I need advice on hiring an escort, have any of you had experienced the service and how much have you paid...

i need advice on hiring an escort, have any of you had experienced the service and how much have you paid, also what am i in for Cred Forumsros

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Varies wildly depending on where you live and what you want.

Escorts are the best. The basic package is a bj with condom, then vaginal sex. Price depends on location. Where are you OP?

basically sex, i live in long island

should probably budget $200 for the basics...i just googled "long island escort" and found lots

Don’t pay more than $200 always wear a condom

that's definitely within my budget, what sites do you guys use? is it trustworthy tho.? last thing i want is to get in trouble.

Can't speak for escorts in the US, but in Europe it's mutual discretion. Escort won't fuck you over as it's bad business. Where I live, we have a bit of an underground forum going. There's likely something similar in your area. User reviews may be a good idea to take a look at. Google's reverse image search is also super handy for picking out listings that have fake pictures. Best thing to go by is a public forum if you got something like that. You could probably ask there for advice as well. :)

>bj with condom
whats the point?

> (You)
>>bj with condom
>whats the point?
yeah i agree :) gets me hard enough for sex though...bbbj is way better but not always on the menu

Done it a bunch, but in the UK where it's legal. Paid between £50 and £400

The £50 is what you pay for a wank and a suck. £400 was 2 girls for 2 hours.

so £200 an hour each, how where they senpai.?

No, £100 per hour each so £400 in total.

Did it a couple of times, first was fun but probably not worth the money since I didn't have much of a game plan.

Second was god tier, one I'd seen before and one who was new to me. The new girl was late so I was getting sucked for like 20 minutes before she showed up. So when she showed up it was condom on and cock straight up her cunt.


Yeah, spent a small fortune on whores back in the day. It's what tends to happen when you're single and work offshore.

can relate user

I’ll explain it in short, I’ve fucked over 20 escorts in the past few years.

Use local escort sites you will find on google, and look for amateur pictures/reviews.

Research there numbers and photos to make sure they are legit/not the cops.

From my experience I only try to find independent escorts, so there isn’t a “pimp” or another third party involved.

Whores usually use donations or roses as the term for money. Never discuss over the phone,’only in person. Most you can say is I want to see you for X amount of time.

When you arrive at set destination always look around for weird cars or people just watching. If you get a gut feeling just leave don’t chance it.

Last but not least, always specify what you want in person. One bitch burned me after I paid cause I didn’t specify I wanted full service (my penis in you)

If you are cool with them and not weird, they will go the extra mile to please you. Sometimes even let you cum twice/will ride your cock.

If you are nervous tell them, why be stuck and and awkward? Best of luck OP nothing wrong with fucking a whore.

Must suck to be in the USA and have to deal with all this BS lol. Here girls just advertise services openly so you can tell exactly what you're going to get.

Damn the concept of the popo spending their work hours staking out for men paying for sex is really puts things into perspective.

OP in northeast prices average closer to 300
If you are going to them (they call that incall) lot more risky to get ripped off or in legal trouble. Incall for 200 range usually some motel and higher volume and lot easier to scan you.
Out call much safer for you but need a room. Can purchase prepay gift card and get a room on hotwire or similar site.
The major escort websites okay for outcall. If you want incall for 200 or less you're better off going to an asian massage parlor in the city. NYC and philly have best massage parlor scene other than some parts California.

Yeah in the US laws are different. Shitty society and counter productive

Don’t let it stop you from getting the satisfaction of feeling pussy.

Go for it fag stop being a bitch

It's addictive, watch you don't waste all your money

eros is the place you want. Brazilian girls are addictive (watch out!).. it's all good fun OP. just be safe and don't do dumb shit. Wear a condom every time and don't kiss them or go down on them

Also had them snowball my load twice