Would you mind if your wife removed swimming suit on the beach?

Would you mind if your wife removed swimming suit on the beach?

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If this is het.. Not at all.. Got kik?

I don't. Sorry.


if she's doing it to turn me on, great
if she's doing it because she likes swimming naked, ok
if she's doing it because she's childish and wants to do something bad, whatever
if she's doing it to fell sexy and turn other guys on or make you jealous, dump her

That one looks positively halal

OP here. That is not photo of my wife. It just turns me on and was just curious to see what others think about the topic. Mine is too shy. Any way to soften her up?

If they were just laying around on the beach I would give her a hand. We need to do more to clean up nature.

Papain is a good tenderer

YES, those goodies are mine. Heart of a Emperor
Unless it is just us on a secluded beach

I wouldnt mind at all

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How to make it happen?


Well, shes better on this beach then.

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i live in CNY, lake Ontario has a HUGE coastline thata empty for miles. used to go skinny dip with the ex there and do obscene things on the beach like in them porno movies. look for a nice secluded spot guys, its fun

Nope, I like it. Although it's not super unusual here so it doesn't draw that much attention. You see people trying to look without drawing attention to it though.

I'd be uneasy. She could get arrested for creating a public nuisance or even domestic terrorism.

not really

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She is hot. Lucky user. How did it happen?

My girlfriends top accidentally came off in the ocean and I loved seeing her tits out around everybody at the beach

My gf and I regularly visit a lake nearby and go swimming naked. It's considered normal in most places in Germany though

I'd mind if my wife had no tits tho.

No tits is best tits

It was on FKK beach so not big deal

Turn on?

no why

hell no - would love the attention she'd get! she removed her top ones... had to lay on my stomach because I got hard instantly

in Spain its normal

she's wild and she likes to strip on public beaches as well. I love it

Yeah, I had that experience at the beach with a friend and his gf. Instant granite when her tits come out, honestly it was more the excitement of not expecting that which did it.