What is the appeal of this programme among teens and young adults? I think it's gay

What is the appeal of this programme among teens and young adults? I think it's gay.

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>it's gay

All the hard nipples.

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The characters behave like plebs, have dry humour and a herd mentality. It's very unoriginal. I'm not some avant-garde purist or anything like that, but I like originality - not this business where everyone laughs every 5 seconds at what has been said. The Big Bang Theory and Everybody Loves Raymond are another 2 examples of this autism. So gay, it's astounding. Can't believe the calibre of most people.


Its shows like friends and big bang theory that show us how retarded normies really are

Not gonna lie, I kinda like watching friends with my gf.

Friends helps me sleep.

It's a super simple show. Not everything I watch needs to be deep

It's one of those shows I actually laugh at.
I constantly see people with shirts with the logo, even though I'm 101% sure they don't even know what the show is.

*tips fedora*

yeah this is it really. I really appreciate arty masterpieces, but friends is so consistently comforting.

To make lonely wage slave losers with no friends feel like they have friends by proxy.

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Are you for real? friends is incredibly popular, especially recently

Jesus man you're right, that's actually really upsetting

Well that's just cause you're a faggot and a loser.

I mean friends isn't great, but it's not bad. It certainly doesn't hold a candle to Frasier.

Show is lame except Ross
Ross is fucking hilarious


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It is gay. So many better shows to watch, just get into Frasier people

This fucking guy knows

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>especially recently
90s-00s kiddo. You're twenty years behind

Because I'm not queer enough for you? Is to be accepted, to be gay and mainstream? Help me understand.

Nah fam, he's right. Netflix introduced it to a whole new generation of retards

Yes, well done. It's still incredible popular now, its had a serious second wind on netflix and shit

OP here. This is what I'm trying to understand. Zoomers love it. What is the appeal? Is everybody just a bunch of hollow-headed autists? What is so attractive about mediocrity?

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston
it is a watchable comedy, but above sold it

because theyre a bunch of trust fund man children who act like entitled retards every episode. You never see them working to pay rent or anything, just doing dumb shit around their apartments and fucking each other. Basically a bunch of plebs that have a tv show and seem successful doing nothing... It's something zoomers and millenials can relate to easily.

Could you be any MORE wrong?

This and only this. If you were a teenager like me OP when it originally aired, you’d understand.

People are dumb and easily entertained when you pander to their emotions

I can't stand it. I hate sitcoms, mostly the laugh tracks that bother me.

>said the authority on what gay is.
>glad this user has his thumb on the pulse of the gay community



When you say "nah fam"
you sound like a faggot

when you say, "when you say ""nah fam"" you sound like a faggot" you sound like a faggot

Could you BE any more wrong?
Emphasis on the "be"

Nah fam

I thought it was shit 20 years ago, I think it is shit now. And this is all I needed to say about this topic.

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My girlfriend has forced me to watch every episode multiple times. This show is fucking cancer. I hate it with a passion.

Then you need to break up with her, so she can find herself the ideal hipster neckbeard.

be a man you fucking pussy

I don’t like friends but judging by how you spell program I can already tell you are the gay one

What doesn't Cred Forums think is gay?

What sophisticated comedy is up to your standards?

As you watch reruns of "Gilligan's Island" by yourself...

You don't?

It doesn’t have to be sophisticated, just not so sanitized and bland to appeal to the broadest possible audience of retards. It’s always sunny is a good example of a show that’s not sophisticated but is original and has a little bite to it.

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I did want to bang Mary Ann I'll give you that.