Should you get a flu shot every season? I haven't gotten one in ten years

Should you get a flu shot every season? I haven't gotten one in ten years.

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yes you infantile retard. every season.

And they only work for a pretty narrow window of time so make sure you actually get one during the actual window of time when you would be exposed (peaks are between december and february, but it varies depending on the strain that year).

If you look up the most prevalant strains that year and that years vaccine it will tell you the effectiveness. Some years it is extremely effective. Others it is less than 10% effective. If the effectiveness is very low it is not a very good idea to get a shot because it is far more likely that you will experience side effects vs being protected from the flu itself.

I've never had a flu shot.
33 years old.

If you have insurance, then yes. They're cheap, and while they are not always 100% effective, they're perfectly safe. Very low risk + high benefit = Stupid not to.

I havent gotten one in over a decade either and I watch everyone I know that gets one get a mild case every year and me - nothing.

This is not necessarily the case. Some years they are exceptionally ineffective and you have no idea if you will react to the injection unless you have it.
There is a relatively high probability that you will have "flu like symptoms" as a result of getting the shot. If there is a less than 10% chance of the shot itself preventing the flu, why would you want to effectively get the flu from the prevention, then STILL get the flu?

This retired nurse says otherwise ...

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Registered nurse here. The flu shot is helpful to avoid getting the flu or "tone down" some of the known symptoms. However, the flu shot is an aducated guess of a future mutation or strain. That's why, even if vaccinated, you might get the flu from a strain that's older or a totally new strain that wasn't predicted by the people making the vaccines. Imo it's kinda pointless if you need to pay for the darn thing, if you have insurance and it's free for you by all means.

The flu doesn't last more than 1-2 weeks. Plus you get 7 days off work. So I rather get sick and get free sick days.

Universal precautions. If you see someone coughing step away, wash your hands. And if you're the one that's sick don't be an asshole and wear a disposable facemask.

If you are in good health it's honestly up to the individual to get one or not. I get one every year because I work at a college and viruses spread rapidly there. I suggest it if you work with the general public daily or may be exposed to the flu easily.

Never gotten bad flu like symptoms from the flu shot, except for 2 times specifically with Flumist, which was a live virus. Military made us get those and both times I was sick for a week.

God, you're a fucking dumbass.

1) 1%-2% experience mild symptoms (like a runny nose or minor fever) for a few days after getting the shot. Most experience nothing bad at all, and since the flu is dead when injected, it never gives you the flu either. Not exactly "high probability", is it?

2) In the past five years, the effectiveness of the shot ranged from 36%-48%. It's not a magical panacea, but your bullshit about 10% comes from one year: 2004. (However, the efficacy does decrease with older people.)

Most insurances cover it 100%, and it's done in like 5 minutes. Again, it's not magic. If you're young, healthy, and don't work with people too often, you can probably skip it. But again, there's such a low risk and so much to potentially benefit, so if it's free and quick, why not?

(Because some people are dumbass anti-vaxxers who scream 'Educate yourself!' and then refuse to educate themselves if it contradicts them, that's why.)

>if it's free
nothing is free

I feel like nurses should get flu shots cause you're dealing with tons of sick people all day. But i agree normal people dont need one

yes. even if you don't get sick you have a chance of carrying it and infecting others, like older folks or those with compromised immune systems

flu evolves too fast for shots to be reliable, and the shot will give you flu like symptoms anyway so worst case scenario (excluding allergies to some of the shot's components) you catch a double-flu.

it's not worth it unless you're already weak/dying, and even then just a healthy living to keep your body ready to fight any flu off will be more effective.

you have no idea what you're talking about retard.

There are 4 popular strains of the flu that make up 95% of all cases, and all the vaccines are quadrivalant (they cover the big 4). of those big four, they have over a 99% chance to stop the disease once your body builds resistance, but it takes your immune system two weeks to 1 month to successfully build up this defense. this is why it is critical to get your shot very early in the season. (not in January like a numbnuts)

In terms of effectiveness, if you live in Australia you're fucked. they get their flu season first in the world (usually in June) and the rest of the world bases their vaccines and estimates of the flu seasons devistation on what happens in Australia.

In terms of whether or not you should get it: absolutely! 1. If you're an antivaxer, you need over 97% of others to be vaccinated for you to be statistically safe. 2. the 'cure' for the flu is called oseltamivir and it's really expensive. Most insurance companies will charge you over $70 for the box of ten capsules, yet nearly every insurance fully covers you to get your free flu shot. Also taking oseltamivir will make you vomit, dehydrate you, and give you headaches - and it's success rate of stopping a flu is around 40%. So just get the vaccine! 3. The flu vaccine can only be synthesized by being grown in literal chicken eggs. There is a decent chunk of the worlds population that cannot get this vaccine, or they will die to their allergies. Everybody like you who just doesn't get the vaccine because you're too retarded is really just hurting these people and the people around you.

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1) It's 1-2% this year. I can't find that information for other years, but it is not always the same. Obviously.

2) Your averages are pretty fucking off dummy.
And like I said, it depends on the fucking year.
Also, shitloads of people get it at the wrong fucking time of the year.

Its ludicrous how many of you stupid american fucks still think the pharmaceutical industry is there to help you in this one isolated one-off case.

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Have never got one and have never caught the flu. While everyone I know that went to get the poison vaccine caught the flu more than once.
t.38yr old user