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Im looking for someone to trade captions with. Preferably someone dutch.

I also like WWYD's.

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Send me your blonde gf, tits, or any creep/hidden/spy

Kik Mr.niceguy5656 bored. Up for trade if you've got good stuff. Cucks expose your girls to me

Cocktribute this asian cutie for me
wickr - ayynon01

No kik cuz i was b&d :(

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will start ounce enough people

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Sharing bbw teens
Leave your kik, I'm bored

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19yo bull here. Straight and huge dick. Kik ziguuum

My little sis RBC1233

connor300699. Submissive and bi, will sext with girls, guys and traps. Want to be a little sissy.

Looking to trade OC Snapchat, Omegle, Amateurs.

Kik: jerrrjerrr


How do I join this?

I like to be cuckold
Kik: whisao


Trading teen vids


looking for traps/sissy/fems/anyone who wants to chat n trade

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Love to see

Trading bbw pics

up to anything. Love amateurs teens, boys, sissy


I want to trade CAPTIONS of clothed girls I know.
trade 5 of your girls for 5 of mine, tell me your limits and/or kinks and ill caption them the way you want. if you do the same for me.

Preferably DUTCH speakers but english is fine.


up to anything. Love amateurs teens, boys, sissy

Need trib videos of her (no nude) or anyone wanting to send jerk off vids

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Love showing off my small cock

Weird kike who thinks she's got superpowers, funny as fuck to talk to
Looks pregnant too

Brittj88 just broke up test the slut

yeahright993 send what ever you got..down for anything

Bi M 21
Down for some flirty/gay chat or whatever

Kik- yehyeht
You send then I send

KIK is fenrir20xx Into bbws, bbc, femdom, feet. Just looking for someone to help me get off, currently morning/day drunk.

Kik is anono325
22 m bi US
Horny and looking for people to help me cum. Love to see cucks girls, don’t mind sharing mine either. Also into just about anything

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This is Lexi she is married to a pathetic sissy cuck his kik is
Kik: hornydoggie8527
Abuse and belittle him he deserves it

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No limits trade


Kik candyangieo need someone to worship alahna with

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Hey guys! Looking cucks who wanna share their women.

Kik: cenryhavil


Straight Scottish cd looking for anything

Kik Jtower66

Send kik if you want To see a blonde girl

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ezetrol275 if you wanna get rough with her.

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Attracted to your daughter? Sister? Mom? Tell me about it. I understand


Kik: opqrst23



kik: rating_bot

i'll rate your girls!

Mypaindiv tits all shapes and sizes.

looking to see her get tributed (no nudes)


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Lpootie I’m trading my cheating fuckcow

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still going.

Want to cum to girls you know. Clothed or unclothed as long as they're cute.

23 m bi
*Chess domination game*
Any guy or girl into domination? We play a chess game online and the loser becomes the winner's slut.
Kik: gabdm

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kik Jenny101695

she is a little asian girl

Bbw/chubby teen trade danknots357

Still going

Anonncuck ... looking to show my gf. Pic related

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kik: raxamek

hit me up with anything untill i blow my load


Send me nice surprises, pornographic or otherwise.

Kik thekid212112

Cretin01 pathetic fat white porn gooner- need any and all porn

Looking for someone to cum trib or record themselves jerk off and cum to my latina wife. Kik alsmith89
Pic related

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send pics/vids of unwashed/diseased vaginas and anything else gross/bizarre/taboo


Willing to trade pics of this big titty whore for story's in return

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Send me your sluts. Make me cum.


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You can give me everything you got

Looking for MOM / incest pics

wwyd and stuff, big cock teen bull here

Kik: jhonscott1

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Showing my big wife’s fat tits TheRedLion86

I smell a payslut

Degeneracy is my kink, no limits.

Looking for like minded people to share pics of women we actually know, doesn't have to be nude. From family to friends, coworkers etc.. But it all has to be real, no limits chat about them.

Can trade family pics, live pics of dirty family panties, vids, megas, all no limits.

Currently looking for horny men to degrade pics of women i know and family with their cocks, bonus if live pic/vid and bonus if big/monster cocks

Kik : lovesick6669

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I mean they active and sell cheep tho

Send me wives, gfs, sisters, daughters. Info for info

Kik is ruinmygf



Looking for someone who will hack snapchats for $$.

Also looking for someone who will trib some pics for me

Stop posting her she is a minor

Send me your tight 18+ teens




Ill send you clothed pics of an asian chick. Critique/rate/degrade the slut and if i like it ill give you her ig


I am searching a good ewposer who want to make me a good twitterpage and act like me!
I am a bi male slut

Show off your wife or girlfriend.


Needing tribs done. Message me.

Kik: mjonesxx55

19 m Sweden
Kik noggeregott
Will trade legit anything
Bonus beast trade


Trade teens and models, hot and fit. No dicks.

Jlucky714 looking to talk about whatever. Message me if you're in southern California

Exposing your whores.
Kik dnick1223

sumomink for good megas

taydaymo178 - any nut worthy vids

I want whores


My Asian ex have fun

Tell me what youd do to my crush (nonnude) cuck, beast, forced, ...
Kik someguy560

21 bi guy send me your girls! And I’ll rate your dick! Ajordan1357

hit me up if your looking for tribs for your girls

Or join disco for the OnlyFans leaks

disc0rd .g g /jdsap9

8.5/10 Dom and occasional bull, looking to humiliate women or cucks.

You should enjoy pervy conversation as much as the pictures themselves.
I tell great WWYD stories. Pics/vids spur me on.

Kik: youaremyluxury

Ex gf. Kik fireupx69

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Kik kde668 to trade pics of my fiancee 20f

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Send me solo or sex pics of your gf/wife, I gonna do the same with my gf. Pic related.
Kik: firstlastnameeee

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Hit me up to trade OC, picture related.

Kik: jerrrjerrr

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Send me vids please or pics that make you want to cum kik ashleyisawesome21

Berate this wannabe cuck on kik. Hes a racist asshole. His kik kmj1989

My kik is sem1992x

Échange de pute kik alexobiwan

her kik
or you sharing

Send me vids I want to nut

Bobmanor up for anything will show cock hard and hormy right now

Links and oc

I like to be a cuckold
Kik: whisao

What's your kik? Also more

mattdandya to trade legal teens / oc ex’s etc. good content.

Looking to be turned into a good boy who loves to worship cock and follow JOI as I share my gf pics

Anyone got vids of women getting beat

Kik potatoislands.
Lf BBC trib to make of my ex.
Will reward with wins and such, so don't just ask

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up to anything hot

Let me provide detailed inspections, thoughts, and comments of your girl while we chat about her

To see this cucks chubby gf

21 bi guy send me your girls! And I’ll rate your dick! Ajordan1357


I want to vividly explain what i'd do to your gf/wife whilst you watch!

Kik sucks for trading, it degrades image quality. Add me on mega to trade teens, OC, and Snapchat:

Mega dot nz slash C!2Y5xDTST

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I want to jerk off to hot girls
Can trib if you want

have any family members you wanna see nude? a sister, cousin, daughter, niece? hmu on kik or wickr @ jojojoestarr and I’ll see if I can get you some nudes

Looking for guys to make in-photo captions of naughty pictures of my wife. The dirtier the better! Kik is flyboymike86.

Add me to a group ajordan1357

I'd love to rate and wwyd your girls. Especially humiliating and degrading talk. Big girls, small girls, doesn't matter.


mega dot nz slash C!RdVQ2a4K

Teens trades and more

Send me anything interesting


Kik: Scrufaced

Send pics of your wife/gf and I'll tell you what I'd do or share my pics.