rights.


Literally, the most that fucking republican in drag could do to help the country is donate his organs to science and get the fuck off the planet. I don't need to vote for him to accomplish that.


You really think Bloomberg isn't a PsyOp ? Money's bigger than countries.

this is the DNC regressing back to it's original form, a legit racist and white supremacist using it's mass wealth to buy control

this isn't the new face of the democrat party, this is the mask slipping, the party of the confederacy, the party of the KKK

and what's crazy is when you realize this guy wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as bernie, but bernie will end up supporting him along with the squad, because the DNC are all whores for money afterall

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