So there's a really cute waitress that I like

So there's a really cute waitress that I like..
I'm thinking of leaving her a note next time.
But I'm so god-damned fucking awkward.
I was going to go with something like

Ashley, I think you're gorgeous and I would love to take you out sometime if you're single. :) 1234567890
- Kyle

Is this a good idea? Any advice?

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sure, but leave her my name and number instead.

This is a bad idea and you should feel bad.

Don't put "If you're single". If she's not single she'll tell you. I'd just put "I would love to take you out for lunch sometime" or some shit like that

Asking girls out at their place of work is pathetic and creepy specially if you're not a chad.

Lol she'll take that faggot little note right to the back and laugh with her co-workers about it.
I've worked in restaurants my whole life.

You want to impress her, go up to her like a fucking human and say "hey look, I know you're at work, and it's your job to be nice and all that, but I really do think you're a really rad chick and I'd love to get to know you. Can I take you for dinner and drinks or something?"

She gets told she's pretty every 6 seconds. Don't make it about her looks

TALK to her. CHUD’s who date pretty women almost always are able to do so because they are confident and it’s no big deal to get shot down. Don’t have confidence? PRACTICE by talking to lots of people.

user with waitress gf reporting.
Terrible idea, no matter how much you tip, no matter how much you think she's being nice to you for you, remember that this is her job. 99/100 this won't work. You'd need to become a regular first

Ps: yeah, and don't ask if she's single. No one does that. Fuck no wonder you're awkward. How often do you speak to people?

Do her a favor and leave her alone

You just ask her if she wants to fuck. She will appreciate the direct approach.

you can forget about it you're just some random guy. think about it from this angle, how could you possibly compete with all the other guys who are more confident, aren't awkward, more handsome and have more money than you? exactly.


I'm a shy Chad. Women chase me, I rarely ever have to do anything, I just go with it. It's weird for me to ask a girl out.

Already heard her and her coworkers gossiping about me and my roommate. I sell weed for a living in a state where it's not legal yet and her coworkers are my customers. Thanks for the advice though.

All the time. I've got tons of friends.

I'm cool as fuck, really good looking, make pretty good money, it's just been a long time since I've asked out someone I don't really know. Everyone else I've dated I already kindof knew and I wasn't asking out a stranger.


This guy is correct.

I wouldn’t leave a note sounds gay.

Don’t you ever make small talk? Do it during that.

>I'm a shy Chad. Women chase me, I rarely ever have to do anything, I just go with it. It's weird for me to ask a girl out.

Save some pussy for the rest of us Mr Big Dick faggot

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nope. tell her that you want to fuck her asshole. she'll like it. trust me.

just be cool about it, ask her when her service is over and offer to invite her somewhere to grab a bite
maybe with a little "being served instead of serving, for once" might help convincing her
then once you're there you go for the kill.

Terrible idea. Notes are creepy, compliments are creepy, don't ask if she's single. Just ask her--in person, casually--if she'd like to go out some time, and laugh it off casually if she turns you down.

i'm so bothered by how off-centred that is...

Sing her a song when she comes to ur table

well, usually when people are awkward they don't just casually date someone, so stop attention whoring you whining little bitch. leave some room for people with some actual problems.

She's just being nice to you because it's her job. She is not interested in you.

Don't take advice from this Forever Alone faggot, OP, that's a good start

>Ashley, I oiled up earlier and screeched my autismo jerk off session, and my mother watched me as I fingered my turd cutter until it bled like a nigger cock going into a white girl, but I think you're a dime piece cum dumpster and I want to park my cock in you.

Always gets the pussy m8.

One time I left a waitress a big tip percentage wise and I got a blowjob from it.

dont do this you tard. little notes arent for big messages. leave a heart next to your signature, and if she treats you any better over the next visits, use your MOUTH WORDS to ask her for personal time.

Good luck Cred Forumsro

Leaving your name and number on a receipt is a cringey pussy move

Lmao "I sell weed for a living" aka you're a fucking loser drug dealer that pushes the cheapest product, not a Chad just a loser pussy kyle


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1. if she liked you, she would pursue you herself
2. if you do, you better leave a big ass tip or she's gonna blast your stingy ass on social media.

Leave her a note lol what grade are u in? 5th?

Leave out the "you're gorgeous" line. If she's pretty then she doesn't need to be told, and probably hears that often by creeps.

Come up with an inside joke, or make conversation about an activity in the city that you're into or have been meaning to check out next time she's serving you. Then reference the joke in your note and ask about grabbing a coffee, or ask about checking out the activity together sometime.

Don't sound desperate or thirsty. Sound like you actually want to get to know her or do something together.

Good luck!

You don’t wanna be awkward so you’ll leave an awkward note?

That’s just weird. Go and talk to her and try to make friends, then ask her out. The note is fucking weird.

Unless you’re very good looking don’t ask her out immediately. Let her know you’re normal and WITHOUT an agenda.

They can spot an agenda a mile away because everyone is trying to fuck them all the time.

You want to make her feel special. So tell her that you pound off to her non stop.

notes are for fags who dont have the balls to do so in person. she will always remember how you didnt have the balls.

does she like you? if she doesnt like you, you are just fucking up her life by being a fucking creep at her work. grow up you fag

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