Favorite faces to blow loads to

Favorite faces to blow loads to

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which face are you laying your cock on?

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Tough call... right

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deep throat this slut

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joanna's face is perfect to lay your dick on, wwyd to her?

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Make her suck my nuts and jerk me until I blow in her hair

Cover that face?

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>Favorite faces to blow loads to

As a member of civil society I rejoice in seeing you mongrels launching semen at your own women's faces. Your disgusting and vulgar nature is your lot in life. I'd like to blow some reading comprehension tests their way. That's far more humiliating for these nit-wits than the satisfaction of their sexual obsessions and compulsions.

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def needs a facial

Coat Maria's pretty face

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imagine blowing in her hair and then grabbing her hair to bend her over for round 2

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how is she gonna get one from you?

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Fuckable face

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Got Kik?

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Needs a whole load of cocks shoving in that mouth

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would she break?

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more? body?

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I'd fill left's pussy with my own semen every day, yet I'd expect to be paid to cum inside right...

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like i said, op, do you have more of your
lil sis or not? i'd like to see her body.
don't delete shit

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more of them?

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Greedy cock slut, post more

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Anyone else enjoy her?

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Such a sexy fuck slut

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She's cute. Post more.

Needs that mouth stuffing with something else

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a fan?

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I polish my hard cock for hours here on chan but shes my charry on the top for the big finnish.

something in that pure and shy loog she gives me

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Whos this nice didigirl

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more please

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More in this outfit?

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i really like this one

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Slut needs all her holes fucking

like the slut?

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shes hot
i'd pay her for custom pics tbh

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Yes. Six you fuck her?


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Any bikini?

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i wish

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got her snap or kik or something ?
wouldnt mind giving her an offer

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I posted her early in the morning last night, I'm in love with Bri

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Ever sniff her used panties?

So hot, post all you got user or got Kik?

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this stuck up cunt

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Would rape her in the ally while she cries

that's another i wish

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Anyone or nah?

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Needs that tight little ass stretching and stuffing

holy shit more pls

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so hot

Looks like she'd have a hairy tight cunt, would slam.

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I've tributed her many times. Would dump load after load.

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Same. Would love to see that big mouth filled

My big sister

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damn how could you resist. I would cum in ever pair of panties she has

I stole her panties constantly when she still lived at home

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damn she left nothing behind?

Unfortunately not that I know of

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u can tell by her face she can suck a good dick. I would catfish the shit out of her with a fake Chad account and blow to her nudes for centuries

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It must fucking suck to have a sister that sexy knowing she's off limits to you but some other faggot is pounding her out lol


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I agree, you can tell she knows how to suck cock. It does suck knowing I can’t have her

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any more cleavage or ass pics buddy?

Glad you asked

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sure am

That's a nice ass. What a little whore she seems like the type who would let you choke her out during a good fuck. Keep em coming user!!!

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I wanna use this whore all day long and make her cry

damn is she a body builder or something? she looks like she served time in the corps

Me too user. Me too

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Not a bodybuilder, just really into lifting and has been for a long time. Really made me develop a fetish for ripped girls

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Do you have disc or kik

Anyone else?

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mmm more

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hottest girl in thread, more

Girl I know.
Kellyyy_bu on sc

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my high school teacher, still dream about facefucking her, even years after graduation.

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hnnng body is so tight
name for saves?


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so hard for eva

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